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We received 2 estimates from Korey at Triple K Fence Inc. for a front fence & a rear fence, & decided to have the front fence installed first. Korey told us we would get a call a day or 2 before the installation would take place. However, the install crew showed up with no notice at 2:30 on Thursday 7/28/16, & rushed to finish at about 6 pm in the midst of a thunderstorm. We mentioned concrete dust fingerprints all over the black aluminum fence & the crew said they would wash off in the rain [in 2 heavy rains from Thursday night to Monday, they did not]. On Friday, we noticed that they had not put asphalt repair around 1 of the 3 fence posts in the driveway as contracted, & also found some screws in the driveway over the weekend. We checked the gate & found that 1 side had only 2 of the 6 screws installed (1 in each hinge), though the other side did have all 6 screws installed. We called Monday 8/1/16 to mention the 3 issues & the woman apologized, particularly about the lack of screws on the gate, & said the issues would be fixed. A couple hours later, we noticed that someone had come by (without letting us know they were here) & put in the 4 missing screws on the gate, but used tar-based crack filler that looked like frosting on the 9” x 4” area at the 3rd post instead of the asphalt repair patch. There were also still concrete dust fingerprints all over the black fence from the installation. When we called again, the owner Keith called back. He said our trashcans would cover the tar crack filler he had put at the 3rd fence post & he dismissed our comment that we didn’t feel we should have to have our trashcans hide a shoddy repair, especially when the asphalt repair patches at the other 2 posts had been done properly. The owner also said that only 2 screws were needed to connect the 5-foot half gate to the fence, even though the manufacturer has it designed for 6 & the crew did put all 6 screws on the other half of the gate. Keith said he himself would only have put 2 screws on each half of the gate & more were unnecessary, regardless of the manufacturer’s design. He said we were being picky about 1.) the gate being properly & fully secured to the fence, 2.) the difference in the frosting-like crack filler & the proper asphalt repair patches, & 3.) the concrete smudges all over the black aluminum fencing from the installation (“since the fence would get pollen & dirt on it eventually anyway, ” he said). When we mentioned that we were not happy, especially since we had planned to go ahead with the rear fence installation, he said not to bother. We asked if that meant he wasn’t interested in our business & he said he didn’t need it. He was argumentative & belittled our concerns during the entire conversation. We then told him we would be sure to let our neighbors, co-workers, & others know of our experience with his company. (The 1 star rating is not for the product, but is solely due to the owner Keith’s attitude & lack of customer service.)
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