Tri ClearUnauthorized charge to card & damaged product


I ordered Triclear with the understanding I would pay $6.95 shipping for a free trial. I discovered a charge to my credit card in the amount of $69.95 instead. I received the product in damaged condition, leaking all over the inside of box. We were afraid to use Triclear, unsure of what had happened. I was shocked to see no return address information, nothing about customer service or where to send my return.

I later contacted Triclear's customer service and informed them of the problem. They offered to ship a new product for free and canceled my account, then instructed me to contact them in the event I wanted more... We'll see.


  • Le
    Lesa Roberts Mar 06, 2007

    I tried the FREE trial for the cost of shipping, thinking I would be enrolled in a club. If the product didn't work I would simple cancel. Wrong, wrong wrong. They charged my credit card $49.95 for the free trial product two and half weeks later. After talking with Customer Service, after several attempts to reach them, I was told the charge was because I didn't return the FREE trial offer I received. This is a scam and the product doesn't work.

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  • Ke
    Keala Bartolini Mar 12, 2007

    My husband tried the trial offer for $6.95, which was paid, then we were charged an additional $69.95. I called to question this 69.95 charge and I was told I didn't return the trial product so there fore my credit card was charged. This is a deceptive marketing ploy. Presenting Triclear for $6.95 trial, implying that you will get another shipment at the cost of $69.95 and never received it!

    This is SCAM! Disgusting, Stay clear!!! Use Proactive it works and the company is honest.

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  • Ph
    Phil Lierance Mar 13, 2007

    I would like to thank the two people above who took the time to comment on this product. I received a email and almost, almost ordered it however, the first page said "NO COST" and the second page said $6.95. While I was trying to find the truth I found this website.....the TRUTH....Thank you for saving me anywhere from anywhere from 49.95 to 69.95.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Drometer Mar 13, 2007

    I cannot find the web site for tri clear. I was directed to it through a survey i filled out. I need to cancel my subscription to avoid further billing. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • Ta
    Tammy LaValley Mar 16, 2007

    Here is the number and good luck! 1-800-494-7260

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  • Sh
    Sherbune Paul Mar 18, 2007

    Triclear is a scam, i have tried to call the customer service line several times since getting their number off this page, yet the office is always closed. I called during regular business hours, and also tried their website, I am trying to avoid being charged and can not get in contact with their company. I hope that I am not to late , and need HELP!!

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  • Be
    Beth Holliday Mar 19, 2007

    I too was charged $69.95 12 days after receiving my FREE trial of Triclear. I was able to get a customer service rep on the phone and after going round and round about when I got it and how that $69 was because I kept the product, he finally agreed that they would credit me 40$. We'll see if that actually happens. If not I am prepared to call back as many times as needed and I'm thinking about a report to the Better Business Bureau. This company is definitely a scam. The product has not helped my skin at all and in fact has made it bumpy and red. I wish I'd stuck with ProActiv.

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  • Al
    Alice Johnson Mar 21, 2007

    I did not hear from you about continuing using your cream. I received another box in the mail today, i will be returning it on Friday. Will you please charged my credit card back. The cream I used did not help my face so I stop using it, someone through away the box so I could send it back. If you could send me a container i would gladly send it back to you. Thank you . It is a shame that the only way you can join anything you have to try a couple of product, all of the thing on the internet are scams, so they can ruin your checking account. I just might have to close my account, because you can keep on charge my bank account.

    Could you e-mail if you got this info at [email protected] or call me at 979-823-0627 home: work: 979-774-3496, Monday and Wednesday after 1:30p.m. Tuesday and Thursday before 11:30 a.m.

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  • Jj
    JJP Apr 10, 2007

    Tri Clear is a definite scam - Don't order, because you will not get your money back!!!! I have had unused product sitting at my house for a few months, I work full-time, and a part-time job plus two children and a house, all taken care of by me. I cannot get Tri-Clear on the phone to return the product that is all unopened because I cannot use it do to an ingredient I am allergic too. The extra money would definitely help. I have a half day off today due to my excellent employer seeing I needed a few hours to myself while the kids are in school. I wanted to get these products send out today, so I could have the money coming in to help with other expenses. I cannot get them on the phone. In Jan. of 07 I changed my bank account to avoid further charges. I still have 3 boxes of unused, undamaged, unopened product at my house. There is not return address, and I have never gotten a person on the phone. Any help would be greatly appreciated in this matter, thank you.

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  • Va
    Valentine Schenel Apr 14, 2007

    Thank you guys for saving my money :) your comments are really helpful i was almost ordering it!!! Proactive is the best and it really works, not as fast as they say but it is working...

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  • De
    Dee A Apr 16, 2007

    You may wish to call up the Better Business Bureau in your respective state and file a complaint (with any receipt you may have, such as a credit card bill listing them). I've done that with another product once and got the company to refund me minus shipping and handling when they were not willing to give me anything before filing the complaint. The Better Business Bureau will mail you a complaint form that is simple and quick to fill out and they contact the other side about it and get back with you on it fairly quick.
    Thanks for the advice; i was considering the "free" trial.


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  • In
    Ingrid Judson Apr 18, 2007

    Tri Clear advertisement on the Yahoo mail page is too graphic. It is disgusting to see puss-filled zits, close-up. Yuk!

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  • La
    Laura Carter Apr 19, 2007

    Was charged 69.95 and only wanted the free trial. I was never sent any additional information on how to cancel any further orders or charges. I want my 70 bucks back!

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  • Ml
    MLS Apr 19, 2007

    For anyone still in need of contact information, I found this on the TriClear website:

    Contact Customer Service on 1 (800) 494-7260 between 7:00-5:30 PST, Monday through Friday and 7:00am - 3:30 pm on Saturday

    TriClear Customer Service
    PO Box 1699
    Suisun City, CA 94585

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  • Se
    Sean Edwards May 01, 2007

    Recently i was charge $69.00 from tri clear and i never gave them my credit card number and i didn't want there product. I was so upset over this that i got depress over it!!!

    They said that they ship to me there product on april 13 2007 and that there was a conformation for it and they lied because i was on vacation from april 7 to april 14 so i never receive any product from this company they are nothing but a big scam. I have lost $69.00 i hope i can get my money back somehow.

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  • Sa
    Sarah Alba May 05, 2007

    I received I call from them saying if I waited to try tri clear for free and all I was gonna be charged was $6.95. Then I was charged $69.95 on my card. I gave them a call and they said since I got the shipment and didn't cancel before the trial ended I was charged that, but I told them I sent the product back and I wanted my money back.They told me they did receive me package back. So they refused to give me my money back. I was so angry. SO DON'T BUY TRI CLEAR IT IS A SCAM!!!

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  • Ki
    Kim Montgomery May 09, 2007

    Everyone... Please contact the attorney general for the state of ca. If enough people yells & screams. They will be look into and may get charges filed against them. They also use another selling name.

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  • Ki
    Kim Montgomery May 09, 2007

    Contact attorney general for Ca. File a complaint. If enough people will i know charges will be filed.

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  • Li
    Lisa Marquardt May 09, 2007

    I echo all previous comments made. All I wanted was the free trial. I too was charged with the nearly $70 charge ... Buyer beware!

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  • Ka
    katy loin May 11, 2007

    Beware... Their web site reads: 14 trial with a 30 free supply. When you send it back they charge a restocking fee. Thats not on any of there pages. It's a hoax. Don't walk...but run away fast. You will never be able to cancel this without it costing you. Chance you bank debt # a.s.a.p

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  • Em
    Emma Nelson May 11, 2007

    Acne is a hard thing to cope with because it's right there on the face and feels like the it's first-- sometimes the only thing, that people see about me.

    I'm very angry that the makers of Tri-Clear prey upon people who suffer from it by taking advantage of our physical and emotional pain.

    I hope everyone whose been scammed by this company will contact the atty general's office at the site that Kim provided above, and shut this dishonest business down for good.

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  • Kd
    kd May 14, 2007

    I got referred to this product by someone, and being desperate for clear skin i ordered the product... And now i read this forum... I called rite away to cancel. However they told me the product has been shipped out... I was going to cancel anyway b/c the product is way too expensive. When i called they told me that i can send it back rite away, and my account has been canceled... And if i wanted to keep it, its on sale for 29. 95.. Hmm i don't' know what to do... I'm a student w/ exams on their way no time for this nonsense... I wish i read this site b/f.

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  • Do
    donavan king May 15, 2007

    My husband tried the trial offer for $6.95, which was paid, then we were charged an additional $69.95. I called to question this 69.95 charge and I was told I didn't return the trial product so there fore my credit card was charged. This is a deceptive marketing ploy. Presenting Triclear for $6.95 trial, implying that you will get another shipment at the cost of $69.95 and never received it!

    This is SCAM! Disgusting, Stay clear!!! Use Proactive it works and the company is honest.

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  • Am
    amanda May 16, 2007

    Thank you all sooo much for these information. I saw their website/ads and was soooo gonna order. Luckily I searched for reviews and found you guys. I'll stick with Proacitve and jan marini.

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  • Kr
    Kristine Kain May 22, 2007

    I bought concert tickets today on TicketMaster website and seen free trial offer and clicked on it and finalized it... Not paying attention... And then realized I was getting into a scam... Tried to call customer service and was on hold forever... Tried to email to cancel and website said... No account found... Faxed cancellation with no response twice... Emailed support twice with no response as yet... Very frustrated.

    Not sure what to do next...

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  • Am
    Amy Adamiec May 26, 2007

    The same thing happened to me i was charged full price for a free trial and thought i canceled my subscription but received another shipment for 69.95 plus shipping and handling. I tried canceling on line but no record of my account existed. So then i called customer service and waited on the phone 20 minutes for a customer service representative. Once one came on line i canceled the subscription and then was sent a e-mail on how to return the order. Was not happy at all with the service or product and will be more careful in future purchases over the internet or from companies that charge credit cards and don't send out statements or billing receipts.

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  • Da
    Dawn E Procopio Jun 01, 2007

    I can't believe a company can do this! They charged my account 69.95, and then I tried to talk to someone, and i was on the phone fro 20 minutes... several times!

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  • Gm
    GM Carrier Jun 01, 2007

    It does say that if after 14 days you haven't returned the product, you will be charged full price. I caught a glimpse of it at the last minute. It's pretty underhanded none the less.

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  • An
    an angry customer Jun 02, 2007

    What is wrong with people today? If you want business, you have to be honest with people. Tri clear is not honest. The same thing happened to me with the 6.95 shipping, then the 69.95 charge. I mean, how low can you get? They offer a chance to see if their product can help you improve yourself, then charge you for it. If it really works, it should sell itself, not have to resort to trickery.

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  • Mi
    michael O Jun 06, 2007

    Before my wife used this product she had mild acne on her forehead. After her second use of tri clear she broke out all over her face and forehead. This product made her acne much worse than it had ever been before. I would not recommend this product to anyone. As far as canceling before the free trial was up, we had no problem other than a 30 minute hold on the phone call.

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  • Jo
    jOHN STEINBURG Jun 07, 2007

    You all should read the fine print were it says you have 14 days to try it. They never charged my card because I cancelled before the 14 days even though the product has worked better than anything else I've tried, including pro active. I am not willing to pay 70 bucks a month to be acne free not even 30 bucks because, drinking lots of water everyday and a good diet gets rid of acne for free but i guess we all have to make that choice. Dont blame a good company because you failed to read the fine print.

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  • J
    J Jun 09, 2007

    Please don't order from Tri Clear you will be very disappointed in the free trail offer.You have to cancel within they're time frame of your order. It not the same time frame. They will keep charging you the $69.95 plus...

    Here's what happen to me. I cancelled on line. I thought I was in the two week period. I came short 1 day. I contacted them the next day and was told I would get a forty dollar refund.
    I had an attitude and had enough of this customer service.

    Called the bank a few days ago to hear my balance and couldn't believe that I had another $72.60 charge from TriClear.
    I did not receive there product yet.

    SOOOO I called TriClear customer service again and told them that I canceled. She ask what day and I told her.

    She perceives to tell me I never cancelled and If I keep talking over her I will be hang up on. I ask her if I could have my $ refunded. And she told me about a restocking charge and I can keep the product and have a forty dollar refund. Or if I send it back I would be refunded $49.95. I ask to speak to a supervisor.
    She said she was it and these were my options.

    I am due a refund that I will not get. I reported my credit card misplaced so I will not have any further unauthorized charges from this scam of a company called TRI CLEAR. DONT ORDER IT'S NOT WORTH BEING SCAMMED!

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  • Ja
    Jacqueline Echols Jun 14, 2007

    I am being charged $76.00 biwkly for a product I never agreed to purchase nor gave the authority to company to charge my account.

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  • Fr
    Frank Alessandro Jun 16, 2007


    We were charged 69.00 for product we never ordered and never received. When we tried to call customer service we spoke to a women who was rude, ignorant and found this to be a game where they make money by screwing honest people. Their customer service team seems to consist of two people. Reported them to the better business bureau. I called my credit card company and received a credit for the fraudulent charge.

    Don't bother calling them. I lost my cool like i never did before (and i worked in customer service all my life).

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  • Fr
    Frank Alessandro Jun 16, 2007


    Everything posted negatively is what I experienced. The most deceptive, fraudulent company I ever dealt with. My wife ordered the free trial. Next thing we knew our credit card was charged 69.00 for something we never ordered. When my wife called she spoke to a male (S) in customer service who told here that the package was just shipped. He advised her to return it for a credit. Needless to say the package never arrived. We assumed the the package really didn't just leave and they caught it in time. We expected a credit on a card.

    My wife called the customer service dept today and spoke to a woman (M) who was very argumentative, and provoked you. She told my wife that it was past 30 days we could not get a refund. My wife told her we did not receive the package. My wife ended up arguing with M. I called back hoping to get someone else. I got - you guessed it - M. Very rude and slimy. I requested a supervisor call me - still waiting. I reported them to better BBB and I am receiving a credit back on my card.


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  • Ga
    Gary Glasgow Jun 21, 2007

    I got ripped off three times! I have now had 3 charges to my credit card, When you Call the company it takes 45 minutes for them to pick up , they ask you for your zip code and keep saying one moment please.The next scam is they act like they can't hear you or a bad connection and hang up. This company is a big CREDIT CARD SCAM This has been ongoing now for three months, LOOK OUT I would like to contact the FBI INTERNET FRAUD NUMBER TO SEE IF MAYBE THEY CAN"T BUST THESE CROOKS.

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  • Je
    jessie Jun 22, 2007

    I ordered 2 free trials and received both of them within 5 business days. The negative complaints on here are from people who dont read the fine print also if you want to save your self the hassle of anyone overcharging you, go to the mall or anywhere that sells prepaid visa or mastercards and buy a 20 dollar one then by whatever you want on the net without anyone messing with your money. THINK people before buying over the net. I hope you all have learned a lesson, Dont trust anyone on the net who you dont know well, get a prepaid and save yourself the hassle.

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  • Ta
    TAMMIE T. BELL Jun 22, 2007

    I am sooo angry!!! This tri clear company has charged my account $70 every month since february! First off i don't even know who they are and second if i didn't question my bank about the last charge i wouldn't have known about the past charges. It's scary that people can get my account info and do that! From now on i will go over my monthly statement with a fine tooth comb. My bank will only reimburse me two months of charges, so that's five months i cannot get back. I believe in karma. These people will get their just rewards. I too will follow up with the fbi.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Blackard Jun 26, 2007

    I sent back my free trial UNOPENED and put on it do not debit me for this product. They did anyway. Now i am out 69.99 and i have nothing to show for it.

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  • Yv
    Yvonne Mattix Jun 27, 2007

    I feel ripped off. I thought I was getting the free trial. I never noticed the fine print. Was charged $69.95 first month and 75.94 the second month. It took me days to get through on the phone... None ever responded to my email... I didn't have a customer #... So how could they track it? Yet I was charged. I never received the product either.

    I finally got through when I called immediately at 6 am pacific time. The best the could do, was credit me $69 minus the $9.95 restocking fee. What a rip off. I will be calling the BBB this week.

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