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D Review updated:

I work in travel agency and recently we signed the contract with the website www.trawex.com. It was big mistake, coz we paid money for the software, which turned out to be bad. It didn’t work properly, coz there are several mistakes. Also it was impossible to reach techs or someone from the support team. We wasted money and time. So stay away from them and post your comments about this company and your experience.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Trawex Technologies's response · Jul 11, 2014

    We have not signed any contract with above reviewer and not done any project for him. The team at trawex are extremely gracious in serving our customers and the deplorable comments that you have put up as feedback are nothing but a complete travesty of truth and has been executed with a seemingly malicious intent and we believe is fabricated by a competitor. We shall also be writing to the complaintsboard.com management to immediately take this discreditable post off their review site.
    Thank you.
    Moncy Abraham
    General Manager


  • 4s
    4SURE Jun 13, 2014

    Hello, can you please tell us what services they were supposed to provide? We plan on using them to build a travel portal. Can you tell us how reliable they are and the challenges you faced with them. Thank you.

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  • Be
    BenJose Jul 11, 2014

    Even for someone who is not a web or page designer, Trawex makes it easy for me, and also we are extremely happy with the support offered and the simplicity to use. Creating new tours for our business has been a breeze.

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  • Be
    BenJose Jul 11, 2014

    We have been working with Trawex for the past seasons which have proved to be one of our most powerful tools. This has been able to increase our volume, speed of bookings and even distribution of suppliers across the country, helping to avoid funnels into some suppliers while leaving others less used which speeds our bookings.

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  • Ku
    kushite Jun 29, 2019

    @BenJose what is your website address supported by TRAWEX

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  • Wh
    Whiblos Jul 11, 2014

    Hi Moncy, You are absolutely right. There are some companies who started posting fabricated bad reviews about highly reputed companies and used to ask for money to remove those bad reviews. Recently our company got an email as below asking for money .And Later we came to know review is posted by the same company who asking for money to remove review. Pls see below email I have received.

    " We have noticed you have a review on Complaints Board here
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    website? Has your business been the victim of an unwarranted “Fail”?
    If so, your company’s reputation may be at stake. One negative online
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    Consumers have a tendency to pass by companies that have negative
    reviews for those with clean commentary profiles. You could lose
    hundreds or even thousands of prospective customers because of the
    unkind words of a person on the Internet. The complaints board website
    has a multitude of responsibilities, so the staff may not answer your
    requests to have negative material removed. Our company specializes in
    removal, however. We can have harmful comments removed from the site
    within 48 hours.
    We Can Make Negative Comments Disappear
    The name of our company is Internet Reputation Team, and we can act as
    your big brother and your advocate in getting poor reviews and
    comments removed. Our main goal is to clear the names of any
    businesses that have been misrepresented by people on the Internet.
    complaintsboard.com are wonderful mediums that give consumers a chance
    to voice their opinions. However, occasionally a person can be
    dishonest and leave something that can hurt your business. This could
    happen for a wide variety of reasons such as dissatisfaction or
    personal grudges. It could also occur for a reason that has nothing to
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    receiving legitimate comments and that no one is trying to sabotage
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    Acting Now Is Imperative
    Negative comments about your company will not disappear on your own.
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    Email Us and Give Us 48 Hours
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    How We Work
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    Please simply reply to this email
    Thanks Admin"

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  • Sw
    swetalana Jan 03, 2015

    Dear Trawex Team,

    When I finally decided to make an investment in redesigning my website, a website that I can be proud of, I did all my research.Trawex was the best value and offered the most. They walked me through every step of the way in redesigning my website. I'm pretty proficient in website design, so we communicated only through email which I preferred.

    The Trawex technical team made the whole process simple, easy and proficient. I am thrilled with how my website turned out. The things that impressed me the most are their dedication in getting the project finished in a timely manner and being so responsive to all of my needs and requests. I probably emailed them over 100 emails, and they didn't miss a beat.

    I commend entire Trawex staff for a job well done. Thanks so much for your help!!!

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  • Jo
    Johnson Herry Jun 09, 2015

    Trawex Technologies having very dedicated team for the website designing and developing .They used all new technologies in my website those are very simple easy to use and understand with reasonable price. I satisfied a lot with their services and response.
    Thanks to Trawex team for the great job !...

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  • He
    HendryThomson Nov 18, 2015

    Trawex did an awesome job !...

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  • No
    nothappytrawex Sep 05, 2016

    I would have to agree no support or help from this company. Dont trust them

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  • holidaysatw.com Jul 04, 2017

    I see a queue of Trawex victims, we are one of them holidaysatw.com... Trawex approved all our requirements by Anita and Lijoy, but later they denied all their promises.. they go slowly then asking for payments, once to pay staff salary and to finalize the portal as their promised.. in same time they ask for support and maintenance fees before complete the system and launch... really they are not recommended.

    Please, send all documents against Trawex to [email protected] to support us in legal case.. Thank you

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  • Sa
    Sanmarga Sanketh224.ss Aug 16, 2018

    @holidaysatw.com I was planing to go with Tawex. And i stay in Bangalore, can u please tell me in detail about all problems you faced with them? Am really confused now!

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  • St
    stanzin voyage Jun 23, 2019

    @holidaysatw.com we are also victim, their fake promise, serious very very horrible experience I visited their office in Bangalore home base .. very insure and not reliable company . please call me my no is 9906991500 .. you can contact me

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  • St
    stanzin voyage Jun 23, 2019

    @Sanmarga Sanketh224.ss please please don't trust them I have fully document proof and from their staff also . call me 9906991500

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  • Mo
    Mohammad Asif1 Aug 25, 2017

    We have found working with Trawex to be a really refreshing experience. There are no negative responses, no excuses and no long development cycles. Joshua and his team are really knowledgeable, positive and accommodating. They have built a very powerful yet flexible booking engine which doesn’t cost the earth! It is a pleasure to work with Trawex.

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  • holidaysatw.com Sep 28, 2017

    @Mohammad Asif1 Hello Mr. Mohammad, I think you don't deal with Lijoy, Anita and team in Bangalore.. now more than 14 months I follow them but always request for more money and not complete the platform(they receive 100% payment before complete platform to pay staff salary), also, they ask for support and maintenance fees before launch. last Jun 2107 we get deal to deliver full platform source codes but they are cheating by send home page only. they think they are smart but they do a lot of cheating.. so we will go for legal to get our right with Trawex.

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  • Al
    Ali Ridhaa Apr 04, 2018

    From the outset, I was impressed by Trawex's combination of web design expertise and travel industry knowledge. They really understand my business and the team patiently guided me through the process, offering help and encouragement when needed. I'm pleased that I made the right choice of developer and would definitely recommend Trawex to my colleagues.

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  • holidaysatw.com Aug 16, 2018

    @Ali Ridhaa Hi Mr. Ali Ridhaa, If Trawix caused to freeze your project and stole from you $ 14, 000 .. And continue to cheat and lie and many victims complained because of the loss of their money ...
    In addition, they offer a weak and non-professional platform and do not contain financial reports or sales.

    We will continue to write against Trawex so that no more victims will fall into their hook.

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  • Hu
    Hussian Ali Aug 20, 2018

    I did not find any issue with Trawex. I am really surprised by few negative reviews below since I was pleased with the service provided by Trawex.

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  • Mo
    Mohammad S Aug 20, 2018

    I really don't have any issue with this company . I loved the product and services which provided by Trawex.

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  • Ps
    Psyco69 Sep 01, 2018

    To the best for you and your friends are the only thing that you are the best for the second one of the season with the help of the company

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  • St
    stanzin voyage Jun 23, 2019

    Hello friends

    I am sharing you very horrible genuine feedback about this travel technology company,

    I am stanzin, I deal with last year with regina lady as business development manager,
    She promises lots and I trust her, later she after 2 months, she stops to attend my call and mail, I paid half amount deal, by transferring online and cash which account no given by them (account name tripforo for icic bank for domestic transaction only). nobody gives proper response to us, it feels unsecure with our project, few month later regina lady she left the company, our project not work as we their commitment.
    They told me they have proper office and well entablement, after urge to them nobody attend us, they pull my no in reject list, finally I visited to their in Bangalore, they working home base office in Bangalore remote village, I was so shock, after visited to their office I introduce myself to them and request them to proper handover our project which is to us, we have very disappoint with their customer services, few later we started argue, later their one elder person to intervene to us, they speak local language Karnataka, they start abuse with physical and other also support them in local way . same time one Hyderabad client also visiting their office. after I humble request to them and Regina to refund our half amount, Regina told me, that she has very bad experience in trawex company,

    I sincerely request please don’t use trawex company very very bad customer services and ones you paid then you ignore by them, if some need proof I have fully document as our conversation, I don’t have time to fight them back, for me my time is very important. I request everyone in industry please don’t don’t visit and trap under their strong commitment very very badly . there some other tech company who have better customer services and good reputed company . after I crossed check about their company, the elder person who physical attacked me is company director Abraham more details in their building outside . very very horrible experience . . request to every one please don’t try contact, they are not sutable for I have fully conversation deails with regina in whatapp and video footage of their office in Bangalore . the worst and non reliable company, they only work fake content in online platform, please note, they have 2 more online domain which trap innocent people .
    If you further more details, please refer I will share will whole horrible customer servies .
    They have more then special I recommenced all foreign customer they get more problem due distance . please please don’t trust them at any how . all their content is fake is no office outside of country, they have home base office in bangalore remote area . which is show you in footage. I complaint to police but there no response. It

    1) Customer services is worst
    2) Work : all copy project from other why never customize proper as per your desire
    3) All management only follow you money money money
    4) They will blocked your contact details
    5) Team member, regian, prabat, Abraham, other all unhelpfull
    6) They will fail your dream project .
    7) Please don’t trust them .. at any cost .
    8) They are not reliable company, office in home base, no proper setup and insecure .

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  • St
    stanzin voyage Jun 23, 2019

    photo conversation
    with their staff

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  • St
    stanzin voyage Jun 23, 2019

    after give them feedback I received mail from lijoy
    I am sharing their mail, how these people still write this message . india law and order should teach them lesson
    I paid half project amount not recieved single amount invoice .
    now they sending mail ... please look the conversation above sceenshort conversation with foamier staff which had contract with them .. later dupe us with fake promise .

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  • Sa
    Saudi International Travel Jul 14, 2019

    We are working with Trawex since last 5+ years . Found to be the best in the Industry . There is no competition to Trawex. We are able to process millions of $ transactions with the help of Trawex.

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  • @Saudi International Travel Yes, Trawex is the Best Company who is helping every to build successful travel companies .

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  • Our experience working with Trawex have been top notch. From a startup we have grown to multi million dollar organization in middle east . We have just started with one office in Dubai when we started with Trawex. Proud to say within 5 years we have grown to become Middle East's #1 online travel agency . All our 1000s of Agents using Trawex dedicated white label platforms . Without Trawex help it wouldn't have been possible to achieve this success. Even though some of our friend companies deal with other travel technology companies who have provided not working source codes / solutions . We never faced any issues with Trawex. They always provide top notch service even today [ after 5 years ] like the first day . Thank You Trawex Team and continue to do your best to support your customers. There are haters who put negative comments which should never discourage you .
    Your happy customers like us are there with you to Support !

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  • Fe
    Feedback1201 Jul 15, 2019

    We are more than satisfied with Trawex, the product is very easy to use with excellent on time service and brilliant support from experienced professional team

    They work closely with their clients in every developments, quires with great suggestions on new modules which simplifies your job and also helps us by devising new ways to ensure that we are always ahead with a positive image and excellent feedback in the market.

    Day by day we are growing and connecting easily with the latest technologies and advance services via Trawex.

    Hope will have a long lasting and fruitful business relationship with Trawex .

    Thank you

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  • Qu
    Quick Stay Jul 15, 2019

    Trawex is the Ultimate solution of Travel Technology. Extremely helpful staffs with skills and intensive knowledge who helped us to focus our efforts to develop the best travel Management system according to our needs.

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  • Sa
    Saudi International Travel Jul 20, 2019

    There is no competition to Trawex. There are the best in Industry .
    Negatives reviews looks like posted by employees fired from company .

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