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i bought a product from the web from viv3 labs.i thought i was signing for a free 15 day trial but was stung and the only pounds i lost was from my credit card. after signing up i tried to cancel and all lines of communication were dead.on the 27th July i was billed £149.02. on the 13th of aug i recieved 2 further tubs of pills but this time there was a name trading planet ltd, and a phone number. when i rang i was greeted by a woman who could speak next to no english but this soon improved when she could see i was not hanging up.she cancelled my order but said no is a risk free trial and if you do not wish tocontinue with the trial you must phone within 15 days, your out and get to keep the product, if you do not phone you will be billed for the tablets you have recieved as part of the 15 day trial, work that one out. and i could not get through because they are a busy call centre and i should of kept trying says her that can hardly speak english but ended up with an acsent of someones hailing from the midlands. this company are using the terms and condition to hide this scam in, so the best thing to do is do not buy at all. boycot the firm al together.


  • Ca
    Califf Aug 04, 2016

    I ordered a free sample of the acia berry a few months ago now and never received them. I thought nothing of it and then suddenly this month this amount is debited from my account under the name face factor. I have had to stop my card and re order a new one. I know it is the same company as I have had a letter from an insolvency company warning about it however the payment was not stopped.

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  • We
    Westy Aug 04, 2016

    How the hell do you get in touch with these scamming pieces of ###?I too have been caught up in this ###in rip off.If anyone knows who these ### are let me know please.And if anyone knows how to stop these payments coming out please let the rest of the world know as well.###in ###!

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  • Th
    thomas moreau Aug 04, 2016

    I am an ex Local Billing Limited employee, the owners of,, and another sites with these fake diet products (colon cleanser, acai berry, resveratrol). They are operating using various companies: Viv3Labs for Europe, FMW Laboratories for US And, lately, to avoid the problems caused by the scam using Viv3Labs, they are using Trading Planet Ltd for Europe and Information Tech Systems LTd for US. Also, they are using PurpleSky LTD at Cyprus for Europe. Lately, they are using some companies opened to process credit cards for the porn industry (LB Pride Studios, LB Envision Net Worldwide, etc.- all of them are Local Billing Companies – LB stats for LB).
    The business model is to offer a FREE SAMPLE, only charging you the postage (this is an excuse to get your credit card number) and, then, due to HIDDEN Terms and Conditions, charge people incredible amounts of money for pills and nutraceuticals (in some cases more than 80€ /bottle), which in any retail place cost less than 6 US$ per bottle.This business model is, basically, A SCAM.
    The owners of those sites are Deepak Argwal (, who, apart from this business –contactcenter, legal-, is running more than 2.000 Porn Sites –see, Clay Douglass ( and Mitch Platt (
    It is easy to find them through the information that appears on the site registration of
    Now, they discovered this hole on their ability to remain hidden and are registering the new sites using a Marketing company located in the US, Moniker OnLine Services
    ACAIBERRYEXCLUSIVE.COM - Whois Information
    Douglass, Clay [email protected]
    Viv3 Lab Limited
    Unit 5, Mill Road Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow, WL EH49 7QY
    Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
    viveraglobal, Hostmaster [email protected]
    Viv3 Lab Limited
    Unit 5, Mill Road Industrial Estate
    Linlithgow, WL EH49 7QY
    Another evidence that Local Billing is behind those companies is consulting the impressun of the web pages (for example, and seeing that is a Local Billing company behind them:
    LB Pegasus Limited
    29 Wordsworth Gardens
    Co Durham
    DH9 9LG
    United Kingdom

    LB is for Local Billing….
    And also resveratrol product site,, the impressum of the page ( is the following:
    Trading Planet LTd.
    56 Thorton Close
    Chester Le Street
    Co Durham
    DH2 1QH
    United Kingdom

    Also, they are using a company called Phytoscience, located in the same address than viv3, to make the handling and the postal distribution of the products. The manager of Phytoscience is called Chris Swanson and his email is [email protected]
    Other addresses to find those sca...ers:
    Local Billing Ltd, Pau Claris, 100, 08009 Barcelona, Spain (they are operating from here under the name Tucana Corona, it is an useful contact for the police)
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

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  • Fe
    FedupKernow71 Aug 04, 2016


    I have several contact details which I have collected in the past 24 hours...

    Trading Planet Limited
    Ordman House,
    31 Arden Close
    Bradley Stoke
    BS32 8AX

    email [email protected]

    International [protected] or +44 [protected]
    UK [protected] or [protected]

    I have managed to contact support officers on both UK numbers and have had an email response too. Although no refunds as yet.

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  • Ka
    Kariban Aug 04, 2016

    Around July 2009, I ordered a trial sample with my credit card.Unfortunately was away in Ghana.The short of it was they kept billing me, even though my wife who I wanted to try it, wasnt interested.I ended up with a bill of over £1000 on my credit.I asked my Credit card company what i could do, they advised to cancel my card, which I did .I had fallen ill and was not working.I have ended up with a credit card bill and my credit rating has taken a dive as a result as I am unable to keep up payments.I didnt realize so many had been scammed.I wish i knew what to do, perhaps its too late now.

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  • De
    debbie ann davis Aug 04, 2016

    ordered free sample of acia berry detox and life cleanse agreed to pay £3.95 p&p recieved them on 30/9/09 then on 29/10/09 recieved more products from this so call company which i did not order or agree to the amounts being taken from my visa card.telephoned the customer service dept which was very rude and told me to wait 4 days and i would recieve a email telling me if i would be entilted to a refund and of course they said i no time when i was placing my order did it say i was entering into a monthly supcripition and money would continue to take amounts from my visa account.i wasnt aware this company was taking money from my account as the visa statement only arrives on the 4th of every month so when these products arrived telephoned straight away to get it cancelled.i returned the products first class post to the address on the supplied with a letter with all the so call account numers within the 30 day trail period so are entitled to a full refund of £454.54.

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  • Gi
    Gillane May 24, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Like everyone else I signed up for a sample of the Teeth Brilliant Teeth Whitening system for a couple of pounds. Only to find they have taken £128.63 from my credit card.

    I have spoken twice with my credit card company, twice they have put me through to a company in America, twice I have been told by automated system that I no 30 in the queue, held on for 20 minutes only to be cut off.

    I have now returned the produce to the PO box 13579 and await a refund!!!

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  • Al
    Alezzan May 11, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I requested a free bottle of acia berry detox though a internet advertisement. They sent me a free bottle of which i paid for the postage. After a week or two they send me another bottle charging it to my credit card without my approval. I sent it back immediately asking for a refund. In no time two more arrived which i promptly sent back asking for a refund. The four bottle followed soon after and i sent it back also. They have never refunded the money and the Bank said it was out of their hands. So I have been ripped off $670.00 NZ Dollars for something that i never asked for.Don't be caught by scammers like i did!!!

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  • Fl
    Flloydy Jun 01, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm another one, but I insist that I had doubts whilst making the purchase and therefore did not confirm the transaction. However I received the product and have since had monies taken from the card which I did enter. I called to state that I had not completed the transaction and therefore surprised to receive, lady on the other end of the phone didn't speak very good english, and when I asked about charges advised that I had only incurred the postage. Although I had a customer number she could not find the transaction, which again alarmed me. I have also returned the product to the Linlithgow address that was provided on the despatch note, via special delivery so have confirmation it's been delivered.
    On emailing the company they insist that I agreed to their T&C's so will not refund, and although I've returned the product they insist they cannot do anything. I've tonight contacted my credit card company who will investigate and have frozen the transactions.
    I'm so disappointed that I've still managed to be taken in by such a scam, when I didn't complete the transaction.

    Please do not get taken in because no matter what you do you will be out of pocket. The email I've been corresponding with is Acai Optimum support <[email protected]> but I can honestly say you'll be extremely frustrated as it's almost as if you are talking to a computer that picks up on certain words and responds.

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  • Je
    jehan66 Apr 22, 2010

    I` too victim of this ### and doing something about ed, I`m taking the master card to county court for allowing these ### mer using their credit facility to ### people and actually this is some kind of money laundering and against law, Please any of you want this is the address - Trading Planet ltd Ordman House 31 Arden Close Bradley Stoke Bristol BS32 8AX or email me to help nailing these ### - [email protected]

    I`m taking Lloyds Master card and Trading planet ltd to Cambridge county court I hope you can help to sort the them out and using the law against credit company for knowingly letting these people using their facility to ### people as without credit company they never can operate.

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  • Ml
    mlgh Apr 02, 2010

    [protected] FREE PHONE FROM THE UK.
    I did this and got my money back totaling £150, i took me a while but you must keep at it, and dont let them win at this scam

    I did phon and email them everyday. and wrote to them giving them 14 days to reply or i would take them to court.

    What seemed to do the trick was quoting the
    Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999
    The consumer Protection Act.
    Their own Terms and Conditions. I know these were never available to see and no one ticked a box to say they had read them and agreed, which is what all websites make you do when you go through purchasing.
    The company trade in Scotland, so they are bound by these regulations.
    Also because the 'contract' and T&C were not sent with the goods in a durable form, they are not binding.
    Finally, threaten them with instructing your bank to 'charge back'. You can do this anyway as they have acted fraudulently and the amount of complaints is evidence enough. My bank are being very understanding.
    If you go to TLC, there is lots of advise from another victim of this scam. It really helped me.
    Hang in there everyone. Be persistent and steadfast. You can do it!!


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  • Ma
    Malcolm S Tattersley Jan 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Anyone, like me, who has been scammed by this unscrupulous Trading Planet Ltd should firstly get in touch with their credit/debit card company and change your card number so they can't take any more money out of their account and to see if they can get their money back, because these are unauthorised withdrawals. These tablets made me sick (Colon Cleanse/ Detox) gave me a urine infection and upset stomach. I phoned the company up and got an asian woman who put the phone down on me - ignorant person. I will be chasing this up to stop these people with Trading Standards & Medical Ombudsman. It's far from finished
    Malcolm S Tattersley Dip PRE

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  • L
    L-Å Jan 17, 2010

    Okay I guess it´s just place myself in the que of victims ... I haven't received my monthly supply of Colon Cleans and Acai Berry detox tablets. I only signed up for the free trail of both, which I received one month ago. I was of the understanding that it was a NO obligation trail and there was no need to call and cancel with in 30days.

    Tomorrow I'm going to subscribe this f*cking ... to [email protected] or phone +[protected]
    after I've blocked my credit card ...

    This is an disgrace :-(

    L-Å in Sweden

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  • Ps
    pso Dec 15, 2009

    They advertise a trial and take unauthorised amounts from your creditcard which you do not find out till you receive your credit statement and even better they take the monies same day as your order then 2 weeks later you get the product which by then the trial period has ended and their is nothing you can do. However, the consumer credit act states that your credit company is equally responsible for these expences so please look into this and maybe barclaycard and other credit cards will not be so quick to payout without firstly contacting the cardholder as surely this is a responsibility to protect us as their customer. Anyway if this happens to anyone else after the 13/10/09 barclaycard were aware of this scam and I would suggest they have been negligent

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  • Se
    serban Dec 14, 2009

    hi there everyone im in canada and just a few minutes ago i canceled the account by phone at [protected] (the number is for US/CANADA only) and a person spoke to me in french then in english and told me that I should have called after 15 days after i received the trial bottles but when i ordered by phone the product nobody told me about those 15 days so i was stack with a charge of USD 238.04 for the trial bottles.i will monitor my card next month to make sure they don't charge me again.

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  • Pa
    paula love Dec 05, 2009

    I bought some diet capsules on an offer that was displayed on line, only to receive more today which I did not request and a bill to the tune of £82.95. I want my money back..,

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  • Ji
    jimbo268 Nov 24, 2009

    I too was scamed! I found a # that might work ( I hope ) Call [protected] and tell them that you wish to cancel your subscription with Trading planet and use the order # on the packaging with your pills. I live in Canada so I'm not sure what # to call if you live anywhere else? Good luck everyone!!!

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  • Tr
    trading planet ltd Nov 20, 2009

    I want to get any more orders cancelled but don't know how.Please give me a website to cancel.

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  • Su
    SueTh Nov 20, 2009

    I live in UK and have not found the company hard to contact here not sure about the australia no.

    Contact your credit card co they will be aware of this organisation and may have another number for you to call.

    emails I have are [email protected]
    Int No: [protected]

    Hope this helps

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  • Mo
    moles Nov 18, 2009

    I totally agree. I am so furious and disappointed.

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  • St
    Strangely Nov 11, 2009

    And very seriously..
    The point is NOT what the service is or promises as an actual service. It's each to his own how they spend their money. I'm not judging or joking about that.

    The point is that these sort of 'businesses', and I use the term in a very open manner, in the same way that the m.a.f.i.a. is a 'business', the point is that they take money for the goods or service very, very promptly - but are then like will o'wisps when it comes to 'customer service'. It's a one-way-street for communication. Or a one-way mirror if another analogy is needed.
    In my book, that means only one thing - a scam - and if that's the case, ask for an immediate chargeback using your card company, and if the card company say the T&Cs are clearly stated then reply that the 'business' has not adhered to their own T&Cs... therefore demand a chargeback because of fraudulent practice.

    Simple innit?

    See the latest for my particular investigations on this and similar here:

    Also, Trading Planet had a vistit from trading standards last September. See

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  • Lu
    lusher Nov 10, 2009

    i tried the RISK FREE trial ### also..i have just cancelled my card after seein that they have charged it twice this fortnight - $124 x3 the first time and $132 x3 for the next..thats over $800 with postage and handling an the initial $8 x3 trial price..OMFG..i can't believe i was stupid enough to do this..


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  • Pa
    Paula I Nov 09, 2009

    I ordered AcaiBerry and Life Cleanse on internet after reading how good the product was. I had to type in a code to get the products on a free basis and only pay for the shipping costs. I received them about a week later with3.09 pound cost which was more than what was stated anyway. BUT I received my bank statement today and I have been charged $132-83 TWICE and $3-32 Foreign currency conversion fee TWICE!!! I want my money BACK. I gave no authority to have this taken from my account and from what others have said, this is happening monthly!!! HELP, who can I ring to have this stopped??!!

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  • Ba
    Barnzy33 Nov 09, 2009

    guys, i just rang them up and they said i need an order number starting with either an 8 or an 4, how do you get this number as i only got a recipet number that begins in a 1, how or when do you recieve your order number???

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  • As
    asperanza Nov 09, 2009

    Hey there, Yeah, it's a total scam, too bad I just stumbled upon this site now. From my invoice, it clearly stated that my order date is 03 november, shipment date is 04 november, and I have received the product this morning. But I checked my online banking, they;ve already started charging my on the 5th nov... Sigh.
    I rang this number +[protected], it works. Some foreign lady was answering the phone, she was ok, not rude at all, and cancelled my subscription right there and then. But i did ask for a refund of the amount charge to my credit card whilst still within the 15 days free trial, she told me she has to talk to the refund department and get back to me, but I doubt I will get the money back that way. Since I have rang up my credit card company and they r gonna send me a letter to dispute that unauthorized transaction, so, finger cross, hope I will be getting my money back from them anyhow/ sooner or later. I might have to ask for a reissue of my credit card. Oh well, a good lesson.

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  • Ju
    Juneray Nov 07, 2009

    Hi I got taken in too for 500.oo dollars.There E mail is [email protected]
    I have sent them several e/mails.
    Phone #from canada toll free [protected] No I have not tried to enform Life Cleanse.
    I remain frustrated and angry June from Canada.

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  • Kc
    KCAD"" Nov 07, 2009

    I am in the same boat everyone else...yesterday i received a months supply of Colon Cleans and Acai Berry detox tablets. I only signed up for the free trail of both with i received only two weeks ago and was of the understanding that it was a NO obligation trail and there was no need to call and cancel with in 30days ect... So you can imagin my shock when i opened the package and seeen that £164.50 had ALREADY been taken form my account...i have tried to call every number that is on the invoice several times (i am still waiting for some one to talk to me at the other end) When that failed i thought i would look on line for there e-mail address and that is when i found this web site and that i am not the only one to be stung by this fate company...I have now had to cancel my bank card and i am seeking advice for the citizens advice buro... i am under no illusion that i will tget my money back but i would really like to try and fix this before next month comes and i lose another £165.00. Please please please if any one has had succses with being able to cancel there order or even if they have been able to speak to some one at this comany please let me know.

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  • Su
    suzyw1988 Nov 07, 2009

    believe it or not i think the pills have helped me loose weight... but im still really angry... £75 off my credit card

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  • Su
    suzyw1988 Nov 07, 2009

    im become a victim too... just checked my credit card statement £75 has been taken out by body sculpt... fuming!!!

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  • Hey people, there's another name GetStronger with phone number +[protected], i've just cancelled my order. After some minutes waiting, a woman picked up the phone and gave me my cancellation numbers for both 02 products. You should try call to that number but be patient.

    Also, I provided my visa debit info when ordered for those free trial. As far as I understand, they - GetStronger/Trading Planet/VIV3, can directly debit from my debit card without my agreement, right? After all, it's debit, not credit card. Not sure if I am right. Any advice? Should I call my bank, and if yes, what should I tell them? Big thanks.

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  • Co
    countryman Nov 06, 2009

    i find the canadian homeworker review different. they dont have a phone number to get in contact with them. i think that that is strange. they should be contacted by the officials from the province or feds to submit phone number.

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  • Co
    countryman Nov 06, 2009

    it is ok to make mistake once for credit card. i do not use credit card no more since cibc rip me off. i got smart i sent money order and in that way you got absolute proof. dont be stupid be wise. the canadian homeworker review sent me a book from attawa ontario. there address is 900 greenbank rd, suite 415, ottawa, ontario, k2j 4p6 jus in case anyone needs it.

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  • Tc
    TCN Nov 06, 2009

    This company charged my credit card twice which I did not authorized.

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  • Ka
    kay burns Nov 06, 2009

    i ordered free sample of acai berrry detox paid post and package as that was the agreement deir was nothing about geting back to them with in fifteen days.only to discover that the had taken82.18 euro from my visa card without me authorising it.and got nothing for it .just the free sample.which to buy are 14.99 pounds.this company are just out to rob people.disgraceful and should not get away with it.i live in ireland...this is fraud

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  • Jo
    john johnson Nov 04, 2009

    I did and it has cost me nearly £250 yes £250 they say it's a free trial just pay the postage then they take &( pounds for each one they send you if you don't get your card bill untill the following month they send you another bottle. I have had to cancel my card and get a new one issued as they can't refuse to pay them every month if they demand a payment

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  • Lo
    lovingkay Nov 04, 2009

    I did order for thier free products, but after reading comments on here, i decided to cancel the order using their free toll number they provided on thier invoice ([protected]), after some few minutes on holding i spoke to a lady and I must confess she was proffessional as any call centre and she said she had cancel my order or any agreement I might have had with them.
    The only problem i had with them was that, when ordering for the free trial, I did enter a promotional coupon number, so the total came to only £0.99 for postage but did realised that they had chargrd me £3.95 for the postage.

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  • Jo
    josie16 Nov 04, 2009

    same as everybody, i tried their stupid products which is clearly said that i pay only 3.95us$ just for shipping;then when i received the products with the invoice/receipt the cost is really only 3.95us$ each bottle;but then when i received my bank statements they took 3x83.95 euro in my account.i tried to call to the numbers written to their invoice to complaint about it but no is right and active.they are liars.

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  • St
    Sterling Nov 03, 2009

    2 unauthorized payments taken by this companyon 30th Sept and 20th Oct 2009 also known as global wellbeing signed up for trial of life cleanse cancelled within 14 days & have never recieved any goods from them. But they have continued to make payments & all phone contact numbers are dead. Have set up dispute with credit card company but this scam needs to be stopped.

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  • Ys
    YS-Enfield Nov 03, 2009

    This is clearly a scam. Ttrading Planet Ltd offers free samples for AcaiBerry and Life Cleanse tablets without notifiying the customers for the need of cancelation within a short period of time and start charging at full extortionate prices (£79 + £3.95 postage). If you con't give up the first charges and cancel them you will have to continue the subscriptions at the full prices every month!!!

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  • Ma
    mattias allroth Nov 02, 2009

    Is it legal for them to rob my credit card for any money online for this trial can of crappy pills ?

    I was a sucker to and got on this scam only via a link from a facebookapplication only to get more money on that game i was playing but i have not got any facebook pounds either and the acaiberry crap cost me 120 dollars from my visa card that now is cancelled to.
    I phoned and phoned for the last couple of weeks after i bought the 14 day trial can and nobody answered.
    Today i got my can of pills and there was a number on the invoice for the shipingcost for £3, 95.
    There was a number +[protected] and today somebody actually picked up the phone and i could cancel my so called subscription.
    But i was not getting my 120$ back she said.

    This can´t be legal at all.
    First they say call back within 15 days and cancel and it can´t take 15 days for the mail to get to sweden from UK :(
    I am so unhappy i am thinking of suing them.

    // mattias, sweden

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