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Complaints & Reviews

Terrible customer service and product help

I will NEVER buy a TomTom product again. The mount that is produced with their products is terrible quality and causes the GPS to fall randomly. For me, the last time it fell produced a cracked screen and an inoperable touch screen. Thanks a lot Tom Tom. I just spent an hour on the phone with their customer service- which was completely unprofessional. They offered to replace the mount, but not the GPS. It makes no sense to me that the mount THEY produced caused my unit to fall and crack, and now they won't replace it. Save your money and don't buy a TomTom- go with another brand.

  • Fr
    frank sheldon Dec 18, 2009

    adress at my house comes up on my gps down the street about four houses

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  • Pu
    pugru2 Dec 18, 2009

    Are you sure you have the right address?

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  • Bi
    Bill555 May 09, 2011

    My Garmin does the same thing so I now loop the power cable up and around the sun visor and I am doing the same thing for my Tomtom

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  • Bi
    Bill555 May 09, 2011

    So far the only thing that bugs me re my Tom tom 1535 TM is that it always calculates a two mile detour into my sub-division to get back to the corner next my house and on out to the main road. Now the problem resolves itself as soon as I actually drive away from my house to the corner and onto the main road because the 1535 recalculates the route as soon as it realizes that I took a path different from the path it calculated. But just the same my Garmin is smart enough to calculate the route to the corner and on to the main road (without the Tom tom great tour of the subdivision) so I wonder why the Tom tom isn't smart enough to do the same?

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  • Je
    jeja1 Nov 05, 2011

    Same problem. My tomtom fell off the mount and cracked the screen. Many Emails to service rep but denied a replacement or refurbishing.

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This navigation device have a faulty software that TomTom refuses to fix

The XL340S Navigation Device does NOT accurately verbally recognize ZEROs in Freeway numbers. In Southern California it is unable to recognize the 805 Freeway, the 405 Freeway, the 605 Freeway or the 101 Freeway. It says west in place for the Zero. It is confusing in San Diego where the 8 Freeway and the 5 Freeways cross.

The TOMTOM Company claims to be unaware of the problem with the XL340S Navigation Device. For no charge they took back and replaced my XL340S Navigation Device after 15 hours of advising me to reload Maps and Voices to no effect. The new unit had the same problem of not recognizing Zeros in Freeway numbers. I spent ten more hours on the phone with their help line trying everything again on the replacement XL340S Navigation Device.

It is obvious that the XL340S Navigation Device has faulty software that TOMTOM refuses to fix.

Don't buy a XL340S Navigation Device if you plan to drive on Freeways. Get a unit from a different company.

not covering warrenty inspite of having insured from them

i bought Tom Tom GPS(refurbished) from Visions Store in Nov. 2009. i bought 2 year extended warrenty plan a...

Calgary Other

broke my iphone

my iphone cracked when i put it in the tom tom carphone kit and i had to buy another phone. the apple salesman didn't seem so shocked- instructed me to call tomtom who took all of my information and said they can do NOTHING. betsy and her supervisor carl together made that decision. betsy felt that i was not entitled to know her full name, maybe the better business bureau just knows her as betsy from tomtom.
tomtom was unhelpful and patronizing in the process.

Poor Product, Poor Site, Poor Support

I have had the usual problems with TomTom e.g pay for extra services and can't load them, wrong navigation, appalling support. My idea was to put a review on Amazon. You only need an Amazon account. You don't have to have bought the product from them. The report needs to be strictly factual. This could be a way to get them to improve, since I would guess Amazon are their biggest seller.

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Consumer beware

I purchased a tomtom go 920T about a year ago at about $400 and the battery fails in the unit. I am told by their customer service rep. take the unit to Radio Shack and ry to find a replacement battery. I took the unit to radio shack its a Solded in battery that non replaceable. I called tomtom back and the next representative offered me $ $75 dollars for my TomTom 920T and said thats all they could do since they dont service what they sell unlees its under warranty. so once your warranty expires the tomtom is Basically Trash or Junk because there is'nt any one who will service it not even the people who sells it. Thats my last tomtom and the last time i'll ever do buisness with them again or any one with their affiliation. So Consumer Beware!!

Awful company

I received a TomTom for christmas from my parents, which came with 12 months free breakdown cover. I logged on to the website to set the roadside cover up on the 8/01/09 and I was meant to receive an email within 24 hours to confirm all the details. It said in the smallprint on the website that if the email was not in my inbox by the following day then it may be in my SPAM filter. I checked both of these the following day and hadn't received any confirmation. On the website there was no email address or contact number for me to get hold of anyone.

A week after setting up my breakdown cover I had a car accident. When the police arrived they told me that I needed to contact my breakdown cover, so that my car could be towed away, however, as I had not heard from TomTom or Mondial (who the cover was with) regarding my cover, the police told me that they would have to use the company they have for incidents like this. My car was towed 15miles away from my home and I was charged £300 for my car to be taken there.

My mum tried to contact TomTom and Mondial to see where she stood on being re-embursed. Eventually, my mum managed to get hold of Mondial. When she explained the situation to one of the advisors, he said that he couldn't think of a reason why we would not be able to claim the money back from TomTom as they are aware that they cannot send emails to hotmail accounts. We were given a number for TomTom customer service, who were USELESS! They kept refering me to a website to log my complaint. On doing this we received an email saying that we should have made a note of the smallprint on the screen when we registered the breakdown cover. The information in the smallprint said that we were to contact TomTom or Mondial if we had not received confirmation by the following day.

The information in the smallprint was so dense that we were unable to recall the details they gave us and we could not get to this page again once we had registered the TomTom.

We still stand today in the same position as we did when I had my crash, we still have not received any registration documents regarding the breakdown cover and we are £300 short of cash that we desperately need!

Bad Product

Received a refurbished unit as a gift which would not hold a GPS signal, returned it and bought a new better model TomTom. When I went online to register my new unit, it wiped out my unit. After many, many, many hours on the phone to TomTom support kids, my unit still would not work. I WAS TOLD THAT ONE CAN'T REGISTAR TWO UNITS USING THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS, that's what killed my new unit. So, you have to have a seperate email address for each TomTom you own! The software is flawed! The tech support have no clue! I sent back the unit at MY expense. They returned a different unit (hopefully not a refurbished one) with NO car charger, computer connection, or booklets...nothing! I've always had Garmins, and sorry I ever bought this unit. DON'T EVER BUY A TOMTOM!


TomTom 720 a peace of European Scam!
- BlueTooth quality so miserable that has to be shut down
- Driving over 70 brings the navigation down, CPU to slow, voice breaks
- Illogical menu
- Problems with USB - permanent
- Why the European peace needs half an hour to reboot?
- Why this dev need 5min to find signal?
- Driving in Chicago (big city) a disaster!
- No route tracking option!
- No route saving option (you plan a route and by simple change the org route is erased)
- Driving long route Chicago Detroit plan disaster (try it)
- Illogical rout (in some places simple line connection is offered as a T line)!
- Arrogant customer service, 72 hours and all problems are defined as solved
- Arrogant solution proposals (like you bring a car to the body shop with broken engine : TomTom solution, clean the window and start again)
- I sent device to TT, received TT with the same problems. TT claimed success.
- TT is even not interested to help.


fundamentally useless satnav

The tomtom ONE I bought for work was useful... for the first month or so. It kept losing connection and would not be able to find a satellite signal for hours or even days. It would put my car in fields, rivers, anywhere apart from the road, and as such it was unable to navigate at all. I was on my way to take it back, but was leaving from an office in an unfamiliar area to a branch of dixons (the store name) I had never been to. I used the tomtom to get there but a mile away it started telling me i was driving through the building adjacent to the street and then lost connection altogether, so I threw it out the window as hard as I could.

Now back to my old AA road atlas and could not be happier! The loss of a refund was worth the satisfaction of obliterating the little abomination.

  • Pa
    PaulGoldie Dec 18, 2009

    My TomTom XL is utterly useless. Mine worked for a month or so then I updated it and hasn't worked properly ever since.

    I deleted the device's memory and then followed the instructions extra carefully in order for it to work properly again. It did for a short while until I tried to update it and I never got it to ever work again, despite spending 15-20 frustrating hours on my computer. Yes, I did have the latest software.

    I emailed, called, emailed, called and called again and finally spoke with a guy for 1 hour and 15 minutes and he couldn't get to work either.

    So I sent it in to TomTom as requested and I have now received a dud device back that doesnt work at all. Unbelievable!

    I have just spent 2 hours trying to get that one to work properly but after trying everything imaginable, it keeps going back to the start and asking for my country preferences etc and says that there are no maps on it. I have (foolishly) paid my subscription money to have the latest map but my device says there is no map. I have tried everything (believe me I am now an expert on this now) and it still doesn't work.

    1. Never ever buy anything from TomTom
    2. Same as 1. above.
    3. For the idiots that ignored 1 & 2, don't ever pay for a subscription as I found that it is a waste of money if your device
    a) doesn't work at all
    b) causes your device to fail, permanently.
    4. Where corporations want US to sort out THEIR problems, ask in advance what they are willing to pay US to fix THEIR problem. We are not free labour! Worse, they profit from us calling their help line with the additional tariff charges!
    5. If in doubt, take legal action. It is actually very cheap and easy to do. I will be doing it tomorrow.

    I can't believe what an appalling experience I have had with TomTom. For god's sake and the state of your mental health, use an AA map.

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  • Lu
    Luca1 Mar 11, 2011

    Have the same problem, ( I have two tom tom XL s) they both drive off through fields while car is still on road .Tom tom tells me after the fact, that I should have gotten an up date before the first 30 days.Had this problem from the getgo (during the first 30 days)but they never informed me of update at that time.Then they tell you that you need to buy that program from them for $ 75.00.I'll never waste money on another tom tom product.

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TomTom refuses to honor latest map guarantee.

I purchased a new TomTom One 3rd edition GPS receiver. The package promises a 30 day latest map guarantee...

Windscreen mounts are faulty/dangerous & Terrible Customer Service

TomTom have shipped out their out of date, over 1 year old GPS-in car units such as the One XL to off load them before introducing the next model straight after it, (with an improved windscreen suction cap locking clamp!)with the convenience of the purchaser not being able to find out till it's too late that the windscreen suction mounts on their models continuously fall off the windscreen(because TomTOM wanted to save 10 cents a unit by not putting a suction mount locking lever on the mount) and when any of the MANY people complain of such events as it falling and smashing the screen, will not help or admit it is a design fault, which it clearly is(Google it!). People get left with a $500 GPS unit sitting on the floor of their car, or worse under the floor break and normally causing an accident.
Customer Service is a disgrace with them.They do not repair their own units and void your warranty if you get it fixed somewhere else!Yes there is an alternate mount, but why should People have to search for it/pay for it and also it is almost as useless!The Map Guarantee is a con too, they are also very careful not to let you know when the next map is coming out or how old your one is so that you have to spend another $260 on a way expensive map upgrade.
Take your business elsewhere as I am.

NEVER buy a TomTom GPS UNIT!!

Repairs for GPS

I bought a Tom Tom Go 920T, The mount on the unit detached from the window of the car and the unit fell to...

warrenty repair

my tom tom rider crashed Nine weeks ago and today I finaly received the replacement data card but they have not returned the actual say nav its self to use the card in so I have missed the whole summers use of my tom tom and spent three weeks in europe on holyday without it

Forbid to sell second hand

I have an old HP Handheld with a Bluetooth GPS and TomTom. I bought this as a bundle, everything official licence. Now, after three years. I'd like to sell this second hand on Ebay. Ebay has deleted the entry saying that according to TomTom I am not allowed to sell this.

So, beware. If you want to sell your navigation system second hand later DO NOT BUY TomTom!

  • Mm
    mmmmmarc Aug 06, 2008

    I have an old HP Handheld with a Bluetooth GPS and TomTom. I bought this as a bundle, everything official licence. Now, after three years. I'd like to sell this second hand on Ebay. Ebay has deleted the entry saying that according to TomTom I am not allowed to sell this.

    So, beware. If you want to sell your navigation system second hand later DO NOT BUY TomTom!

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  • Ma
    Martin Oct 08, 2008

    this is not true. you can sell your product, provided you have the full product, including the product code card that came with it.

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  • At
    ath_az Nov 07, 2009

    I sympathise with this person, however you may like to tell eBay that uner Belgian law "it is forbidden to forbid" in commerce, and under the very core of EEC trade law is the removal of restrictive trade practises, by anyone, company or government.

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Wrong address's

TomTom is wrong on there address's here in Caseville, MI. and they admit it when you call them saying...

Customer Service

I bought the Tomtom one New Edition for $400 less than a year ago. When I tried to access Map corrections, I got a message that the map is out of date. I contacted TomTom support and was told that I need to buy the new USA & Canada map (v7.15) for another $100 in order to use mapshare. I complained about having to spend an extra $100 ($500 in total for Tomtom one new edition). The Tomtom one 3rd Edition now costs half the price ($189.99 at BestBuy) I bought mine less than a year ago. TomTom is adamant to provide an updated map free of charge. This isthe last TomTom product I buy.

Defective product, refund not received!

I bought TomTom One GPS on November 25, 2006. When I purchased it, I also purchased an extended warranty. The purchase price for these was over $600.00. On December 2, 2006, I had to return it for another new one as it refused to work. I was given another one w/o any problem at Staples. The problem began when the $50.00 rebate was sent in with the original purchase. After I received the new item, I received a notice that since the purchase (which had been canceled by the clerk at Staples when I received the second GPS and then entered w/ the new identifying code) was a duplicate and I would not receive the rebate without sending in a letter.

I sent a letter to:

Resubmission Dept. Dept 06-53643
P.O. Box 028516
Miami. FL [protected]

I still do not have the $50.00 rebate. The second TomTom is working the same way as the first one. Sometimes it starts and sometimes it does not. I can find no address to reach the TomTom company.

On top of that, the GPS in the meantime was sold over the holidays w/ a rebate for $200.00. I feel that I have paid over $600.00 for a $400.00 item and have yet to hear their answer to my letter and the $50.00 rebate.

Oh, in the "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me" vein. I received an e-mail stating that the new maps were out for the TomTom One and I would have to pay $6.00 for this "free map upgrade." I did so and received a DVD in the mail that I was supposed to some way enter into the GPS, something about a "card." This information did not come w/ directions other than a diagram. As stated, I do not have an address to reach these people so that I can find out exactly what to do.

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