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Complaints & Reviews

Perfect prep

We bought our perfect prep machine in the summer of 2015. We used it for less than 6 months with our first born as he was moved on to comfort milk. We cleaned it and put it in storage. Our second born was born sept 2019. We have been using it again since Sept. We have looked after it according to guidance. All included it has been actually in use for just under 12 months over the last 5 years.
Yesterday using the official guidance on YouTube I descaled our machine. It instantly turned off and now wont turn on. I contacted a representative via Facebook. It took over 24 hours to basically be told to get an electrician to look at it as it's no longer under warranty.
I think this is ridiculous. If it had been in constant use over the last 5 years I would of course agree. What are people expected to do? Buy a new machine for each baby!
If I hadn't followed official guidance on how to descale I would also agree with your decision. But I did. Internet search tells me I'm not the only one by far. I suggest you take down your guidance videos if you are aware many people have had the same problem as me.
Your customer service is shocking. I wait for over 24 hours to be told to get an electrician and all the best in the future. Like many families we cant afford to buy a new machine for each child. It was a fantastic product but if it cant take less than a years use or the descale that you advised me to do what is the point?!


very dissapointed in this product. My baby is 4 months and the numbers is coming off already and the toommee name. How am i supposed to measure the milk. I will put a formal complain in all social media's as im very dissapointed in the product. Expensive but have no value.
Someone must contact me urgently as i can provide pictures also. And trust me i won't just leave it here as i bought this bottles with my hard earned cash.


dummies 18-36 months


3 days ago I bought the 18-36 month dummies for my son and whist he removed it from his mouth the tip snapped of and he nearly choked. I am very upset and worried that this can happen so easily without any biting involved. To think what could have happened if it was during the night or whilst I wasn't around to see it occur. I hope you review this product before something worst happens. I have included pictures of the dummy also.

Yours sincerely

Grace Read

dummies 18-36 months
dummies 18-36 months

tommee tippee ffp complete feeding kit, white


I brought this product direct from Amazon. Around August 2019 for the birth of my baby which was due mid January. I had my baby late December.
I have only been able to use this product once due to the problems I came across. The steriliser will not complete a full cycle unless me or my partner hold down the button for at least a good 30 seconds to a minute. Also the plate at the bottom looks burnt/damage after every use. I have descaled the steriliser as per the instructions recommend and still there's no improvement to how it functions.
I'm very disappointed and hope you can solve this matter.
Thanks for taking the time to read my email, and hope to hear back from you regarding this matter
Thanks in Advance

Below I have left my email address in hopes to hear back from you guys

bottle steriliser and breast pump bottle starter set

I bought a steraliser, manual breast pump and bottles starter set in preparation for my new arrival.
I started with breast feeding my baby and when using the pump I found it did nothing but leak to the point I had a complete melt down and broke down in tears several times and nearly gave up breast feeding my baby because of this. I then had to go and buy another one or a different brand to be able to continue feeding my baby the way I wanted to.
When I then started to introduce bottle feeds and started to used the electric steam steraliser I found it leaked water every time I used it. I am still using it as it cost £120 when I bought it and was annoyed enough that weeks later it went into a sale at £60.
It is still leaking water every time I use it and I have tried everything to stop it leaking water.
I am very unimpressed with this item and the breast pump and would never recommend this to anyone.
Please can you inform me of what I can do about this product and what you are willing to do about this product as it was bought in a Mothercare store that is no longer in business.

bottle steriliser and breast pump bottle starter set

electric steriliser

Good morning

May I report a faulty electric weird steriliser?
Our electric steriliser decided not to work on the New Year's Day. Baby is six months old. Therefore the situation caused lots of problems as we could not get an alternative solution on the New Years day. So we had to try to mend it ourselves but after opening the cover we found the black electric weir burned down and melted with black pieces dropping. I attached photos for your view. As we do not have purchase receipt any more could you please help us with the solution.

We contacted customer service and the lady was not very helpful at all. She advised that due to the steriliser is six years old since the manufacturer date (we did not buy this six years ago) so they are not in a position to support or help us. As far as we are concern that this is an electric fault and an unsafe product, therefore it needs to be replaced.

Urgent help and reply will be appreciated.

Many thanks and happy new year to you.


electric steriliser
electric steriliser

tommee tippee colic bottles

I am not a first time mom, I've just had my third child, but fint have enough breast milk to satisfy my son therefore needed some good quality bottles to feed him formula. I decided to go for your colic bottles as I thought these would reduce air and I liked the shape of the wide teat.
I am really dissapointed in the product, It always leaks, I'm constantly losing formula and cant keep track of what my child has had as I lose alot in making up.
I have checked your website and tried all the ways advised. I always cool a feed before adding the tube and top, but it still leaks.
I have tried the bottles without the tube and it still leaks.
I am awfully dissapointed as I paid £19.99for 3 bottles and all of them leak.
Please advise on what I can do or else please advise as to where I can sent these bottles back and get a refund, as I have had enough of them and dont want to use them anymore.
Thank you very much,
Mrs Faroom Bi

electric steam steriliser and bottles (anti colic)

Hi I am a first time mother and I purchased all of my feeding equipment from tommee tippee
I have two complaints
The first one is the electric steam steriliser I clean and descale it all the time but since the first use the ring inside it looks burnt and also has an awful smell
It has also completely destroyed my kitchen the wall tiles, walls, sockets etc I have asked other mothers who have said they also have had the exact same problem
I would change to another brand only I just recently replaced all her bottles to the anti colic tommee tippee and all teeth's too

My second complaint is the anti colic bottles are absolutely awful the leak all the time
I have spent a fortune on your brand and I'm extremely unsatisfied.

fading of the measuring


I'm so disappointed with your brand if I knew where you're situated I would have dropped them at your gate You're product is expensive for it to be fading within a shirt space of time.

I bought 4 Tommee Tippee baby feeding bottles which has faded measuring branding we had to buy another one so we give him accurate scale. We uses sunlight dish soap to wash his bottles.

I NEED FEEDBACK BACK email address [protected] / [protected]

baby food steamer and blender

I have purchased a baby food steamer and blender in July 2019, the jar has suddenly started leaking. I have been trying to call the Service Centre in Singapore and after several failed attempts I have also written an email but owing to your efficiency I have still not received any feedback from them. Please advise on how can I get a new jar. I need to get this ASAP thus please appreciate your very prompt advice or feedback.

perfect prep machine

I brought the tommee tippee perfect prep machine for my little baby.. for some reason it stopped giving out water.. after the hot spot it was only literally giving out a tiny abit of water and my daughter didn't even have half a bottle of milk when it had finished.. look on Google and I read about taking the back of the product and looking at the pipes due to the mould on some of them. And I done this and all the pipes are full of black mould.. no wonder the water isn't coming out.. I have been using this for my daughter and it has got black mould everywhere. O regularly do the cleaning cycle and only ever used tommee tippee filters and change as soon as the light comes on for that..
I have not got the money to go and buy a new one. I haven't got the receipt for when I brought it either. I am absolutely furious this is inside the pipes!!! Please can someone contact me to sort this out.. I cannot use this for my daughter anymore so now I have not got one!!!

perfect prep machine
perfect prep machine
perfect prep machine
perfect prep machine
perfect prep machine
perfect prep machine
perfect prep machine
perfect prep machine
perfect prep machine


I bought a steriliser for my brother's daughter who was born 14 th October but I bought from amazon order number [protected]
Ordered on 15/06/2019 batch number 0616GY
it had burnt out a month ago and I've emailed before but no reply ! Don't really understand how this could happen . Can you please explain this and I would obviously require a refund .
I await your early reply
Many thanks Demi Pomery


fading of the branding

Good day.

I have used my tommee tippee bottles foe only 4 months and branding is coming off.

I love the bottles and have never had any other issues. I soak bottles in noiling water and sunlight then just brush inside and wipe outside so dont quite underatand how to prevent branding from fading.
2x340ml and 2x 280ml bottles
Hope someone can assist.

fading of the branding
fading of the branding
fading of the branding


Hi there
I am disgraced as i purchased ur item and used it once or twice and the filter of the bottle came out to easily i either want a replace that isnt faulty like this one or a range of ur products for use of my toddler

You can send to the address
3 braclone court, bracklone street, portarlington, county laois, Ireland

I would be happy to be a tester for your company so you can get your products right

Yours sincerely
Jacqueline Dineen

Email address

  • Updated by Jacqueline Dineen · Nov 08, 2019

    Hi there
    I purchased the beaker from your company i would like u to email me at
    [email protected]
    I am very disappointed with the product
    Jacqueline Dineen

prep machine

Hi, I have been using my brand new perfect prep machine for around 14-15 weeks. On Friday last week I switched it on like normal to make a bottle and all the buttons are flashing red at the front of the machine. As soon as I turn the machine on, I haven't even touched it or pressed anything and cold water just pours out and doesn't stop unless you switch the machine off at the mains. I have switched it on and off a few times and it's still doing the same. I haven't used the machine all weekend gone to try it again this morning and it's doing the exact same thing with the flashing lights and constant water. Not sure as to whether somethings dodgey or faulty as all my other tommee yippee products have been perfect. Just wondering where I would stand if they have any warranty at all I still have the box but currently still looking to find the receipt. Please could you point me in the right direction for either a repair or replacement please? It's making life a lot harder not having my perfect prep machine working 😩 thank you!

advanced anti-colic baby bottles

I did buy this anti-colic bottles for my premature baby, due to she had several operations and need feed her slow and less air going its possible, but what i got this bottles leaking badly by i feed my daughter she cover with milk and my self !Tommee tippee owner and directors they dont care about you baby safety only the profit because they need feed they drug habits and alcohol use, they are heartless animals !!
i hope that money i spent on the bottles they will use it for medical treatment and medications .
i know the directors and owners are raping animals in local parks and farms, because they are animals their selves, who do not care about anything just the money what they take off poor people for they useless product's, i so pissed off with this selfish and arrogant people, i love to smack them with my daughter dirty nappy on right on their face !!!
Or cook the soup of it and make them eat it !
So i hope you feel shame off you selves for do this to people mean babies !!but you shameless pigs nothing else!!!

bottles fading

Good evening. The numbers and name on all 6 our Tommee Tippee bottles had faded. We love the bottles and our son loves the bottles but it is rediculous. Tommee Tippee is expensive and then the bottles fade and make the water look yellow. We only wash the bottles with sunlight liquid. We would appreciate it if you could look into this and resolve this problem. We would really appreciate it if this could not happen. As we really want to use Tommee Tippee with our future kids as well. But it is not worth buying if the bottels look liks this after a few months. For that amount of money it should be a lot better quality.

new anti colic bottles

On the 25th I purchase a pack off 3 of your new anti colic bottles from Asda barcroft in doncaster, only to discover one of your bottles does nothing but pour out milk from the lid! I've tried making 4 different milks in this bottles and each time its sprayed all over my kitchen and when I've gone to feed it to my 5 week old baby it has poured all over him! I've disconnected and reconnected the bottle multiple times and each time its spilling everywhere! After spending £17 on these I'm disgusted I only have 2 working ones! Never mind how many times I've burnt my hands!

new anti colic bottles
new anti colic bottles

closer to nature glass bottles starter kit

I purchased a second closer to nature starter kit of glass bottles as I was happy with the first kit. However, after only 2 weeks of using them, the printed measured ml /oz. Was rubbing off. I contacted customer support and was told that it was still "fine". I was to only contact them if it progressed. After a mo th, I contacted customer support again as half the printing ribbed off was was jo longer legible. Customer support from tomme tippee started it was still in "great condition" and as a " good gesture" I would only be offered a plastic set as a replacement. This was unacceptable.

closer to nature glass bottles starter kit
closer to nature glass bottles starter kit
closer to nature glass bottles starter kit

prep machine

I have a white dial prep machine that I have had for about 10 months, it worked fine for the first 7 months then I noticed that the odd bottle was being measured out with the incorrect amount of water. I.e if I ask for 6 I get 7 and so on. Obviously as you know all babies bottles need the correct made formula. This is worrying and have started monitoring every bottle very closly and having to pour water away before adding formula. Before this I always added the formula first. I can now not do this.

prep machine

perfect prep machine filter

I had my baby on 26th september 2019 i put a filter in my perfect prep machine the next day 27th sep 2019 and two days later its telling me i need to replace the filter i thought filters were supposed to last longer than that i am very dissapointed it cost me £12 as i am a single mother that is a lot of money for me it was a authentic tommee tippee filter that i purchased i was recomended to purchase this machine and whilst it was working it was so much easier again not happy

  • Updated by marie paulson · Sep 30, 2019

    I hd my baby on 26th September 2019 the next day i put a brand new filter i my tommee tippee perfect prep machine i purchased an authentic Tomme Tippee filter and after 2 days of using the machine its telling me to replace the filter I know they supposed to last a lot longer than 2 days to be quite honest i am very dissapointed i expected a lot better fron tommee tippee as i am a single mum i cannot afford to buy filters at an allarming rate

baby bottle

What genies decide to put and air hole on top of the bottle knowing farewell they have to tip the bottle up to drink. Then it just runs out everywhere. And they had to go to college. I finished in year 10 and know that's a stupid idea. Maybe they should of had a baby instead then they would not of made this mistake. Without taping the hole close it is useless. Better minds my ass. Sound just like the people running this country. Works on paper but no life experience.

electric steam steriliser

on the 27/9/2019 our Tommee Tippee electric steam sterilisers LED light stopped working, resulting in us not knowing when the steriliser was on, resulting in a burn risk. The steriliser was purchased on the 26th November 2018 and has a 12 month warranty. I contacted tommee tippee who requested a video for proof, and stated once they received this proof they would send out a replacement steriliser. On the 28/9/2019 I received an email and was advised that they would not send a new steriliser out until I cut the wire to the old steriliser, I explained to them that this would leave me without a steriliser for 5 days and my baby is only 4 months old. They explained that there was nothing else that they could do and were not willing to compromise. I explained that even though the LED light was not working but the steriliser was, cutting the wire would leave me unable to sterilise my daughters bottles. I asked if I could send the image once I received the new steriliser however they refused. They explained as we don't have a receipt then there was no other option, they advised me to boil my bottles but stated that this could damage my tommee tippee bottles. My husband rang back and explained that we have the transaction on our online banking however we didn't think this would be enough for the Argos store. The lady on the phone explained that this meant that the product was no longer tommee tippees issue and we must contact Argos. We have contacted Argos who state that with no receipt they cannot provide warranty. Leaving us now with a product which is malfunctioning and no one wanting to help. We have spent hundreds of pounds with this company and always recommended products, I am so disappointed with the treatment that we have had, due to an issue with a product which is out of our control. Please find attached the video of the product malfunctioning with the LED light no longer working. Product number - 0618GY
Reference number - [protected]

tommee tippee bottles

I bought tommee tippee bottle for my 4 week old son as they were recommended quite highly by friends, they are really good bottle apart from all the numbers are wearing off so I cant see the numbers yo make bottle. My son only takes 3 ounce. I am wondering why this is happening after only 4 weeks, they look old and worn now so will have to purchase some more but it is putting me off buying more from yourselves. Is there anything that can be done about this please.

tommee tippee bottles

  • Tl
    Tls89 Oct 11, 2019

    I had the same problem because i used a milton cold water sterliser. They eventually sent me new bottles after sending them photos but then they advised me to sterliser them in just water...idiots

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prep machine

I have bought the prep machine for milk only 3 months ago and already it stops functioning the hot water doesn't come out at times and sometimes the button doesn't flash green?? Very temperamental! Doesn't help when you have a screaming baby waiting for his milk!
It's not on!

I spend nearly £80 on this brand new and very upset by this!

Please what can I do? I am too scared to buy another one as it may do the same? I still have warranty on this it's been less than a year!

closer to nature, colour my world bottles - hawaii girl

Good morning

I am writing to you regarding the above product. I purchased these few weeks ago from tesco as I have other tommee tippee bottles and they are brilliant so couldn't resist these in the lovely colours. But nearly every time I use them, they leak half way through feeding, it's like the bottle top works his way loose and all of a sudden the milk is going everywhere. It makes for a very unhappy baby when I have to take the bottle away to clear her up from all the leaked milk. It's such a shame as they are lovely bottles. I'm not going to be able to use them anymore as I don't want to risk this happening so unfortunately has been a waste of money. I hope something can be done to rectify my dissatisfaction

I look forward to hearing from you

My email is; [protected]


Kirsty rogers

customer service / marketing department

Good Afternoon,
I own a small start up business. I currently stock some Tommee Tippee products but I would like to widen the range and stock other Mayborn products. Tommee Tippee is my best selling brand.

Having looked online I called the number under "stock my stuff". I spoke to someone who said they would pass my details onto the Marketing Department who would contact me to discuss further. However, they didn't. I understand everyone is busy so I called again and got the same response... Still no call back. Calling for the 3rd time I explained what had happened and they said they would make sure someone called back. They didn't. The 4th time I explained again and still no call back.

It's very frustrating when all I want to do is sell your products. Please can you help?

Many Thanks
Catherine Tyler
Blue Fairy Ltd


anti colic filter bottles

I used the tommee tippee anti colic filter bottle system 8 years ago with my first daughter after trying 3 other brands and found them to be ideal in bringing up my daughters wind as well as obviously 100% secure with no leaks.

I now find myself extremely frustrated having purchased the same system.

I have bought 3 diff lots totalling 7 bottles from mothercare & boots. I have ensured every time that the lid is completely secure as well as the filter and there are 3 of the bottles which continually leak. I have soaked my baby now on many occasions and myself.

I would ask that you would consider how to resolve the issue. Im extremely disappointed considering i purchased the bottles again as well as the perfect prep machine and bottle warmer. Being such a reputable company I am surprised that at least 3 of the bottles are faulty. Being a new Mum with a hectic schedule it's very frustrating .Thanks in advance for your prompt response

Rosanna McMorland

closer to nature bottles


Im as so disappointed,

I have a 14 month old son who has been using your product, however the bottle had no name on it and no measurements, everything has faded,

I have to physically make his feed in a measuring jug and pour it over,

I am utterly disappointed and disgusted I paid alot of money for your products to be experiencing this.

closer to nature bottles
closer to nature bottles
closer to nature bottles

warning warning do not buy a tommee tippee steriliser - read all the reviews

Warning warning Do Not buy a Tommee Tippee Steriliser - READ ALL THE REVIEWS

Before you read on, if you have bought this same product from Tommee Tippee and have received same/similar response from customer service please contact me directly.. now please read on.

Chrystal referred to in the correspondence in the attached is my wife, Tommee Tippee response is still unsatisfactory even after my wife explained over and over again that all care has been taken.

Do yourself a favour, reviews are online for a reason, speak to other retailers such as (big named baby places) this product is inferior, does not meet Australian standards and should be removed from shelves immediately due to risk of causing ill health to your newborn/baby.

I have all the correspondence not once but twice where Tommee Tippee have advised my wife and the same generic Robotic response of "not a problem of Tommee Tippee" see attached.

All care and instructions followed as set out on Tommee Tippee Website, item fails to meet consumer expectation and their response "not our problem, not a warranty issue, too bad, too sad, we have your money now [censored] off and enjoy your rusted/corroded steriliser.

I was given as a gift 7 months ago the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Essentials Electric Steam Steriliser and noticed over the past 2 weeks there is some dark black spots building up on the heating mat/pad (Grey circle area) which is the heat pad (see attached). The spots are dark and black and they don't come off, Machine is used on average only once every 2days.

As per Tommee Tippee website instructions!

* As per instructions I add the minimum amount of required water which is 80ml to
Each cycle.

* The De scaling process is carried out every 4 weeks as per the manufactures recommendation and as process is followed as per instructions. ie (Empty the steriliser and wipe inside with a sponge or damp cloth. Pour in 1 cup (250ml) of white vinegar and leave for between 30 mins and 24 hours, depending on the extent of limescale.

Pour any remaining liquid down the sink and rinse with cool water, use a sponge or cloth to remove any loose bits of limescale.)

Regardless of how cautious, how tedious, how strict instructions that they provide to ensure the longevity of their product their response is still "not our problem".

Unless you think it's ok for a product whose primary use is water, heat, condensation, gives off a bad burning smell to rust and corrode after 7 months then by all means please treat yourself and buy this product.

Worst part of all is customer service " and I use the word service very bluntly" is based in the United Kingdom, who don't understand the Australian market, Australian conditions, most importantly the ACCC regulations in Australia, why are we as Australians supporting a UK based company who could not care about us as customers??

Anyways as of Wednesday 7th August 16.15pm I can advise that this is not over from my end, I have reported this incident with the ACCC.. it's not about the $110 dollars, it's not about anything, it's now down to principle, don't treat my wife or I like a idiot/s, show some customer service and do right by your customer, reviews like this will continue unless people speak up... ideally I am requesting that ACCC investigate all complaints and have this item removed from shelves and caese sale until the product is fit for Australian climate... I can assure you I have the means to do all I can to make this happen.

Tommee Tippee Customer we service team, your challenge has been accepted.

warning warning do not buy a tommee tippee steriliser - read all the reviews
warning warning do not buy a tommee tippee steriliser - read all the reviews
warning warning do not buy a tommee tippee steriliser - read all the reviews

anti colic bottles

I bought the anti colic bottles with steriliser set on 10/7/19 from Mothercare York, the set was very expensive and since then the bottles have leaked on every feed, they have been checked and re put together but still leak, my daughter is covered after ever feed. It's very disappointing and frustrating especially during night feeds. What can be offered to us as compensation please?

anti colic bottles

I brought some anti colic bottles for my new born which is now 13weeks since I brought them they have leaked every feed my baby seems to be covered in milk and the bottles have gone discoloured doesn't matter how much I wash them they are going a brown colour I have had to buy some different bottles to put in my steriliser! I see this is happening to a lot of people

defective feeding and steriliser set - not fit for purpose

We bought the anti colic feeding and steam sterilizer set and we are having a lots of issues with the set:-

1) the sterilizer leaves an awful metallic smell on the bottles after each usage (even though we are following the instructions for cleaning.

2) Some of the bottles leaked no matter how well we screwed them.

3) We are also not happy that the bottles and teats have discoloured to a dirty cloudy yellowish brown colour for no apparent reason. We have tried replacing them, to no avail.

4) Teats gets blocked after sterilizing.

5) The teats pops in on itself as our baby suckles her milk, We have to always interrupt her feeding to bring out the teats, which upsets her and wakes her up when she is dozing off. Again we have tried replacing them, but the same thing happens over and over again.

6) All the measuring numbers on the side of the bottles have almost disappeared, so we cannot give correct measurement of feed to my baby. We now make feeds by guessing where we think the numbers should be. We should not have to do these as we only used the tommee tippee brush, so no heavy scrubbing involved.

We are deeply unhappy about our purchase and have gone to Mothercare to complain, they are not accepting responsibility and have asked us to contact Tommee Tippee.

We are well alarmed and dismayed at the multitudes of complaints about tommee tippee products, and the Customer Service Dept, which we have seen on your website. We hope we will not be part of the statistics.

We would appreciate someone getting in touch please using my email address or mobile number, thank you for your time.

Mrs Ziemann

tommee tippee bottle (set of 6)

I am writing to you regarding the tommee tippee bottles I purchased around 10 weeks ago.

I bought tommee tippee because I used them with my 10 year old daughter. Since having my son the bottles I have purchased have deteriated quickly. The numbers on the side have faded some almost gone. This is very frustrating as I need to measure out my 9 weeks old sons milk abd will do for many months. I am very disappointed in the quality when I spent £32 on this set thinking they will be reliable.


Danielle Kavanagh

tommee tippee bottle (set of 6)


I purchased 6 plastic bottles for my newborn and the bottles leaking when I put the hot water and formula in them no matter how hard I screw the lid on. I'm also not happy that the bottles have discolored to a yellowish Brown colour. Due to this I have had to purchase another 6 glass bottles tommee tippee which has come at an extra cost. Im not happy with the fact that I have had to purchase glass bottles to replace the existing ones. My parents also purchased glass bottles to replace the ones they had due to the same issue. I believe once the hot water is dispensed into the bottle it shrinks and the teet once screwed on is not tight enough and should be looked into.

anti colic bottles

I have lots of anti colic Tommee Tippee bottles and the prep machine. When using the bottles I find they are leaking. Sometimes leaking so much my baby is covered in milk. I've checked all pieces are connected and there's no cracks anywhere but for some reason they are still leaking. I'm also using the prep machine so I'm sure temperature isn't the issue. I'm having to change my baby and make more bottles often due to this problem. Please get back to me.

pre machine

My son is less than 3 weeks old, I bought a prep machine from Asda superstore is walstanton in stoke-on-trent and I less than 3 weeks the machine has broke. I am discusted in...

tommee tippee steriliser

I purchased the Tommee Tippee complete closer to nature kit around november last year online. My baby is due on the 8th of April. This afternoon i decided to take it all out to clean before baby arrives. As i dismantled the Steriliser and equipment there was no issues or any problems with any of the items. After putting water as instructed into the base of the Steriliser i set it off on a cycle to clean. After this i took out the small shelves that the bottles and teats sit on and noticed a huge CRACK at the bottom of the Steriliser that ran from the centre up to the rim of the base. I am very disappointed to see that it has broken before ive even used it to clean bottles. This set was rather pricey and im very let down by the quality of the product. This isnt a case of wear and tear as this was the very first time it's been plugged in and used.

tommee tippee steriliser
tommee tippee steriliser

filters for prep machine

I've used prep machine since having my son 15 weeks ago the first filter lasted 2 weeks the second filter lasted a while (which I was satisfied with) the third one hasn't even last a week as you know these filters are not cheap to buy and I can't really afford to buy a new one every week.
Overall I am happy with the prep machine but unhappy about the filters not working as they should.

New easiflow 360 cup

I purchased two of these cups today from boots I am really genuinely happy with the product until my son dropped the cup the lid flew off and the juice come out and then I thought maybe I hadn't put it on properly but throughout the day every time he has dropped it the lid just come straight off which I find ridiculous as it is a toddler cup and all they do is chuck things.
I would be interested to hear your thoughts thank you
You can contact me at

New easiflow 360 cup