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S Sep 17, 2018

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I would like to place on record a complaint of my recent purchase.

I purchased the Tigerbrand Jungle Oats from the Shoprite store in Durban, Chatsworth two months ago, It was on sale so I got two 1kg boxes. The 1st box was consumed and we had no problem. On Saturday I opened the second box and was horrified with the contents. Jungle oats is a family favourite and my kids love it. I normally buy in bulk when they go on sale. I have attached pictures of the contents. The oats was had and was stuck to the box. It had formed a brown mouldy layer. I had to discard the entire box. This was my first incident with this product. I am very disappointed and will reconsider purchasing this kind of product again.

Your urgent feedback

  • Updated by SumayaMahomed ยท Sep 26, 2018

    I have received a call from the call centre agent apologising for the bad quality product - the blame was put on the storage factor. In compensation I was given a R50 voucher.

    No thank you Tiger brands - but R50 wont change the bitter taste left by your product. Next time try harder!

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