Tiger Brandscross and blackwell mayonnaise

M Jun 21, 2018

since 2016 I have observed a foul smell on your above mentioned smells so horrible, the taste has also changed its so has ruined my food for a couple of smells so bad that you cant even eat. Clearly your ingredients have changed over the years but this new its bad please go back to the first I thought it was only that particular bottle I bought at that time but no all the bottles I bought afterwards taste and smell bad.i have come to a point where I don't buy your product anymore.i cant point out a single bottle and the batch number because I experienced this so many times.even my family members and friends are complaining about the same 21/06/2018 I bought food from a street vendor just by workplace and the she dished coleslaw for me.the moment I tasted that salad and the smell I knew it was cross and black well mayonnaise.i confirmed with her and she said yes and she also stated she doesn't understand whats happening it smells bad and the taste is horrible.please do something about your product

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