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Thrive learning says it can get your money back in 90 days, well thats a lie. it takes a minimum of 1 year to start making any money doing an affiliate web site and from time to time, they say they will work with you till you recoup your investment... thats a lie.

I used to be a coach for the internet businesses and i know for a fact that it takes 1 year to get anything back.

Save yourself your hard earned money.


  • Ne
    Nellar Oct 10, 2008

    Yeah, I totally agree with you. This Thrive Learning Institute is ###. I have lost so much money, really alot of my credit that I had available and now I am stuck in a corner with a bad financial situation. I am so ###ing pissed at these damn people and myself for being gullible enough to let them suck me right into a trap. It sure would be nice if they gave you more than three days to cancel. I spoke to an idiot by the name of Jonathan Robinson and he told me a big bold ### faced lie because when I tried to cancel during the three day period in which you can cancel your contract, he told me " Aww, you shouldn't quit, just go ahead and let us set it up for you and all you gotta go in and do is check it every now and then" That was totally a lie. I am now over $ 18, 000 dollars in debt because of this crap and broke. I can barely pay my bills. These people can ### off!!! Never again, will I be so stupid, especially when I am not in the financial position to take such a big risk.

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  • Er
    Eric Oct 16, 2008

    Sounds to me like you are not doing your part. I have been in the program for 4 months now and have completely paid off my tuition. now I have a 100% profitable business and generated $4, 286 in my third month alone. I'm doing an ECommerce and an affiliate site. Mikey boy what kind of internet coach are you if you don't even know how to make money with affiliate within a year??? THAT sounds like ### to me. I have a 1 month lag for getting checks form my affiliate site but have still gotten 2 first one for 1, 100 and the next for 2, 349. My overall experience with Thrive has been great. they don't do it for you and that's what I wanted and what helps me learn. the video library is most helpful and I use the live chat everyday for questions. Nellar, I know how it feels to be in a bad financial situation but you shouldn't give up. your investment will be worth every penny if you do your part and use the resources available at your fingertips.
    Eric, Phoenix AZ

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  • Me
    MechMan Oct 28, 2008

    Call your credit card company or bank and do a CHARGE BACK! That is the only way you will get your money back from Thrive. Continue to charge back over and over again until they give you your money back. You are protected as a consumer by the credit card companies from scam companies like Thrive

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  • Pe
    peter mcclaran Nov 06, 2008

    This company is not ethical! My father is elderly and not computer savvy. With promises of easy money they tricked him into an e-commerce idea to sell scooters over the internet. He was gullible enough to give them his credit card number and now there is a $15, 000 charge on his account from these scammers. This is trickery not good business!

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  • Fi
    fillmore Nov 24, 2008

    Eric sounds like another employee poseing as a customer/student of this rip off school...

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  • Ka
    KathyWo Feb 25, 2009

    Now these crooks are out offering free seminars all over the United States and Canada. They are using a speaker that goes by different names usually Mike or Michael Symes. He has gone also by the name Michael James. He changes the company name that he's representing. Now he works for Wealth Fusion Academy and Thrive. Get the word out to not buy into Thrive, Mike Symes or any of this scam. It's just a bunch of crap.

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  • Wr
    wronged Mar 25, 2009

    Thrive SUCKS! It is a big rip off and their people were not very helpful at all.

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  • Jd
    J D Apr 07, 2009

    OK, so lets do something about this no good outfit. There must be someone out there who has some hard evidence we can all use to take these guys down. Does anyone have a recording of the promises made over the phone? Did anyone print a copy of the on line page from infusion media that said they guarantee you will make your money back in six months? I really hope there was at least one person out there who was smart enough to record that, if there was, we have them. We could all join together is a class action suit with that kind of evidence. Each of us, by ourselves, don't have much. They know that, they are counting on the fact that they got every dollar we had, they know we can't go after them by ourselves. If we were all going together, it's going to be a different story. ANYONE ELSE OUT THERE WILLING TO JOIN IN?

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  • Su
    sucker May 14, 2009

    I know the feeling .I got sucked into yhere scam, back in nov. of 2008. Lost 6, 200

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  • Gu
    Gullible's Travels Jun 09, 2009

    I'm another of the apparently growing legions of the scammed. I got roped in with the promise that they'd be by my side to make sure I earned back everything I paid into their system. Instead, they maxed out my credit card, financed the balance through some bank that doesn't even have a website, "coached, " if that's what you call it me in a direction, once I'd found one, then backpedaled on it after I bought the domain and had almost completed setting it up. Add to that their Lightwave Builder is the hugest piece of programming crap I've ever seen. User friendly, my ###! So here I am, broke, making payments on stuff I can't use, and have never used, in the case of the credit card processing service they had me sign up for, with no way to pay for the mountain of BS they fed me. And I got NOTHING informing me about any period in which I could cancel everything. What 3 days?!

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  • An
    Anthony Spano Jun 09, 2009

    I'm all about taking down these scam artists! They had some sweet talker named Jon Fuller call me and get me all pumped up for this easy way to make money online. Low and behold, they give me some ### that it's easy to do and user friendly. MY ###! I don't even think Bill Gates could figure this crap out.
    Ontario, Canada

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  • Mi
    mikeswarts Aug 20, 2009

    Thrive scammers have now changed their name to same state, city, scam .

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  • Th
    ThatSuck Sep 30, 2009

    I have a copy of my original receipt and their "warranty". I have to say I've had a website with thrive for 1 year and not have made my money back but that is because I don't have the financial means to continuously market my site. I can't affor cpc marketing and thousands of sites trying to get into free directories and search engines and lord knows I can't afford to pay for submission because I too max my credit cards. My site does well in shopping sites like shopzilla,, etc but again I can't maintain the funds to keep it up because their also ppc. My point is that if anyone would like to see their "warranty" I'd be happy to post a copy. I wish you all the best and hopefully my site will pick up once I can afford to get more traffic their.

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  • Sh
    sh7427 Oct 22, 2009

    I was approched by this company WHY THRIVE and was asked to make a decision yes or no by the end of the phone call, no time to think about it, pray about it or mull it over. The first person I talked to said I would be investing about $4000 but I would need to schedule and talk to another person. The conversation started with "If I was accepted to be a student of their company". The first part of the conversation was working around the bush to see how many credit cards I had, what the limits where, and how much I owed. I did not like this type of questioning, so I made up some numbers which were over 10 cc's 100, 000 credit limit and about $50, 000 debt I had a credit score of 756 and paid my bills on time. After the sell pitch, I ask what this would cost me to start and the figure went to 15, 000. When I challanged him with the first price of $4000, he jumped out with I could be eligible for a scholorship, could I hold and he would be right back. The right back price was $4890.36. Then I asked for a blank copy of the contract and was told, they could not mail it, because it contained information that was confidential and would discose programing information that could not be disclosed whithout membership . What a bunch of crap... So I was hustled to the part of which CC would you like to use... I told them I did not keep my credit cards here, they were in a file at my office, so I would not be tempted to use them foolishly... They agreed to call back the next day, which they did and I said, I decided not to accept their offer, because I did not feel I could devote the time (12 Months) to get a return on my investment. They asked why I decided against them and I mentioned the 2 prices and said I did not like the time frame of 12 months to make my $5000. and they said oh no you can possibley make it back in 2 months.. The last words they said when I said no, was "we figured that is what you say". I am so glad I did not invest.. But my heart is out to you that have. Check some of the other web sites on these scammers and see what other names they are doing business as... There is a HUGH list. They are big in the UK also... the same scam, just a new name.. These guys must be rich on us gullibles trying to make a few bucks.. They are pushing the BBB site, and I went there and noticed they had a C rating and were not accredited. They fast talked and said, we are listed by the BBB, so we must be accredited and quickly changed the subject. THEY ARE SMOOTH..

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  • Ib
    I BN Conned Oct 30, 2009

    I have written a long report on: about these crooks. I had the same awful experience as every one else and have tried to get my charges reversed by Discover Card. They did not think that this constituted fraud and in fact the CSR in that department was almost hostile towards me. Like I told him if you went to buy a BMW and were delivered a POS KIA --doesn't that constitute fraud? There are a couple of Utah laws that may be in play and the Feds are getting tempermental regarding these things so I am going to pursue this vigorously. Any body who knows a good attorney in Utah should contact them and lets all of us file a "class action" suit! Any body willing to stand up for what's right? Contact me if you are interested or have a solution.
    Peace and hope for us all!

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  • Mi
    Mislead??? Nov 15, 2009

    I too have to agree to all the posting's above mine in that I was taking for the same lies and promisses Thrive had to of made lot and i mean LOTS of money on scamming all of us out of thousands of dollars. I'll say it again DONT DO BUSINESS with thrive all thrive does is THRIVE on other people money!!!

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  • Ba
    Baffeled Feb 09, 2010

    I too was scammed by Thrive. Why I signed up is a mystery to me. I always tell telemarketers NO. I still am baffled after 18 months. I have complained and complained about dfferent things for the entire time. Someone needs to call 60 Minutes and get them to research and do a story. I do think that they charge to all that they can when you give them the balance on your credit cards. I'm going to have to clean out my IRA to pay off the bill. I made $489. between August 2009 and the end of December. I had to fight them to get them to let me go public with my website. Then Google Adwords kept wanting me to up the limit to $10.00 per day so I would have more business. That is about $300 a month. They don't tell you up front that you are paying $39.95 hosting fee, $35.00 to accept credit cards, an additional $5.95 if you accept American Express. Go daddy is $20.00 plus tax and then there is Google Adwords where you decide how much you want to spend per day to get your website to the top where people can see it easily.

    Someone needs to call 60 Minutes. I don't know if it would get our money back, but it would let people know about them. Baffled

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  • Bu
    Bungda Apr 27, 2010

    I just quit Thrive. They lied about being accredited, for one thing. I was in almost a year and spent over $6, 200. My story is similar, with the phone calls, lower cost after a "hold" during the initial conversation. Not much direction during training-pretty much do-it-yourself, but they push you to get that merchant account up, knowing it will cost you each month. Personally, I think Thrive has an agreement with the merchant account companies. I agree - 60 Minutes or SOMEONE needs to expose these people. The shame is on them, especially praying on people who need the money most.

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  • Es
    esteban Jan 12, 2011

    I would like to count my recent experience with Mr David Scott of Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. I had bought the Forex robot " FAP Turbo " just before the New Year, around Dec. 27 2010. Seems like " Thrive " is still going strong when it comes to scamming people. They use different company names & different tactics, but in the end its just to scam you out of your hard earned money.

    Around the 7th of Jan. 2011, I get a phone call from a person by the name of Taylor ( Tel 801-293-3465 ext. 214 ). He asks me how about FAP Turbo, is it making money, etc. Leads me to believe that it is a follow up courtesy call from the makers of FAP Turbo to see how everything doing, am I happy with the product, etc. He then starts talking about my goals in life, where I want to be financially in 3 yrs. time, etc. He gets me to write down my goals, he sounds really sincere. He then explains that he is looking for a few select students to become part of a Forex mentoring team. Long story short, after more than an hour on the phone with Taylor, I get approved for the next level of qualification & will speak to Mr. David Scott the next day.

    Mr David Scott bells me the next day. He starts with how they are looking for a few select serious students who want to learn to trade the Forex market from a pro. Pro´s who have been doing this for a living for many years & who want to help people become financially independent trading the Forex market. He then explains that you will be putting all the cost of opening a trading account & paying for tuition on a Credit Card. That was when the alarm bells started to sound in my head. The 1st sacred golden rule of any trading plan, is that you only use risk money, money that you can afford to lose; not rent money, not mortgage money, not your food money, etc., you get my meaning. He then explains that the banks, lending institutions, brokerage houses, etc. use OPM ( Others Peoples Money ). I answered back to this that this is the main reason for the current worlds financial mess. Mr Scott answers back saying if they can do it, so should the little guy ( me & you ). The subject changed & I ask Mr. Scott what broker would they recommend & how important the broker is on a Forex trading account. The wisdom of this idiot is that he tells me I can use any broker I choose & a broker is not that important when your trading. The 2nd sacred golden rule when your trading is that choosing a good broker. A broker will eventually make or break you. Alarm bell num. 2 sounds in my head. He then puts me on hold saying that he will get my account approved by his financial dept. I had yet to agree to sign up for anything at this point. My hand held tel. then goes dead because of low batteries. I haven't heard back from Mr David Scott yet but it is just a matter of time before he calls me. I will have to tell the smooth talker that thanks but no thanks on his offer.

    In retro spec, Taylor´s sales pitch was too robotic. It was obvious that he was reading from a well written script. He knew how to give a compliment at the right time & urge you on.

    In reference to Mr Scott David, it was the same. A real smooth talker. But at times when I argued a point with the guy concerning trading, he got really huffy & tried to brow beat me into thinking I was mistaken. He had so many years as a trader & he knew what he was talking about. When he calls back, I will say no thanks to his wonderful offer & scam.

    I did a Google search " David Scott scam/fraud" ( among other key words ) & came upon this site. It seems that Mr Davis Scott is well known for this type of scam. This is the web page that the fraud Mr David Scott gave me to look into their company. I did some research on the web page & it is new from 2010, not years old as Mr David Scott told me. My advice is to stay well clear of the scam that Mr David Scott is promoting. They have complaints logged with the Utah BBB.

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  • Bu
    Bungda Jan 12, 2011

    I should've seen it coming, but I know there are people making money online. Just not with these people. I just wanted so badly to quit my job and make money from home. Again, shame on these guys. "As you sow, so shall you reap" In other words, what goes around comes around. They've got a lot coming around!

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  • Bu
    Bungda Jan 12, 2011

    I have no idea why my typing came out with symbols instead of words, but they did. sorry.

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