Theresa Eckerd (Geiler)Won't pay child support

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I have three children (1 disabled) Theresa Eckerd works at a pizza restaurant on Grand. She refuses to pay her child support (now owes over $4,500). Says she'd quit her job before she'd give those kids money. Hasn't seen them in 4 years. Theresa Eckerd also stole around $4,000 from Social Security saying she had the disabled child when she did not. Guess what? Social Security isn't doing anything about it. By the divorce decree Theresa Eckerd is also suppose to pay the medical insurance on the kids, does not do that either. Theresa Eckerd (Geiler) is a true deadbeat mom.


  • Betsy Aug 11, 2007
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    That makes me ill. I have a deadbeat dad in my case. Joel Cheeves says he would quit his job before he paid any child support for his daughter. Something should be done.

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    theresa eckard Oct 03, 2009

    you foget to mention how id call you to pick them up and you just so happened to not be home when i got there. also how i did pay support on my kids even when i worked at that pizza place for cash, left that part out didnt you ? or since then in the past year alone ive paid over a grand. on waitress pay. oh and lets not forget how you tell our kids that there mom doesnt care and she has more important things to do. never said id quit my job in order to pay. also the ssi we recived for my daughter was one while we were together then you started collecting it on a child who is not even yours the only reason you got custidy is becouse of a false report. also to clarify one more thing you pushed me away from my kids for way to long thats about to stop. in addition check your paperwork mr. geiler you said i was not stable enough to keep insurace on them and you requested me not to be the responsable party. also according to my copy your in contempt of court wheres my every other weekend 4 hours once a week during the week and my 2 weeks in the summer oh yes and every other holiday? also you would think you spent 5 years with someone youd remember how to spell your name. tell my kids i love them more than life itself and one day they can make their own choices and hopefully they know that not one day goes by that dont think about them and wish i was there. its been 10 years dj let that anger go

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