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9:14 am EDT
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PaRC Dr Faye Snyder

I was an intern for Dr. Faye Snyder for 9 months. As an intern we suffered abuse, if we dared disagree with her she would demand other interns and clients she calls “true believers” to defend her and tear her adversary apart. She would tear apart clients and interns, and looking back on it, I wonder how many former clients have taken their own life due to her so called “tough love”. As an intern I worked over my needed hours, volunteered, and she had signed off on my hours, but now refuses to sign off on my hours of supervision. I missed two supervisions in my 9 month stint at PaRC, when my mother was dying and my stepdaughters birthday, despite these being valid reasons I was still reprimanded. She has no ethics or values, her books are not peer reviewed and they are self published, the only “evidence” backing up her parenting is her one son, who is a soap actor. I left her practice after early after Pepperdine removed all of their interns from her, the Chicago school followed as well. She has been reported to the board of behavioral sciences. During my internship we were subjected to her racism, sexism and verbal abuse. She also has dual relationships with clients and allows them to work as interns even though they are not interns. She allows one man who isn’t a therapist, was removed from working from rehabs for having sexual relationships with female clients, but still allows him to see male clients, even though he is in NO WAY a therapist or student. Her “assistant” is a client. She’s trying to not sign off on my hours despite me having thorough records of all my clients hours, supervision, client notes etc, she is doing it because I stood up to her and the University’s took away her ability to supervise graduate students. She is dangerous and believes she is above the BBS rules and regulations. I have also reported her to the BBS for her lack of ethics and morality. As therapists we are meant to do no harm, it’s terrifying how much harm I’ve personally bared witness to this woman doing and this was just in my short stay, she’s been in practice for 30 years.

Desired outcome: Sign off on my hours, removal of licensure

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5:10 pm EDT

PaRC Warning! Avoid Doctor Faye Snyder and The PARC Foundation! SCAMS!

Beware of a fraud called Doctor faye Snyder and her scam "center": The PARC Foundation, in Granada Hills, California.
Doctor Faye Snyder is a huge fraud and the most dishonest individual. She is a malignant sociopath, who has built her so-called "career" on lies and dishonesty, and false allegations. To make matter worse, she has used her authority to intentionally and curly destroy many families by making totally false police reports against many mothers, causing them to unjustly lose their small infant children to the California court system, all because she ("doctor" Faye Snyder) is a toxic narcissist who feels she must have control over people and the power to ruin them, if they ever dare disagree with her. And oh, many man people have disagreed and do disagree with this power-hungry, repulsive monster.
It has also been discovered that her "books", which she has, for many years, claimed to have "written, " are all PLAGIARIZED copies of the hard work of other doctors. None of the contents of her books are actually her own work--they are all ripped off from other authors.
Doctor Faye Snyder is a conniving thief, rip off artist, scam queen, deadbeat, and a huge phony.
And STAY away from her phony "parenting" center: The PARC Foundation. That place is an evil den of misery and pain for everyone (THE VICTIMS) who have ever entered that hellhole.
Anyone who has taken parenting classes there has later paid the price by having their babies taken from the, because any innocent comment that anyone ever made during a class or session has resulted in the this snake, "doctor" faye Snyder going behind their backs and making false reports about them to the police and the courts. She has also gone as far as publicly divulging the secret contents of classes and sessions of her patients, on public forums. This is the most unprofessional, unethical, the worst monster that ever was.
There are many, many parenting centers and places with good doctors who really care and want to help--so go to any of those places and TAY FAR AWAY from "doctor" faye Snyder and her hellhole center, The PARC FOUNDATION, and from her.

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Granada Hills, US
Jun 23, 2022 11:40 am EDT
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It's true Reenie Sklar is a dangerous and negligent therapist, she gives advice and instructs patients to do things that are severely damaging to clients lives. I have personally witnessed her break apart stable relationships and hurt clients beyond repair. She should lose her licence. One day she probably will. Contact her cell at [protected]

Feb 03, 2016 11:31 pm EST

Dr Faye and her buddy Reenie Sklar ignore court orders and go out of their way to destroy marriages and families. They steal children and lie under oath. Stay away!

11:05 pm EST
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Avoid Doctor Faye Snyder and The PARC Foundation, in Granada Hills, California, which she owns and operates. At the bottom of this report you will find some useful links, including the following: Said link is to a court law suit in which the phony, Doctor Faye Snyder was actually brought up for discipline by someone who filed a law suit against her, January...

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