The Vitamin Shoppeonline order not delivered at store. order # wo17380439

A Aug 15, 2018

I placed an order online with Vitamin Shoppe for 2 bottles of Maitake extract. The order was supposed to be sent to the Pasadena Store, 181 South Lake Ave. Ca. 91109 for pick up.

I called the store several times. In a rude manner I got told by the store manager they have not received any order what so ever. I called customer service 4 times. I got told the order was shipped. In total I have made 6 calls. When I asked for a search based on the tracking number I got told the order number is invalid!

Today, Wednesday the 15 I called customer service again. This time a lady told me the order was never shipped. I can not believe it! The lady offered me a refund.

I am very disappointed. I will never use Vitamin Shoppe again for placing an order online. Due to my bad experience and a rude attention over the phone, I will avoid the Vitamin Shoppe Store as well.

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