The UPS Storeservice

E Sep 28, 2019

I walked into the store this morning to pick up a package. T.J. who refused to give me his name and also refuse to give me the Store owner's name indicating that he did not need to provide me with that information, was telling me that there was no delivery for me from UPS. I continued to tell him that I had a UPS delivery that needed signature and two days ago, I re-routed the delivery to the store. TJ continued to tell me that he was not a UPS employee and there was nothing he could do, he repeated this about three times and then proceeded to tell me in a very poor tone of voice that this was a franchise and asked me if I knew what a franchise was. TJ demeanor was poor at best, he should not be dealing with the public. He lacks empathy and the will to assist. I assume he was the branch manager and he suffers from title syndrome. While I kept telling him that I understood I was not in a UPS facility, I had my package re-routed to the store and did not understand why it was not at the facility. This was a very simple matter which someone with just a little bit of people skills could have handled in a very professional way. Dane Lynch is the store owner.

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