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J Oct 22, 2019 Review updated:

Hi I went to this UPS store on September 7th to ship Vitamins to my husband in Germany. He had forgotten to take them with him on his trip. The package was supposed to get to him on Tuesday the 10th. I was told by the gentleman that did the shipment the I should have no problem shipping them. I paid over $100 to have them shipped. He was only going to be there for a week. My husband went back and fourth with UPS Germany during that time. Finally over 2 weeks later we get a call from UPS asking if we want the package back. According to UPS International this gentleman should of never took the vitamins from me to ship. He should of told me that he was unable to ship them. He also should of called UPS International to check if the vitamins were ok to ship. Instead he took my money and shipped them. I've been in touch for the last month with the gentleman that shipped them via email and all he keeps telling me is that the store owner should be getting back to me. I haven't heard anything from the store owner. This is a UPS store, these guys are supposed to know what they are doing. I'd like my money back because these should of never been able to be shipped. Iam hoping someone can help me. Thank you Jenny Ritchey


  •   Oct 22, 2019

    Go there in person

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  •   Oct 24, 2019

    um... these are vitamins. right? not prescription meds? could these not wait until he returned?

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  • L
      Nov 02, 2019

    It appears there are nefarious minded people behind the operations of these so called store fronts. *Maybe not all cause there are excellent employees also*. Just because someone puts a label on a store does not mean those employees are who they seem to be. Look a bit further into whom these people are and you might wonder is this a real business afterall...hmmmmm

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  •   Nov 02, 2019

    @Lost N Found Nightmares What the hell are you talking about?

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