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My problem is with the Scooter Store, Sacramento Service Center.

In November' '03 The Scooter Store delivered a power wheel chair (Jet 2)to my residence. This chair was not the proper fit for me and needed to be swapped-out for for the "Jazzy ll70".

I have had multipal problems with this product and a number of service calls were made to supposidly correct the problems.

In July of 2007 a service call was made to replace the anti-tilt wheels on the front of the chair. At that time the replaced the wheels.

On August 1, 2007 I had a serious fall while decending the ramp at my home when the chair tilted forward, throwing me off balance and out of the chair head first down the ramp. this was a direct result of the anti-tilt wheels being improperly adjusted too high when they were replaced.

My left shoulder was shattered as a result of the accident and I am still under medical supervison for the injury.

The problem is the Scooter Store has refused to provide service for the chair since this past January ('08), do the me contacting an attorney for legal advice. This is rediculous due to the fact that I contacted the attorney in the previous Aug/Sept. and they did service the chair on several occasions prior to their refusal for service in January.

Now the Scooter Store is trying to claim that I abuse my chair and that it is now susposed to be used outside of the home. If this is so, how am I susposed to get from my house to my vehicle when I need to go somewhere, they never did answer that one.

Now we are engaged in a "Responsibility vs. Liability" battle.

I have begun to educate myself of the practice of the Scooter Store and have discovered that they have also committed fraud in dealing with MediCare and MediCal, and have been fineed several million dollars for this practice.

Their practices of selling equipment that is not correct for the patient and their lack of concern for the patients and customers they deal with seems to be a systemic on-going situtation in which those on the receiving end get abused emotioally as well as physically.

The Scooter Store has got so big, so quickly that they don't believe they can be touched and continue to practice "business as usual."

The uneducated customers continue to turn to the Scooter Store and put their trust in them that they will do right. Those of us who have been there and done that already, unfortunately know better.

Those that have done business with, and have had problems with the Scooter Store need to find a way to get together and put the word out as to what the Scooter Store practices are and give others some information about what they might be gitting into so that they may make at least an informed decision.


  • Sc
    ScooterStoreShame Feb 20, 2013

    After many years of investigating the scooter store... Medicare fraud to the tune of over $108 miliion. That is not a fabricated story, it was reported by the local news.

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  • No
    North Texas person Jan 30, 2013

    I have had a scooter for years. My current one broke and it was cheaper to purchase a new one. So I just want to replace my scooter they said no it will be a power chair. Since it's for me and I'm using my insurance it should be what I want. Not what they want. This is not very good customer service. Plus when you call in there staff is very unfriendly. Then need to take some customer service class too.

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  • Ly
    Lyle Batey Aug 31, 2012

    Te scooter store is the worst place to do business, they make all kinds of promises, but don't keep them.I have been trying to get them to replace the batteries for over a month, but all I get is the run around.I can't even go to the mailbox without the batteries dying on the chair.They keep saying they will get back to me and never do.I will never buy another thing from them or recommend them to any one.

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  • Ls
    l swanberg Aug 13, 2012

    the scooter store tried to charge my confused mother in law 3500 dollars for a general wheel chair that is listed online for 685 dollars. she didnt even realize it cause she is so confused. they feed off the elderly and then charge there insurance the high price and they havent even recieved the chair yet. what a scam. good thing i was lissening or she would have done it.

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  • Mi
    MisterFraud Feb 27, 2012

    The Scooter Store claims to do everything that is compliant with Medicare. They brag about how they do more than is required regarding paperwork. Their guarantee to give you a free powerchair if Medicare denies your claim is not a lie, but it is worded in a way that they will never have to give away a free chair. They actually have NEVER given away a free unit. So, this is a scam...not fraud...but a scam. They do everything possible to stay one step ahead of Medicare, they laugh because they take advantage of all programs available including charging Medicare hundreds of dollars to provide a "loaner" to you. Their "technicians" are not even factory trained...they are parts changers. They have billed Medicare many times for the same problem and return visits. They do not work on weekends and don't care if you are without your chair for days. At the end of the month don't even try to get service because they are too concerned with delivering new chairs which is how they make money. They lose money on repairs so they don't even want you to call. It's about time the government realizes that the scooter store is a sales organization and ONLY cares about selling. Isn't it nice that they are so arrogant that from their Medicare profits they paid for their employees to go on a cruise to Mexico! Mr. harrison only cares about his ego and money. I for one will never call them again for a chair or for service, there are many smaller local companies who truly care about me, and I don't want another dime of medicare money going to pay for mr. Harrison's lifestyle, or to send their employees on a luxury cruise.

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  • Ja
    Janet Blahovec Jun 18, 2011

    I called the Scooter store after seeing the phony ad on TV and I don't need to say what I ran onto. It seems there are thousands of us who have been bilked by their dishonest practices. I feel as though I'm going to tilt forward in the Jazzy chair. I can't use the joy stick because of arthritis in my hands, so I didn't want the chair, but was told Medicare wouldn't cover a scooter for me. I immediately had to have the joy stick replaced because the original one fell off the first time I attempted to use it. The chairs are more expensive than the scooters, so they want to force people into the chairs! The chair is now just sitting unused and I have nothing to use. That is a terrible example of Medicare fraud. Can't we file a class action suit and get what we need? I am on board if this is possible.

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  • Mi
    michael d davis May 25, 2011

    thats my thought

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  • Mi
    michael d davis May 25, 2011

    i have tried to get a scooter, there is NO reason i cant get one, except the scooter store wants me to do all the leg work, everthing they say ive found out to be NOT true they do not help you in anyway i hope no one goes thru the problems ive i had with them. please, please consider very closely before doing business with them. signed m ike

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  • Ta
    TaxpayerUSA May 08, 2011

    How many of the complaints above do not work, have always been receiving government aid, and only need the wheelchait to go back and forth for cigerrets and beer. Are we (the working class) paying for your computer and internet to hear this?!

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  • Lw
    L Wagie Apr 02, 2011

    My Mom received her Jazzy with medicare/supplemental ins paying the entire cost. Everything was fine. But when I called for service on it 2 years later, the technician who came out said none of the serial numbers on the chair and/or seat matched with what they had registered for her. The technician wanted to know if we bought it at a flea market, and were now trying to get covered service on it for free! Funny, they had her name as a customer. Found out later that possibly a disgruntled employee may have deliberately written down bogus serial numbers to cause The Scooter Store lots of trouble in the future.

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  • Ju
    junipertoy Oct 03, 2010

    I have been in a power chair for around a year and have had only a couple of problems with it . the scooter store has always treated me very well and has responded to my calls . i live in a very rural part of Oregon and the come to my house and fix what ever is wrong with my chair . the service techs are great . it is to bad that they can not please every one but some people are not able to be pleased no matter how well they do their jobs .

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  • Au
    Aunt Du22 Aug 27, 2010

    I am wondering what is the difference between "The Scooter" and "The Scooter Store"? I recently contacted "The Scooter Store" with a phone number and she suggested I view the scooters online but be sure to use the website with the attached. ??

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  • Ho
    hot wheels Jun 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    How maney of you with scooter chairs that weigh over 225lb's have the larger chair? I find it would have been better to have a bigger chair then they delivered. I am tall and on the larger size. Having arthritist I have troubel bending my knees to put them on the foot rest in front, very uncomfortable.

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  • Se
    senz05 Sep 02, 2009

    On Yesterday the scooter store came to service my mother-in-law scooter chair. The service man was very rude to her. She has severe arthritis and COPD and cant get around very well. Last time we had the chair serviced the sevice man requested to put the chair in garage due to the fact we had a dog. On yeterday because the chair was going to be serviced and my husband and myself were unable to be here to control the dog and my mother-in-law cant really we again out the chair in the garage and my mother-in-law used her walker that has a seat on it to get around. When the service man arrived he immediately had a problem with the scooter being in the garage. He gave my mother-in-law a very hard time about and demanded he put it back in the house which again was a problem because we had our dog in the house. When I got home my mother-in-law was in tears because he was threaten her that she better figure out something to do with the dog which in her condition she couldnt or he was going to remove the batteries to her scooter and the company would charge her $400.00 for improper use. When I arrived home during this we had a few words and again he threaten to remove batteries and charge her $400.00. I told him he had to wait a few minutes if he insisted to bring i in because i had to secure my dog and move a few things around so he could get it in the backdoor. He said he couldnt wait i told him he would wait and stop threaten us he was the one making a issue out if it all and that was what had to be done to get in back in the house. he put the scooter back in the house. Because of the stress he put my mother-in-law in with the threats she later that day had to go to the hospital in ambulance later finding out she had just had a anixty attack because of the drama early. I feel that the service man had no right threatens my mother-in-law with removing the batteries and the charge he said they would charge was for what.. he wasnt going to service it if it wasnt in the house so the charge wouldnt not have happened. We are contacting our attorney to see what rights she has. Her prescription for her chair is for outside and inside use as satated before the gentlemen said ot was only for inside use but how do the elderly and handicap get around outside without it especially if a doctor does request for usage on both. in there commerical they indicate that they are there for the elderly and would never threaten them to remove there chair. False advertisement!!! Tina Senz

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  • El
    Elmer Calkins Aug 13, 2009

    I ordered A Jazzy Select through the Scooter Store online. They immediately charged the full amount on my credit card, but have necer delivered the chair to me. After several promises of delivery, which were not kept, I canceled the order and asked for my credit card to be credited back. It has not been and I receive NO RESPONSE to my inquiries, I have contacted their founder and the Florida State Attorney Generals office. So far no refund! It is my opinion they are trying to steal this money from me or have already spent it. From the number of complaints I am seeing now on the internet It appears they are of questionable honesty. My suggestion to everyone would be to do business with them at your own risk and under no circumstances pay them for anything in advance.

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  • An
    Angel1274 Jul 09, 2009

    Yes I truly agree with the statement above, The Scooter Store in my area is CNY . I wasn't informed by The Scooter Store that Medicare hadn't paid for the scooter, because how the prescription was writtern by the doctor. Eeven after the scooter store had to make two vists for what they said was batteries the never said anything; until they wanted to be paid three hundred dollars from me. I stated they had to bill Medicare ;then I was told that Medicare had denied the purchase.I have tried to deal with them, and have only been frustated and have had phone calls hung up on and still no help.I was told that the powerchair had been given out of the goodness of their heart (The Scooter Store). So I should not be complaining .I was also told the chair should only be used in the apartment, I live on the fourth floor when I come down to the mailbox and stay down in the community room for awhile it needs to be charged for me to get back to my apartment.I believe that this chair was returned before and they knew it would cause problems so why not give it to me and if Medicare had approved it they could bill Medicare for the numberous repairs.I say this because where I live there are several people who own powerchairs by Jazzy from The Scooter Store and these chairs have to be serviced every other week.These chairs have been paid for by Medicare no problem on how many times they need to be fixed.

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  • Sc
    Scam stopper Apr 09, 2009

    Medicare guidelines say in the home use is the basis for payment of MOBILITY DEVICES and it seems as though your father meets the in home rule. Furthermore I do not personally think that Medicare guidelines are fair to people with disabilities. Medicare should allow the mobility devices to be used outside the home. If you want to vent write a letter to your elected officials about current Medicare regulations.

    That being said the Scooter Store paid the federal government multi million dollar fines to resolve false claims act allegations. History has shown that the government is not capable of shutting down fraudulent suppliers or companies that misuse public funds. Just look at what is going on today with GM, AIG, ETC.
    The doctors are being given documentation created by Scooter Store which is not factual. How many times are doctors asked to sign chart notes in the hospital in the middle of treatment sessions. How can they spend the time to read everything as they rely on a medical team of nurses technicians suppliers, etc.. The paperwork is beyond overwhelming and doctors are not completely knowledgeable regarding all the regulations for equipment. Providers that circumvent the payment rules or misrepresent medical conditions to sell more products are breaking the law.

    The announcement was issued by the US Department of Justice dated Friday May 11, 2007 web site:

    FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2007
    TDD [protected]

    The Scooter Store to Pay United States $4 Million to Resolve False Claims Act Allegations

    WASHINGTON – The SCOOTER Store Inc. will pay the United States $4 million, and give up many millions more in pending claims for reimbursement to Medicare, to settle allegations that the company violated the civil False Claims Act and defrauded the United States, the Justice Department announced today.

    In addition to the $4 million cash payment, the San Antonio wheelchair supplier will give up the right to reimbursement for most of its pending Medicare claims. Such claims total more than $43 million, but Medicare estimates that the payments The SCOOTER Store could actually expect to have received based on those claims is approximately $13 million. Medicare commonly reimburses less than the face value of claims presented to the agency for payment.

    The cash component of the settlement package includes a $500, 000 contribution by The SCOOTER Store founder Douglas Trent Harrison, who also agreed to forego dividends from his shares in the company for the next year in exchange for a release of his personal liability.

    The settlement resolves a lawsuit brought by the United States in 2005, in which the government alleged that The SCOOTER Store engaged in a multi-media advertising campaign to entice beneficiaries to obtain power scooters paid for by Medicare, Medicaid, and other insurers. Instead of the “zippy” power scooters that were advertised, The SCOOTER Store sold the beneficiaries expensive power wheelchairs that they did not want, need, and/or could not use.

    By representing to physicians that their patients wanted and needed power wheelchairs, The SCOOTER Store obtained thousands of “Certificates of Medical Necessity” from physicians who did not know about the company’s fraudulent practices. The SCOOTER Store then billed government and private health care insurers for power wheelchairs, which were far more costly than power scooters, and collected millions of Medicare and Medicaid dollars.

    The SCOOTER Store received $5, 000 to $7, 000 in reimbursement for each power wheelchair it sold, more than twice the amount for a scooter, which sold for around $1, 500 to $2, 000. Many beneficiaries had no idea what kind of equipment they were getting, until it was delivered by The SCOOTER Store.

    The government’s lawsuit also alleged that The SCOOTER Store knowingly sold used power mobility equipment to beneficiaries and billed Medicare as if the equipment were new, in violation of Medicare regulations. In addition, the U.S. alleged that The SCOOTER Store charged Medicare millions for unnecessary power mobility accessories.

    “This settlement is part of our ongoing commitment to fighting abuse of Medicare’s durable medical equipment benefit, ” said Assistant Attorney General Peter D. Keisler. “Equipment suppliers whose practices violate the law need to know that we are dedicated to protecting Medicare funds and beneficiaries from their fraudulent schemes.”

    New rules for power mobility implemented last year by the Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are designed in part to prevent the abuses that resulted in the government’s lawsuit against The SCOOTER Store. In addition, The SCOOTER Store will operate for the next five years under a Corporate Integrity Agreement with the Office of the Inspector General at the Department of Health and Human Services that is designed to help ensure future compliance by the company with Medicare regulations.

    The civil settlement resolves several lawsuits filed by The SCOOTER Store against the United States seeking payment for its claims to Medicare. As part of the settlement, The SCOOTER Store gave up those claims and agreed to dismiss the lawsuits.

    The civil settlement also resolves claims in a suit brought by a whistleblower who was a former employee of The SCOOTER Store. As a result of the settlement, the whistleblower will receive $3, 228, 251 as the statutory award, and the whistleblowers’ suit also will be dismissed. Under the qui tam provisions of the False Claims Act, private parties can file an action on behalf of the United States and receive a portion of the settlement if the government reaches a monetary agreement with the defendants.

    The case was investigated by the FBI’s San Antonio Health Care Fraud Unit, the Texas Attorney General’s Medicaid Fraud Control Unit, and the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Health and Human Services and was handled by the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas and the Civil Division of the Department of Justice.

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  • Cm
    CMB04 Apr 08, 2009

    To Nichole and the others:
    I have worked with The SCOOTER Store to help my father get a power wheelchair recently and have had no problems going through the process and getting follow up for service completed. They don't work on the weekends...and neither do I, so I don't hold that against them. In addition, I work in the health care industry and understand Medicare's guidelines. If you're using the equipment for outside only, Medicare's probably not going to pay for the repairs of your careless damage since it is designed to primarily help you IN the home! To "Scam stopper": The SCOOTER store could NOT create false medical documentation or they would be shut down in a heart beat...and they haven't! They're actually now audited by CMS at any time(I asked about the legal issues in the past when I spoke with representative). In addition, if the patient needs a power wheelchair and you say they don't qualify, why would the Dr's put their careers on the line and still fill out the documentation??????(yeah, you're argument doesn't make sense) Seems like your problem isn't w/ The SCOOTER Store, seems like it should be w/ today's Dr's. Maybe you should become a licensed physician and turn down patients like my father who were falling down in their home on a weekly basis and in pain. He's been home with his power chair for 2 years now and I believe that since he has regained his independence, it's kept him out of the nursing home and out of the hospital.

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  • Sc
    Scam stopper Apr 02, 2009

    The scooter store creates false medical documentation and tricks doctors into signing prescriptions in order to sell expensive power wheelchairs to people that do not qualify for this equipment. The scooter store has ripped off our government and taxpayers for hundreds of millions of dollars and they continue to grow every year. Our elected officials and the government bureaucrats at (CMS) Medicare are grossly incompetent because they have not stopped them. Makes you think- What elected officials and bureaucrats are being payed off to allow the scooter store to continue these deceptive illegal practices.

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  • Go
    gomeg Mar 31, 2009

    The Scooter Store gives the home care medical supply industry a bad reputation. Ask if the provider is a Med Group or a VGM member. Ask if the provider has an occupational therapist or physical therapist on staff. Ask if the provider has an assistive technology practitioner on staff. If they say no to any or all the above questions then keep looking for another mobility provider.

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  • As
    asoccterstorechairuser Mar 09, 2009

    No repair service on the weekends, tired several times to contact anyone to fix a problem & was not able, then was told Monday it would be a couple of business days before receiving a call back. - Not good.
    The recharge plug for the Jazzy is a three pin xlr connector that plugs into a port under the controller, impossible for my grandmother to reach or manipulate, and difficult for me, and of course it is the source of our current problem. Grandmother tried to unplug it in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and broke off two of the three pins in the port under the arm, so the chair can not be recharged and has been useless for the last two days...this ongoing issue the her not being able to plug the chair's recharger in at night is keeping the chair from getting a full charge.
    Other problems, the foot rest is not easily lifted or pushed down, it requires bending over so low my Grandmother's head is nearly between her knees so she has taken to not using the foot rest, (which I protest each time I see her causing tension) allowing her feet to dangle which intern results in slumping poster and is inflaming pain in her lower back which is getting progressively worse.
    This the chair's seat is equipped with a swivel, but the lever to release the swivel’s lock is below the right arm rest, hard to get to, then once it is released she had issues moving herself to exit the chair from over the wheel (perpendicular to the foot rest). Lending to this problem is that there are a couple of positions that the chair's seat locks into (over the foot rest, half way between the foot rest & wheel, over the wheel), working her way through the intermediate position half way between the foot rest and wheel increases her difficulty turning the chair from the normal drive position with the foot rest to a dismounting position over a wheel.
    I believe there are some easy fixes to these problems, but when I contacted both the Scooter Store & Pride [protected]) the chairs manufacturer seeking a resolution to the short comings, the Scooter Store directed me to Pride and vice versa. When I asked to speak with a designer at Pride I was dismissed as if I was asking for something completely unrealistic ...I will not do the modifications myself for fear of voiding any warranty.
    In closing, the chair is good for what it is, however it is not as user friendly as the marketing would have you believe, nor are any of the issues I have mentioned above addressed in the instruction given by the person delivering the chair.

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