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Roland Haebler is a very dishonest man. Watchout. Mr Haebler was given the company from his father. From my experience Roland never learned what it takes to build a successful business. He choses employees who accept Rolands fraudulent practices. This is not a joke. He will use his employees to convince you he is an honest man if you have concerns and they are rewarded for it. Roland is currently under investigation by vancouver city police(financial crime unit) and revenue canada for stealing millions to keep his failing business afloat. Roland steals from both his trade contractors and clients indiscriminantly. He is so accomplished in this practice he believes it is a proper practices and feels you should too. His main angle of deception is throught accounting and industry techincial terminology or knowledge. I my experience he tests people for weakness and then will embessle as much as he can if you catch him he will make quick efforts to change this up. I my case it was a thousand to five hundred dollar incriments. This quick added up to over $250000 dollars. I went to CSO Canadas website and proceeded to call all the individuals that have sued him the story is always the same. He had a client Robert Fung from salient developments to whom Roland pretty much bankurpted the man. To date he still holds Mr Fung in debt to him. They have parted ways. Watch out this is one bad man. Call around to some industry people they can let you know. He uses a few architects as reference but they jointly profit in milking the clients together so I recommend not using them as a reference.

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  • Susan Bliss Jul 15, 2018

    Under bidding competitors by simply stiffing subs trades. Yes architects will say he is great because he is always on or under budget. He does this by simply not honoring contracts. Make sure you put at least 40 percent on thebid in a lump sum to this guy or his outfit. Because he frquently lines his pockets with sub trades and suppliers monies. Never bid to this circus clown. He doesnt have any grasp of ethics and operates like a middle eastern bizar in the way he prides himself in swindling people. Watchout for the Haebler Group and The Clown at the helm.

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  • Ty
    TyanaG Jan 12, 2020

    These comments have all been posted by Roberto Farinha, a serial fraudster and con-man. Farinha has a long sorry history of fraud, scams, law-suits, shoddy work, lease scams, and bogus reviews & every other kind of rip-off you can imagine. WATCH OUT is his favorite line and you’ll see it used all over the slanderous bogus reviews on this site and elsewhere. Google his name, Condura Forming (construction), or Blackline Forming and you’ll see all kinds of problems, scans, etc. He is currently operating as 4HD Construction in the Vancouver area after burning all his bridges in Calgary. Call any of the people he mentions and they will all tell you he’s a serial fraudster.

    https:///link removed/

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