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The Good Guys review: Rud and insulting behaviour by sales representative

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My brother and I visited the Good Guy Malaga Store on Saturday, June 24th, 2023, around 4:30 PM. Our intention was to purchase a clothes dryer and a laptop from Store. I have been a loyal customer of Good Guy, buying all my home appliances, office equipment, and electronics from this store. Whenever I need to buy something, I always check Good Guy first, as I consider myself a regular customer.

However, I have had some negative experiences with Good Guy's Concierge reward scheme. Joining the program is a lengthy and time-consuming process, and despite joining, we did not receive the promised $20 discount voucher. When we inquired about this issue in the store, the sales representative, Mr. Pavan, directed us to contact the Concierge department. However, when we called, we faced a long waiting period and were bombarded with numerous questions, all for a mere $20.

My concern arose when my brother was asked to join the Concierge reward scheme while purchasing the clothes dryer. When I mentioned my previous negative experience, Mr. Pavan, the sales representative, became rude and accused me of lying. This encounter left me feeling extremely upset and insulted. If he genuinely believed that joining the Concierge reward scheme was easy, he could have asked about the issues I faced. He could have kindly explained the process and offered assistance in resolving our concerns with the Concierge.

Due to this rude and insulting incident with the sales representative, Mr. Pavan, I am currently disheartened by my experience with the Good Guy Malaga Store.