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I made the mistake of enrolling in The Chubb Institute in July of 2006 for the Computer Networking and Security program that started in August 2006. My first meeting with an admissions rep seemed to good to be true which should have caused a red flag to be raised, but i always see the glass as half full, not half empty so i paid little mind to it.

Behind the scenes, the admissions reps are running around, greeting everybody with a smile saying how fantastic the place is, how happy they are to be there and were saying the same thing about the students and what a wise decision it is to go there.

On my first tour of the campus, my rep spent more time telling me about the 'student life' rather than about the program itself, priding the school on the cafeteria and the rooftop where students spend more time smoking cigarettes and mingling then being in the classroom.

Walking through the halls i poked my head in a few classrooms, where the students seemed to be more like zombies in front of a computer terminal rather than being taught. Teachers were sitting in the front of the classroom and to be honest with you, the only reason I knew they were teachers was because they were wearing ties and collared shirts, rather than t-shirts and shorts.

Fast forward to my second visit... a brief one that involved a placement exam that included 17 questions. None of them had any relevance to computers, they were all about reading a paragraph or two and answering questions about the excerpt. I can remember one in detail that was about a girl and her grandmother baking and the ingredients needed to make whatever it was... i believe it was cookies... lol. My son who was 4 at the time and was just learning how to read would have scored a passing grade on the 'exam' and still for some reason I decided to pursue my education figuring if I didn't continue then and there, there was no guarantee I was ever going to go back to school, so like an idiot I kept on with the school.

Three weeks later was the beginning of my Chubb 'experience'. Orientation day was quick and painless. There was about 35 students for four programs. We all introduced ourselves and why we were there and after about one hour we all had lunch and was dismissed to return on Monday for the start of our classes... this is where the fun began.

Monday morning I remember standing in the lobby of the school since I had no idea where our class room was (we weren't assigned one yet). I wasn't alone. I can remember six or seven other students were there with me since they had no idea where we were to go either and about 15 minutes after class was supposed to begin we were greeted by a student service rep who had us follow her to an empty room where our teacher was waiting for us. Long story short the rest of the 17 students in my class moseyed their way in late, sat down, got our text books for the first class along with the course sylabus and we began class.

Two or three hours into our first class another teacher in the CNS department called a few of the students out of our class to inform them of the new dress code that is going to be strictly enforced and how they were in violation of that policy and the next time they came to school without a collared shirt they would be sent home to change.

Fast forward to Thursday, the day before our first test. I was an exception to this since I actually spent hours a night studying, but for the students who chose not to, they received a 'freebie'. The teacher stood in the front of the class and said 'ok everybody, review time... grab a pen and a piece of paper to write some things down... when i say i would remember this if I were you, I would... remember this... if I were you.' There was about 25 'I would remember these' said, and to my surprise there was 25 questions on the test. To save whoever is going to read this a lot of time, this was the practice for every test taken throughout the entire program... EVERY SINGLE TEST so it's no wonder why students can graduate with a 3.0 and higher. I don't remember much about the A+ software class we took in the second month of the program but i remember the answers to the final were A, B, D, D, C, B, A and so on.

My third month/third course was interesting... Forensics. Our software required a series of batch files to be inputted in order to be compatible with the Operating System we were using (most forensics programs are used with DOS and windows 98 and we were using XP). Surprisingly enough there was one person who knew what those batch files were... the director of the CNS program and she was fired the day our course started because the network for the entire school went down. It wasn't her fault, the person to blame was the schools network administrator for not being able to keep it up and running but the higher up's needed to point the finger at someone, so she was asked to leave. Needless to say that course was a wash but we all received A's for the course... YAY!

Networking was the fourth course/fourth month and was actually one of the best classes offered. No special software was needed so there was no problems with the labs assigned and the teacher we had for that course (our third teacher for four courses) actually knew what he was talking about.

He wasn't a certified teacher, but had over 20 years experience in the business and was MCSE certified so being able to teach us the material wasn't a problem for him. Learning the material wasn't hard either since he made class interesting and fun. The only problem with him was he cared enough to tell us how the computer world worked with certifications and degrees, and since Chubb didn't offer vouchers to students for free like other schools it was difficult for students such as myself to obtain them. Chubb did offer vouchers at a 'discounted' price, but at the same token most of them weren't valid so the students that did invest hundreds of dollars on them wasted more money than just on the tuition alone.

The sixth month, halfway through the program was interesting for my class since halfway through we had no teacher. The gentleman who lead us from Networking until Advanced Server (the current month being mentioned) felt it was in his best interest to leave the school for personal reasons, which was understood since most teachers careers lasted about 3 or 4 months anyways, so anything after that was a 'bonus' for the students who were there.

Two or three days without a teacher the labs we were doing didn't work (they actually caused the network in the school to crash on a daily basis) so all we could do anyway was read the text book. I actually took initiative and decided to stand at the podium and teach the rest of the class... a student myself and without the 'I'd remember this if I were you' method I was able to teach the other students in the class and everybody passed. I do believe the lowest grade in the class was an 84%. Not bad figuring not only did I have NO teaching experience and no work experience... just the ability to make a bunch of computer mumble jumble jargain plain old english so everybody in the class that couldn't understand what a DHCP relay agent would know what it was after my colorful metaphors and interesting ways of breaking things down.

Month Seven... Exchange Server. LOL. The only 'exchanges' were between the new teacher and a few students. After a few racial remarks one student actually left the school because of what was said to him, and by this time a class that started with 17 students, was bumped up to 35 2 months in has now dwindled down to about twelve or thirteen. The remaining students started thinking the ones that left were much better off than the ones there, but since there was a clause in the contracts with the tuition, none of it would be reimbursed, so if we left, we would still be responsible to pay 100% of what was owed. Long story short the term 'Reinstall Monday' was... reinstall monday. Since nobody knew how to administer an Exchange Server, none of the labs worked and at the end of every week the teacher said, 'We'll start fresh next week guys, ok?' lol.

The same teacher for Exchange was also our teacher for the next two months, Linux and Advanced Linux. One student took a leave of absence for two months saying if ____ was going to teach the courses, he will just wait to take those courses at the end of his program. Since that student still had a few months left after the two courses skipped he figured that teacher would no longer be there teaching... That statement was accurate.

After those few months skipped that teacher in fact no longer taught at Chubb Institute. He is now the program director! One source I spoke with said it was the only way to get him out of the class room without firing him. See Chubb fires teachers who are competent and pushes other teachers away and keeps the 'teachers' who are completely under qualified for reasons never explained.

Two courses and two months after our Linux jokes was Cisco and Advanced Cisco. Cisco was actually incredible! We had a new teacher to the school who was CCNA and CCNP certified so he knew what he was talking about. Only problem with the class was the labs because the school didn't want to pay for the key to activate the software for it so what we could do on it was limited...

Two months left... Advanced Cisco and Security. The teacher for Cisco was teaching another class, so we had the honor of being taught by one of the biggest nightmares to ever walk through the halls of Chubb. Unfortunately names can't be mentioned but anybody who went to chubb whether in the CNS dept or another program knows who I am talking about because they have heard his voice throughout the halls on a daily basis. Not for teaching loudly but for starting arguments with most every student he 'taught'.

The day before Advanced Cisco started he limped his way into our class, looked at me and asked if I was going to be in his class on Monday. I said yes and he laughed. He told me he was looking forward to teaching me since I was 'clown' and he will enjoy whipping me into shape. I thought he meant figuratively but soon enough I realized he was speaking literally.

He was more encapsulated with talking about the Marines and his old 'war days' than teaching us how to secure a Cisco implemented network. He disregarded the schools sylabus for the course and made his own labs up and any lab that didn't work he told us to read a news article about something computer relevant and write a one page excerpt giving our opinion on it. Nobody said anything to him about it in fear of our lives literally since he had no problem getting within inches of our faces threatening us with violence... the rest of the course was a blur so lets just move on to our final horror story. Security.

The beginning of our security class was a continuance of Advance Cisco. Any lab that didn't work meant another reading assignment. One of the students in my class finally spoke up and nearly knocked our teacher off his seat. He stood up and began yelling at the class saying if we didn't comply he would have no problem failing the entire class. I stood up to defend the only girl in our class (the one who spoke up in the first place) and instead of discussing the situation in a mature manner, the teacher tried to entise me in a physical altercation.

This is the second time that happened to me personally with this teacher, and probably the fourth or fifth time in total he tried to resort to violence with students so another student in our class spoke out and advised me to bring it to the attention of the director of education and Chubb.

We tried on numerous occasions to contact the director but he was never in the building, and with a week or two left until we graduated we just figured it wasn't worth our time to cause a ripple since we will be gone soon enough. It was finally brought to the directors attention from an employee in the building since that person heard everything that happened and when we were approached about it, the director asked if there was any other problems we had with the program.

Other problems were brought up like no computers to work on in the hardware labs, no labs actually worked, some students never received networking kits and other students received text books a week or two after classes started. I never heard responses for some of the gripes but one that stuck out was about the books. His (the dir) response was, 'well, you received books for 2 out of three classes, that's not that bad. it's more than half.' lol. what if the school only received more than half of the tuition, but not all of it?

There are so many other problems I had with Chubb and unfortunately right now I can't think of them all but another we all had in our program was with job placement. I had four interviews with one company who never called me back, and other companies calling me for teleresearch and sales jobs. I had a technical education in computers so why should I take a job selling email making cold calls to people? Simple. the person in job placement had no contacts with companies relevant to what we went to school for, she had a friend that worked for a temp agency that gave her all her leads to businesses, but that was supposed to be a secret that leaked out to student by mistake.

Right now I make more money working in a supermarket than any job I could have gotten at Chubb Instutute. I know that because the one company I interviewed with would have paid me $12.00 an hour doing help desk that i wasn't qualified for, $10.00 an hour making cold calls for selling email and my favorite was $9.00 an hour doing teleresearch! Awesome! How can I afford to pay back $17, 000.00 dollars worth of loans if I can't even afford a buss pass to get to work?

I would never ever ever recommend to anybody to attend any technical school. If you can't afford to go to a four year college and get a computer science degree... go online, look at a few schools cirriculums and just buy text books at a book store relevant to what you want to learn or get the dummy books, like A+ for dummies or net+ for dummies. A student in my class did that with A+ software, didn't use the text book, just read over that one, got his A+ certification and aced the course and could've same thousands and thousands of dollars.

I have not paid a nickel back to Chubb nor will I. I know that sounds bad and is a little embarrassing to say, but I would rather work under the table at a pizza shop delivering pies for cash so my wages can't get garnished than pay them anything. It was a complete waste and that is all I can say.

I hope you found everything I mentioned very entertaining and informative. It is all 100% true. Save your time and money, just go to a community college to start and when you can transfer to another school. DON'T GO TO CHUBB!!!


  • Ga
    Garymagnum Jan 11, 2020

    Any lawsuits available?
    I attended from [protected]

    No job
    1 interview

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  • Jo
    Jose Bonifacio Feb 23, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I graduated from Chubb Institute.
    My life has changed dramatically.
    I am an immigrant; When I arrive to USA I was 25 years old.
    My first pay check was not much from $250 To $ 500.
    Today, I got some much experience on the IT field and making a substantial salary... $175.00 p/y.

    I believe that your are the only one architect of your own destiny.

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  • Bo
    Bob Stretch Oct 09, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to Chubb Institute (Springfield PA) for mainframe programming in 1996 and it was a good experience as the teachers and the administration were generally competent and trustworthy and the tuition was reasonable (~ $7, 000 I think). They were helpful at getting me job interviews that led me to a 5/12 year stint with DuPont (of course the economic boom and y2k scare of the late 90's helped). One reason I gravitated to Chubb was
    due to a representative at Computer Learning Center that tried to intimidate me to sign up, when I balked she tried to intimidate
    me by saying "I dont think your committed enough". This aggravated me to the point where I walked out and went to Chubb who didn't
    pressure me whatsoever.

    In 2004, I found myself out of a job and decided to attend Chubb for Network Security (as the mainframe opportunities subsided).
    There were a few good teachers but a few that were really bad. One in particular was the Linux teacher, an unstable man who would
    behave irradic and even yell at us. What was worse was that he was a lousy teacher and the labs that we were assigned DID NOT EVEN MATCH
    THE TEXTBOOK nor did he address it. He just kept on teaching it. It to the end of the course ultimately for Chubb to have someone else resolve
    the labs and teach the course which at that juncture didn't help much and probably wasted about $3, 000 of our tuition. I complained
    to the dean (or woman who would become the dean as I recall) about the situation and she dismissed our complaints. As a result,
    I wrote a complaint to the PA department of education which obligated Chubb to respond. Chubb 's response was full of attacks on me
    personally rather than focus on why the course was not being taught properly to the entire class (who had complained as well). It was
    an absolute nightmare and largely a waste of $14, 000. Ironically, it wasn't until the end of the curriculum that it finally dawned on
    me where I recognized our dean from - she was the representative from Computer Learning Center that tried to intimidate me years before. Go figure.

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  • De
    De Ducky Jun 24, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My comment is in reference to Brian D. I have to agree with him. It sounds like Chubb really did dramatically change. I went to the Springfield campus in [protected] in the Computer Programming track. Heavy focus on COBOL (since the Y2K scare and all). The only negative I can think of is the admissions rep tried to steer me to another program saying I'd not be good for programming (My math skills suck)... I said no I want Programming. Class started at something like 24-25 people. One guy dropped out and went to Help Desk. By the end my class was down to half. Quite pleased that I did well (tests not so much but that's true in any setting for me). We had a total of 3 teachers during the entire 7 month program. I got a job (through Chubb!) 2 months after I graduated- would have been 1 but I needed a vacation lol). The cost back then was actually reasonable- same amount today would only go for something like a 5 day boot camp. It was worth every penny and my time to do. I never did get into programming but my career was as a QA Tester in mainframe. (I'm back to looking for work again).

    Sad to see Chubb disappear- have heard that Anthem, who took over Chubb, has closed all their campuses now.

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  • Ja
    Jag Metty Jan 14, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I can surely agree to an extent. But they did have a slight, slight, slight hook-up with a company when I went to the Chicago location and this was in 2003. Now fast forward 12-13 years later, nothing to show for thanks to Chubb but a 7k to a 9k bill I still owe. Sally Mae is putting a lean on my credit due to this BS. I wish I would've joined a four year college instead of going there...

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  • Ja
    jayhawk320 Jan 15, 2012

    Chub must have changed drastically over a 10 year period. I attended when it was new in 1998 prior to the Y2K scare and it was a good program. They did not teach the tests and the instructors were very knowledgeable. It was a very hands on experience and the the program then was network engineering and data comm. Although some people could not handle the rigor of the course and dropped, others were snagged up by companies right away. Most of the students that attended were there for good reason and were dedicated as networking and the computer world was just becoming the next big thing and there were not enough people to do the work. I was able to get a job within 2 months of graduating and worked for a fortune 200 company as a network analyst...went on to get my B.S. in Computer Information Systems and 13 years later i am an Executive Director of Technology for a state agency with 2000 employees. The Chubb institute got me going in a big way. I will say as as someone that hires employees, that the market for entry level IT people has become saturated and schools like CHUBB have gotten away from their main intent and have become a diploma mill promising jobs upon graduation. The issue are as follows. 1. Everyone thinks they can work in the iT field and that not true. To be a true engineer it takes an engineer like mind and ability...these schools make everyone think they can do it. 2. There are not enough entry level jobs available for new grads as employers want seasoned pro's to hit the ground running. 3. The economy still is in bad shape, so employers are hiring the experienced unemployed workers before the entry level new grads. 4. The market is saturated with level 1 and entry level techs and networks are far more sophisticated and require experience. Schools cannot recreate these environments in a classroom. To summarize..CHUBB was good at one time, however, something happened and the product they offered and the product they produced in students suffered. The same thing is happening in nursing. Every 20 something girl in this country is in "nursing school", because they claim there is a demand, so all of a sudden nursing schools are popping up left and right ripping students off. Most of these schools are not even accredited. The claim there is a shortage of nurses because people live longer and therefore there are more sick people (true), but hospitals still only have so many beds, a budget, and the economy still is in bad shape. So, just because there is a demand doesn't mean that equals hiring. I have a demand for 10 more on my IT staff, but i don't have it in my budget, so i have to get by...make sense? If you want to stay in IT i would recommend another area of IT... Developers and programmers are still a hot item as well as technology project managers/coordinators. The trick is to find a field that is in demand or will be in demand before the rest of the world does...I was just lucky in '98 and got in at the right time. Hope this helps.

    Brian D.

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  • Jo
    Joseph A. De Jesus Mar 27, 2010

    I attended Chubb Institute back in 2003 for "network technician" training and it was the worse decision I ever made. All they did was take my money and run. I remember that one of the things we were to learn was the Microsoft Office program, what a joke this was. They found someone with such a thick accent that Everyone in the class got horrible grades. When we all complained about the instructor to the director we were all scolded because a majority of us were all fresh out of high school and they felt we were just acting like children.

    Every month we would get a different instructor, and we would voice a complaint but they kept claiming that we would have different bosses in the field so this would help to adjust to such a situation. I don't see how this would have helped in any way shape or form seeing how this was a learning environment and a working environment is something completely different.

    In the end they were pretty slick they actually waited till the 6th month in to inform us that we would still need a certification to actually get into the field, and that we were going to have to find a place that did it on our own. They even went so far as to admit that the promise of the existing class time being part of "experience" was all a lie. So here I am 27, out of work, and still in debt to the loan I took to got to this Joke of an institution.

    Oh and just a little food for thought they changed their name from "The Chubb Institute" to "Anthem Institute". Please be aware of this and don't allow yourself to be fooled like I and my mates were. Seeing how I nor anyone else in my class got a job in the field. I would know because I still keep in touch.

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  • Te
    terribleteachers Feb 13, 2010

    they changed the name same school so funny to put cherry hill next to ghetto, but you never believe i was treatened with a gun by another student and the staff did not protect the students, when it could have been avoided. on top of that the teachers do not teach i take the massage class, terrible the teacher is not quailifed to teach, she has no experince teaching, never went to school to learn how to teach. "she passed the national exam" but she has not mastered massage or she wouldnt be tere she would be getting money. my teacher "medites" 3 times a week so for 6 hours a week. the students lay down and go to sleep there is not massage being taught, there is no massage going on at all just mediating my 12000 away. if i wanted to take yogo and sleep i would stay home or join a gym pay 35 dollars not 12 grand. this is what u get for your money, yelling teachers, unsafe school and a unprofessional staff. they let criminals start the school. quit, man i dont want to quit but when i sit there and think about all the money im waisting in here and waisting by spending that time there no working. i know these teachers have no life outside of school but im not into waisting my time my time is money. i had perfect attidance and a perfect grade point average, now i cant stand going to school and she trying to take my grade. you ###, what a school all they want is money money from the state they dont deserve. they should not be accredited. we pay taxes so they can steal from us. we pay real money we should get a real ###ing education and ya im mad cause i take my education seriously expecially since i put my heart into it 100

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  • Fi
    fireyshamrock Jan 11, 2010

    Outstanding! I can't believe it, that sound JUST like the experience I had when I went to the Reston, VA campus. I went for the Network Engineering & Administration program back in '03. The best part is when I went there they said that it was fully accredited and I would be able to transfer to any school in Virginia to continue my education. What a joke, I found out after the fact that they aren't Regionally Accredited which is what almost EVERY school in the country uses! So this rip off corporation screwed us even more becuase all the time and money spent couldn't even transfer the way they said it would which was the whole reason I thought this would be a great idea. The admissions person told me and everyone else that all the tech companies know who Chubb is and will be ecstatic to have us on their team, YEAH RIGHT! I went on interviews and nobody had even heard of Chubb before, I actually had one HR ask me how going to a fat camp was relevant to a job in Information Technology. Nobody got jobs, there was no help anywhere, and nobody is really doing anytihing with their "Education". Don't wast your time, and I agree with the other guy, somebody should take legal action against them. I tried to reach my campus recently and they aren't even there anymore!

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  • Jo
    joey Mar 23, 2009

    I would like to know please i'm having a problem at the chubb school with a teacher the person that had the close confrontation with a teacher was his name robert spencer by any chance i'm just curious? hope theres an answer to my question thank you

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  • Bu
    bushman Dec 09, 2008

    Wow, I couldnt have said it better myself. I went to this waste of money in 2005 for computer graphics. The first teacher we had got fired, then the next one was cool but thats were it ends. The program is a waste of money, If you are just getting out of high school save yourself the trouble and goto community college, not only is it cheaper you wont get the BS chubb is known for, they are thief's who take your money then give you some half assed program that is not organized at all. It was soo bad, i choose to stay away from graphic design all together. what a waste of time. I wish there was something we could do to get them shut down, they are selling false promises to people and lying to there face with a smile. DONT BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY SAY! IF THEY CALL HANG UP! I regret that mistake everyday of my life. thanks chubb i hope someone finally take legal action or some type of action to get you shut down.

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  • Ny
    Nycole Sep 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    CHUBB SUCKS!!! SAVE YOUR SELF TIME AND MONEY !!! Go to a real school. I went to the Chubb in Springfield Pa. For Network Admin. and I was so excited when the Admission Rep told me about the money I would be making. How their grads are snapped up by big time companies. I would finally be able to leave my dead end job. I could not wait. I had to change to night classes and it became a big deal to them. The head admission rep took me in her office when I told my rep I had to switch to night classes. And this woman tried to strong arm me into not going to night classes. So, I told her I would quit my job and go to school during the day if I didnt have to pay for school and if she would pay my bills. I got switched to nights. Test were always open book even if you didnt learn anything you were an A+ student. Career placement was a joke to be honest there was no career placement. No one in my class got jobs or even interviews. I still work at the same dead end job only diffrence is I'm 10 grant in the whole. Now I go to community college I sugguest you do the same. Please dont let them rip you off. If I could sue them believe me I would.

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