The Cato Corporationrude and disrespectful customer service

N May 22, 2018

On May 22, 2018, my mother and I went to Cato Fashion, in Philadelphia, MS. We were properly greeted by the two younger ladies. My mother was looking at clothes and finally she needed some assistance. I went to the lady, I guess who was the manager, who was on the phone the entire time, to let her know that my mother needed some assistance. She never acknowledged me but kept talking on the phone. So, she finally walks over to my mother, but still on the phone talking which clearly wasn't about the store. When she comes over, my mom tries to ask her a question and she continues to talk on the phone and she then walks off. Yes, I wanted to be rude and use profanity but I proceeded to the desk and asked one of the younger ladies for assistance and she did indeed help. I also asked her what was the ladies name on the phone and she informed me it was Stacey Love. The two younger ladies are the ones who helped and made our shopping better. That was the worse shopping with Cato I have every experienced. I'm going to include my information just in case I need to be contacted. Keneisha Johnson [protected]

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