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A Aug 01, 2019 Review updated:

My father just had cervical surgery, so my mother bought a recliner so that he could sit comfortably. The brick had to order the product in, and once unpacked we immediately noticed 4 defects with the product. After speaking with a customer service rep over the phone, we brought the chair in to be looked at by the manager. The manager Anu Thakur would not even come up to the front to look at the defects. Immediately she told my mother she could not provide a refund and only exchange or store credit valid only for furniture and mattresses which would be valid FOR ONLY 7 DAYS due to their "policy" which was not disclosed to my mother upon purchase. After discussing with the manager that my father cannot even get out of bed let alone shop for furniture, she "changed the policy to 1 month". The service here is absolutely disgusting. We then got a call on our way home from the manager telling us the warehouse guys were waiting to receive the defective product that was IN THEIR STORE. Which we told the manager repeatedly. Never once did the manager tell us to bring the product to receiving. Not impressed what so ever with your "policies" that your employees do not even take the time to disclose. You should have clients initial next to this, as well as sign to ensure your employees are doing their job and not misleading clients.

Photos evidence staples sticking out, not stapled in correctly, sharp edges that were not manufactured correct, choppy sewing skills (side flaps were sewed completely different, therefore rested with a pucker).


  •   Aug 01, 2019

    Should have gone to a place where the delivery people set it up for you.

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      Sep 08, 2019

    You are not alone. I hope you got a fair resolution. I had to keep emailing The Brick, and they finally gave me a full refund. While I'm glad I finally got my money back, I won't ever shop here again. The experience was too upsetting. Good luck to you :)

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