Texas Roadhouseracist vandalism


Dear Sir/Maam, I used to patronize this restaurant quite frequently, I drive 45 minutes from home to get there, the food is great, best steaks around and the service has been good as well. About 2-3 months ago I was standing in the waiting area leaning against the wall between the front door and steak display. I moved a little, a friend I was with told me to step to the side, on the wall were the letters KKK carved into the wall. We were both appalled at this blatant display of vandalism in such and open area of the store. So I took my mobile phone and took a picture of it, and the flash was so bright that everyone in the area turned and looked. Mind you, this is at the front door about 4-5 feet from the hostest who looked as well. I assumed that once we left someone would come see why the picture was taken and it would be removed. I went back a few weeks ago and its still has not been been removed. The sad part, besides it being at the front door, directly in front of the hostest podium and busy waiting area, its directly beside a fire extinguisher. Which means one of two things, the fire extinquisher is not being and service or checked as required, or whoever does the inspecting agrees with this type of behavior and ignores it. At this point I had no choice but to voice my displeasure with this total disregard to this expression of intorlerance and though I hate to say it, racism . To me it equates to calling an African American the "N" word, or a homosexual the "F" word! I am a retired US Army combat veteran who just turned 41 last month and 90% disabled in defense of our way of life. I continue to serve this country as a civilian employee of the US goverment dispite my health issues. Is this what I and some of my brothers in arms gave all or part of our lives for? I would pray not. It might seem like I an overreacting to something apparently insignificant or small, but that small something has caused a lot of pain people and will continue unless we check it before it grows. This is honestly the first time I have ever written a formal complaint against any commercial establishment, but I like this place and feel it deserves better. Be it management or new workforce, but I do not want that to happen or for anyone to lose their job. I just want it brought to the managers' attention that he/she needs to be more diligent and pay more attention to detail in the daily supervision of their care. There are those of us that notice things and will not stand by idle and say nothing. Thank you for allowing me this forum to voice my opinion and hope it results in some kind of positive change,
Very Respectfully,
Dwayne Adams US Army, Retired "Still Serving"

racist vandalism

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