Texas Roadhousepoor service (rude manager)

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Went to Texas Roadhouse recently with 2 friends. We called in a reservation. We waited to be seated, had to wait 10 minutes for drinks, then ordered appetizers that took a while, then ordered our food and 30 minutes later we heard a loud crash and plates falling and the manager (Andrew Lovett) came out and told us that 2 servers bumped into each other and our entire order was dropped. He said that it would be another 20-30 minutes and offered no compensation. We said we did not want to wait another 20-30 minutes, for we were there over an hour without food (and it was NOT busy at all). He said I'll get your check -- we had to pay for the little food we ate and drinks (he could have offered to cover it, considering what we went through). He walked away twice, not caring or offering any compensation. I e-mailed a complaint when I got home and 2 managers called me back and said they would look into the situation, but were upset of how we were treated. Haven't heard anything back, but I'm now awaiting the Corporate Office's response. Avoid this place or else you could be treated the same way! I strongly believe that Andrew's behavior is tolerated by Texas Roadhouse and I'm deeply disappointed!


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    BKHDG Nov 16, 2012

    Call Donna Sanders at (502) 777-0522. I am working a complaint with her now and she will address the situation.

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    Tim Pratzer Nov 20, 2019

    Last Christmas we bought numerous gift cards because of an offer of Spend $100 on Gift Cards and get "Free Appetizers for a Year".

    We bought the gift cards and received the card. The first time we went to use the alleged "Free Appetizers for a Year" card, we learned that it is NOT "Free Appetizers for a Year", but only ONE free appetizer per MONTH, and it is only good for a Maximum of $7.00 per use ! That is a far cry from "Free Appetizers for a Year".

    To rub salt into the wound, tonight we went to Texas Roadhouse for Dinner and wanted to use the card for the "Grilled Shrimp, which cost $6.99, and were told that shrimp is a "Protein" and we could no longer use the card for the grilled shrimp appetizer.

    Texas Roadhouse is making up reasons to NOT Honor their offer of a "Free Appetizer every Month", even though it should really be Free Appetizers for a Year.

    I can't begin to express our disappointment in the Fallston Texas Roadhouse.

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