TapJoythe rewards program

J Aug 15, 2018

You have about a 50/50 chance using Tapjoy that you will be rewarded. I got tired of getting screwed and summitted 3 tickets in 24 hours. Didn't know that was breaking the rules. So my third ticket was a big one, and was immediately denied because I had turned in too many tickets. I did everything right. Case #[protected] I actually did it twice!! In hopes I'd actually get rewarded. You make it impossible to get a hold of you. Just make this right. I have all the screenshots I need. Which I attached to my reply on the email I received denying me for no reason. It's over 200, 000 diamonds I got coming on Design Home. I have completed a lot of offers. Went through a lot of aggravation. Got screwed out of my reward too many times to count. I ordered from Gillette TWICE!! And subscribed to there on demand mailing list. If Tapjoy is an honest business I should get that reward twice actually! Or at least the once for my first order and signing up. I know it went through because I already received the razors. If you could please help me straighten this out. My email is [protected]

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