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Aug 10, 2018 Review updated:

Offerpal/Tapjoy : same issues.
Ten years after being brought to justice because of their incapacity to provide a real content, these guys do it again and claim that it is your fault because you didnt screenshot the proof ...
I am currently sitting on more than 10k currency in my game because I didnt took a screenshot to prove I completed the offer.
Therefore I should do all the offers again, from scratch, and submit a new ticket with visual proofs ...

1. I shouldnt have to provide any proof because Tapjoy should be able to find a digital proof all alone, by themselves. It is their sole responsibility.
If they cant find that and provide the promised reward, then it is A SCAM !!!

2. If I take an offer again, in order to take a screenshot, I wont be elligible to any reward because most of these offers are rewarding only on the 1st download/completion.
So basically, I did all these offers for nothing because Tapjoy didnt include in the offer conditions, the NEED to provide a proof after completion.
Had it been written in plain capital letters as the other requirements, I would have been able to provide multiple screenshots to prove my cases.
But no, of course not : no mention anywhere of any "need to prove completion after its done" ...
This is, therefore, A SCAM !!!

3. We are thousands, only in 1 game and considering only people I know thru this game, to encounter same issues with this joke of a company.
This, itself, proves how unable the company is to provide a serious service.
Nobody needs such a useless company.
Any offer they may provide is a pure time loss.
This company should be convicted for polluting, on a high level, the whole mobile game industry. All this, in the name of money ... because of course they get a retribution for every click we, the players, make in their offer-wall !


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      Aug 13, 2018

    File a complaint with the FTC..and make sure you tell everyone you know, not to use Tapjoy for any in game app rewards. If we can get ppl to stop using them, then they cant scam and defraud users, and eventually they wont have a business.

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