TapJoyknowingly defrauding customers with download app scams

C Aug 07, 2018 Review updated:

I, like many users have played various apps and have used their in app provider to earn currency to play the game. Tapjoy is one provider that consistantly fails to honor it's contract with players once they follow their promotions to earn in app currency. I have noticed when it comes to doing various things to earn this currency, if the payout is a small amount, you are more then likely to get the reward, but if the amount is large, your chances of receiving the reward is pretty slim. I have had 2 open tickets with this company, and if they don't ignore your ticket and close it, then they give you various excuses as to why it will not be honored. One of my tickets, I was told the app was not installed on my device. I then provided shots of the device with the app clearly installed and listed in the application manager. I was then told I did not download the app via THE LINK THEY PROVIDE. I then provided screenshots from the app that clearly shows there is NO LINK provided by them in which I can click and download the app. The next followup email told me my device ID had changed. This is what their email said.

"Downloading the application from other than the promotional link will not associate the Device ID with the application. Also using different devices (phone/tablet) may interfere with the association of the correct device ID, or even if you are using only one device, this ID can be reset different times for different reasons initiated by the user or device. (Including but not limited to software/firmware updates accepted in the middle of completing the offer)."

Now, if Tapjoy KNOWS, there is a possibility that my device ID can be reset by no fault of mine, but for whatever reason including the software on the device, then really, any offer they promote, in reality, can be denied, by them just saying your device ID has changed. They give no proof. You have to take their word for it. and as far as I'm concerned, I would trust their word, about as far as I could spit. So, they are admitting, that yes, we know about these issues, and we will exploit them, and YOU the end user as we see fit. And if we don't want to make a payout, we'll just used the old excuse "the device ID doesn't match" Sorry about your luck.

I think it's about time, this company was taken to court, and shut down so they can't use and defraud anyone else.


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