TapJoygot to level 10 on game to get 1.9 million coins on quid, won’t give me my coins.

T Nov 17, 2017

They told me the game developer of the OTHER game that I played to get the coins on QUID wouldn't approve my request. Why do they have to approve it in the first place? They had a special on Quid for 6 hours for double or triple coins on their offers, now I know they're all just a scam and a waste of time. They sent me an email and I emailed them back, and they never even responded to me. Terrible customer service, never using their free diamond or coin feature again. I used to use it all the time on another app, but I will NEVER use it again. They only give you diamonds/coins when they want you to, so don't use them if you're expecting a reward every time. Deleted Quid and no longer using tapjoy.

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