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G Oct 31, 2019 Review updated:

I placed an order for a work event for two dozen breakfast tacos for pickup at 0730 on 10-30-2019.

1. I arrived at 0720 to pick up the order (a little early). I saw my order sitting on the counter already completed. The door stated that they opened at 0630 hrs. Why was the door still locked at 0720? They saw me and wouldn't open.

2. The motioned me to go to the drive through. I pointed to the food that I was here to pick up. They didn't care.

3. I went to the drive through...waited 10 to 15 mins for just two cars to get served and there were two more ahead of me. I was picking these up for work and they are making me late. I pulled out of line...went back to the front door, and they finally opened it a little after 0730.

4. When I went in I asked why it was very clearly written on the door what the hours were and why the opened the door an hour late the response was "the door was locked"? I repeated why does the door say 0630 and it was locked so I couldn't pick my food up. He repeated..."the door was locked".

This was completely unacceptable and I will never rely on this store to do an order for me again.


1. Store opened an hour late when they clearly saw customers outside
2. My food was prepaid and sitting on the counter and they wouldn't let me in or bring it to me even after I pointed out to them that I was here for that food
3. Waiting not only allowed the food to get cold, but also caused me to become very stressed because I was running late for work.
4. Employees were uncaring and didn't seem to care that they were not operating the dining room as advertised.


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      Oct 31, 2019

    That's pretty messed up. I would be annoyed as well.

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