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Synchrony Financial review: Charge on an amazon card my father doesn't have on amazon account

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For over a year now, my father and I have been calling Synchrony for an Amazon charge in a card that he doesn't have. The last charge was for $987.52. His Amazon account shows a different card number than the one they are charging him for. After wasting an hour over the phone yesterday trying to resolve the problem, and another just right now, speaking with the person today was like the Abbott and Costello comedy routine only that it was not funny and it was beyond irritating. The lady on the phone kept insisting my dad's current Amazon card is the one he doesn't have on his account. I kept asking how an elderly person was going to rank all that money on a card that's not available on his account (or has a the physical card for). She kept insisting that was his current card and I was looking straight at his account in his computer seeing that it was not. We even called Amazon yesterday and we were told that my dad had bought something on the card that's on his account last year and he had paid for it. So he owes nothing on that card. No one from Synchrony gives us the time of day or gives us an answer that makes sense. I think we will have to get a lawyer to fight this, another expense my elderly father wanted to avoid, but he is very anxious about this problem and I'm anxious for him. You are a bunch of thieves.