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I took my vehicle to New Bern NC Mazda Suzuki dealership to be serviced. Upon Pick up of my vehicle on July 11 of 2017 I had come to realize that the rims were stolen of off my vehicle. Their response to the situation was that they were not liable. They did not and have not replaced to stolen goods of off my vehicle and stated that they do not intend to. I am now still paying on rims I no longer posses due to the negligence of this here dealership. I recommend you to not take your vehicle there because you might also be a victim like myself.


  • Valerie Sep 17, 2008

    I purchased a new 2017 Suzuki GZ 250 in Griffin, Georgia on June 20, 2017. It had 3 miles on it when it was delivered to me the next day. I immediately had a problem with it. It would jerk or sputter in 5th gear especially when it needed more power. I thought it was because it was new and was a 2017 and had sat for a long time. It never improved so I took it back to the dealership in Griffin with just over 340 miles on it on July 3rd. It sat there until July 12th with no repair and none expected until the following Thursday (they claimed they couldn't get it on the rack until then) so I took it from Griffin and took it to a dealership in Fayetteville, Georgia. The service manager told me to just ride it until it was time for the 600 mile service. I took it back to Fayetteville on July 19th and now it's September 14, 2017 and my bike still remains there. It's getting close to two months with my new bike sitting in the shop! Georgia doesn't have a Lemon Law that applies to motorcycles to protect us against this so we are at the mercy of the dealers. I've been in contact with Suzuki customer service in California more than once. Fayetteville can't seem to get a part I'm being told. This has been so frustrating. Is this normal customer service for new Suzuki owners? I feel I have made a horrible mistake buying a Suzuki product right now. I hope no one has to experience this.

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  • Ch
    Chris Oct 02, 2008

    i gotta say i agree whole heartedly because i bought a 50cc suzuki katana ay50w sport and it has been nothing but problem after problem with it the head gasket is always blowing. so finally i go to an out of town garage where they find the problem which is great news to my ears. then they get a new cylinder kit for it to replace most of the damge caused but they needed a waterpump or something from suzuki themselves however 1month down the line and it still hasn't arrived. so dont worry your not alone in this i to am dissapointed in them and plan to sell my bike as soon as it's back and will be switching to honda.

    good luck with yours


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  • Valerie Oct 08, 2008

    WARNING to all Suzuki Grand Vitara owners. If you notice your rear tires wearing prematurely ACT upon this, it is NOT a tire manufacturer problem. It is a Suzuki design flaw, that makes the vehicle unable to control, and will cause you to crash. This is especially true in inclement weather. This model is a lemon, act fast or you will be stuck paying for this scrap of metal. See NHSTA website for complaints. See Edmunds website for similar experieneces also.

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  • Ma
    M.A. Wyatt Jun 29, 2009

    I purchased a bike from Motion's in Marietta Ga. I was told by the person doing the contract that my payments would be $82.00 a month. I was not informed it would be a credit card. I get my statement and payment is $82.00 first month then next one is $212.00. I call motions, then called suzuki and they refer me back and forth to each company saying it is not a promotion, but on my statement it is plain that it is a promo type credit plan. They will not lower interest rate. I closed account and won't ever do business with either again.

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  • Ro
    Ron M F Mar 25, 2010

    I have an 06' Suzuki Gran Vitara with about 35, 000 miles on it. The transmission locked in first gear. It is supposed to have a 75, 000 mile engine and drive train warranty. I thought it also had roadside assistance but I was told that I have to pay well over $100 for the vehicle to be towed to the dealer (Dennis Dillon of Boise Idaho) so they can look at the vehicle.

    Since they won't cover the tow, I am going to try and drive the vehicle 13 miles in first gear. This is unfortunate and you probably can't do anything about it but I can, Namely, take my business elsewhere.

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  • Br
    brooke69 Jun 06, 2011

    Fit to be tied. . . This is the 2nd time went in the store to make pretty big $$ purchases for my son (1 for x - mas) , this time for his 2nd birthday coming up in july. . . My husband & i went in to the w / b store in pa. To purchase my son a battery operated quad (All big dollar ticket items have a tag you take from the front of the product to the register so there were about 6 tags left in the ticket holder thing, we take it up to the register - she looked it up on the computer to make sure it was in stock, there were 4 of them left per there computer - so we should have no problem uh yeah right, this store totally sucks - i will by far never ever shop there again & i will make sure i tell my friends & family never to shop there for ther kids cause you wil only be set up for disappointment, the cashier calls to the back room to have it brought up they tell them theres none in stock wtf r u kidding me. . . This is the 2nd time now as stated in the beginning of this complaint. . . Why have those tickets if the items r never in stock i mean c'mon - the cashier proceeds to tell my husband because people come up to the register w / out one of those tickets & they just happen to search there computer for it instead. . Why have those tickets then. . That is the most insane thing i have ever heard, ill gladly spend my $$ online in stores & websites that actully have the damn product in stock & not make it look like they do & then your told otherwise. . . Thought there motto was to serve childrens needs. . . Ha well appently that is far from the truth & they couldnt be any ruder about it, im sick of it!!

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  • Mi
    Miller A Aug 15, 2018

    Hello there Suzuki corp. I live in Israel and less than 2 years ago i bought Suzuki SX4-Cross. Today i have a trouble with 2 headlights - they faded, but an importer refuses to change headlights. This fact does not credit the Suzuki company. I ask you to intervene and restore the honorable name of Suzuki. Thank you!
    Alexey Miller

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  • Jo
    Joe Macharia Sep 06, 2018

    -Hi, I have a 2003 vitara.
    -Just stalled flushing rocks on dash board.
    - Ecu immobilizer problem. P1923 code.
    -I need the immo

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  • Ra
    Rajdorai Sep 18, 2018

    Very poor cheating the customer for exchange offer suzuki gixxer sf fi ABS before booking the vehicle they told the cost of the old vehicle cost Rs.18000. After I booked the vehicle next day they telling the old vehicle cost Rs. 15000 cheating the customer

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  • At
    Atiq khan Sep 18, 2018

    I have a suzuki mehran model 2005 chassis no 856511 engine no B317758 white colour. The said car has very very low quality paint(original). The paint is removing itself. Plz control your such flaw in future and try to re-paint all such your products.

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  • 21 years I used Suzuki Baleno model of 1997.
    5 days ago I bought new Suzuki Baleno model of 2017, and I need owners manual in Russian.
    Can you help me with it?

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  • Al
    All new suzuki Oct 27, 2018

    What marutti has done to your all new car is a disaster. I am a suzuki all new swift user since my father used suzuki carry in the old days.. but i am dissapointed about yours all new car such as vitae and swift.. wht the heck is marutti has done !!

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  • Wa
    Waleed Abd Elfattah Nov 20, 2018

    suzuki modern motors egypt . not answering phones,
    haven't reply for a complaint for more than 4 months
    haven't provide a needed spare part for a year

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  • Sh
    Shuja Ul Mulk Dec 11, 2018

    Suzuki Pakistan is producing sub standard cars in Pakistan with zero safety and high prices. Please have a look at this article


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  • Sh
    Shahid mansoor Feb 11, 2019

    Please e mail above car owners manual in English. My e mail [email protected] tel: +923009264924 thanks love your company

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  • Ra
    Ramimacani Jul 01, 2019

    I call this afternoon to your office in California, have a question, technical issue .was told from the representative the technical issue will be answer only to dealership .a private person cannot ask a technical issue, which seems very weird .
    please help

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  • Ka
    Kashifsaafi Jul 23, 2019

    Hey there,
    I have japanese assembled Suzuki Wagon R 2016. I have used different grade oils in it but mechanics make me confuse about the grade of oil. As it is 27k driven. What mobile oil grade would you recommend for 660 engines and 27k driven.
    Kindly assist me

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  • Ga
    gayan wijesinghe Sep 21, 2019

    Whats the reason im getting this massage while im driving ( radar braking system has been suspended for a while) Any idea ????
    ([email protected])

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  • Ro
    Rovshan Eldar Oct 16, 2019

    I bought my SUZUKI S-Cross SX4 in 2017 july with warranty period 3 years. Nw I have a problem with the steering column, but this service center refuse to repair it according to warranty condition.
    Please help.

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  • Je
    Jehanzaib Aslam Nov 17, 2019

    I have booked a car Alto via bank and even after 4 months its not being delivered rather playing with me and puahing me to accept color of there choice. (Alto car delivery Mis-commitment - booking No.19085173). I found myself helpless even after daily emails and calls at helpline No body bothered about me. You can reach me +923218563647. Jehanzaib

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  • Ir
    Irfan Latif Feb 02, 2020

    Car radiator water level drops. Radiator cleaned/serviced and head gasket also replaced with Rings but problem is still there.

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