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Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you referring a very a bad experience received by the Suzuky Universidad (Andrade) in Mexico City, this w/c August20th.
Last week a picked up my car after leaving it at the Carservice and bodyship as my car had the usual car service performed as well as some minor paint fixtures on both bumpers (by the way I most also report that my car was not delivered on the promised date given that the paint on the bumpers was different from the rest of the car). Anyway, when I picked up my car I noticed that the right tail light had a problem, the bulb was not broker completely, but while turnining the front light of the car and put my foot on the breaks the stop light did not work correctly, it turned-off instead.
I asked the car service team to look at it and they told me that the problem was not the bulb, but the complete set of 3 sockets for the tail lights. They said that I had to order the part and that it might take three days for it to arrive. I proceed to order the 3-sockets part (price Mx$550) and I waiting for it to arrived. This was last Saturday August 17th and yesterday (Monday 19th) they call me to tell me the part had already arrived. I took the car today (August 20th) and they told me that I had to leave the car one full working day to change the part and that the price of the work labour was Mx$850 (it seemed excesive for me), but eventhough I decided to take my car to fixed the problem
I arrived to the bodyshop car service area and none took care of me after 30 minutes waiting, so I decided to leave. Once I got home I decided to do a bit of research on how to change the tail light bulbs and in fact it did not look difficult at all as the only tool I needed was a screwdriver.
To my surprise it did not take me more that 10 minutes to change the socket (and the bodyshop team wanted to charge Mx$850 and leafve my car one whole day???). The worst part of the story is that the problem was not the 3-socket part at all, but the tail light bult!! - So not only your team made buy an unnecessary part, but they wanted to charge an excesive price for a 10 minute work!!
I am fully disppointed. All japanese brands (and in fact all Japanese people) are very well known for their HONESTY which is what your team at Suzuki Universidad lacks of. They are misrepresenting your brand, damaging its value and most of all disppointing your customers.
You can see that actually is not the money the reason I took the time to write this complaint, but the dishonest and bad reputation this team is ceating around your brand. Now it makes me doubt about the price you charged on the bodyshop works performed on my car last week.
If any, I would request (at least) a refund of an unnecessary car part your team made me bought.
On a final note, I believe there's no small complaint when it comes to dishonest behaviour and it would be more valuable to me to receive (this time) a TRUE and HONEST apology and that you work on implement an HONEST CULTURE around your Mexican employees. Hopefully this start to change somewhere and you embed those values who I know and have seen Japanese people have. Trust me I have worked with some of your fellow nationals/citizens.

Aug 20, 2019
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  • Ra
      Aug 29, 2019

    Seven working days and I have not received a single answer from you yet. I received a call today in order to assess how satisfied I was with the car service performed at Suzuki Universidad, but the person who call did not know wnything about this complaint. I raised my disappointment during that call again, but "funnily" enough I could not get a call number, folio, nothing! - I can see you really "care" about your customers!! What does it take for someone in your company to make sure customers are truly heard?(!)

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