I called this store at 4:00pm today, and made appointment at 5:30pm for my son.

I arrived the store at 5:25pm with my son, and there were four hirecutters and five customers in the middle of services. I was told that there were THREE customers before me.

At 6:15pm, there were FOUR customers called before me, and I was the LAST and ONLY ASIAN being served there.

During the period of 50 minutes our waiting time, one hirecutter asked me
"Sir, were both of you doing hirecuts?" around 6:10pm.

At 6:14pm, one haircutter finished a boy customer, and told me that she's going to serve me next. After the boy's father paid the service, however, she served the boy back and told me that it's soon for my soon.

At this point, I have no idea what to say, but to leave with angry.

My son yield that "I hate SuperCuts".

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