My mistake i did not research, ordered Sep 23rd 2019 the first of the possible options on Amazon for the book I was looking for. SuperBookDeals showed they had stock but you do not get to see what the shipping costs are and the delivery date. I was a bit disappointed when I saw that would be the 30th of Sep (order date 23rd Sep) so 7days for shmt in the USA. Sep 25th I rcvd mail that the book shipped, but I also saw that the delivery would be Sep 30 - Oct 7th that means that it takes almost 14 days to get a book (not a difficult item to ship) from the east coast Columbia MD to California. If I did my best I might be able to better on my bicycle... Ok patiently waited and almost knew... my book did not arrive the 7th or the 8th..!! Oct 9th via Amazon send a mail to SuperBookDeals and received a reply that they were not able to ship my book without an explanation why.. ? and they were in the process of refunding my money. It is VERY odd that i received confirmation from Amazon that my book shipped the 25th of Sep.. and the 9th of Oct ..AFTER sending an email that the confirm that they did not ship..!! ...I am still waiting for my refund..!!

Oct 11, 2019

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