Suncore StrutsBad struts/bad practices

I bought a set of struts for my 02 Dodge Intrepid from this company on Mar 1, 2011. The first indication of a problem was that 2 of the upper mounting bolts broke upon installation (they were properly torqued, with a tried and true torque wrench). I got a replacement, which I had to pay in advance for, and so both struts were installed. Upon driving, I noticed a great deal of noise from the area of the strut mounts. I took the car to an auto shop to have it looked at, paid for an alignment, but no help. The conclusion was that these, too, were defective.
I called Suncore, and they were cooperative, agreeing to have me ship them back for a refund. I did so, and they received the struts on Mar 31, 2011. The problem is that they have not refunded my funds. I have called them 1-2 times/week ever since April 6, and am ensured every time I call that the funds will be returned within a couple of days. This has not happened. I called again today, and was told that I'd just have to wait my turn, but that they're 'working on prioritizing my paperwork' and that I could expect a refund within a few days. I've heard this every week since the first week in April. Not sure how to proceed; perhaps small claims court in Florida. At any rate, I would absolutely AVOID THIS COMPANY at all costs!

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