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Q Jul 23, 2019

July 17, 2019

Sun Communities, Inc.
27777 Franklin Rd., Suite #200
Southfield, MI 48034

Re: Lemon Wood Community, Ventura, CA

Subj: Dave Mendoza

We are saddened by the news received by the Lemon Wood residents that our new Manager, Dave Mendoza, has been let go by Sun Communities.

The timing of this action also cancelled a yearly BBQ that has always been looked forward to by the residents, especially those who are unable to otherwise socialize due to health or transportation abilities.

This comes at troubling times when residents are frustrated with Sun Communities and the passing through of costs associated with obvious needed maintenance in our park.

Sun continues to disappoint the residents of Lemon Wood in what we consider poor judgement and lack of consideration for residents of this community.

We feel that Dave came to us at a time when we needed to see things change for the better in our Community. He met with us and discussed things with us to try and understand the situations at hand so that he could attempt to address each issue with better judgement and understanding. He attended the Home Owner's Meeting in July and spent an hour speaking directly on issues he observed in the short time he was here, receiving standing ovations from residents on his comments and suggestions.

We actual saw some small things get done, to the pleasant surprise of the residents, and we started to have a little ray of trust that this Manager may actually try and work with our Community instead of against us. He seemed like a good manager for a Senior Park to have. The residents felt he was proactive, fair, and exhibited a good knowledge in the subject matter at hand.

We are very disappointed with these recent abrupt decisions that Sun has made and respectfully request that Sun reconsider their choice to relieve Dave Mendoza from his position as Manager of our Community.

The Residents of Lemon Wood Community
Ventura, CA

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