Subwayyoung female manager of subway mentioned in address above.

Jo Oct 11, 2019

I am a 69 year old Vietnam Disabled Veteran with a hearing loss who made the terrible mistake of suggesting to my son-in-law that we meet for lunch at 1 p.m. on October 10th, 2019 at the Subway in Bethlehem, located in the Publix Shopping Plaza/across from Macdonalds . I had coupons to buy 2 foot long subs for $11.99. I requested a steak, egg white & cheese foot long. The young female manager, at this Subway, told me she only had one egg white but more yellow eggs. So I said, put one egg white on half my sub & a yellow egg on the other half. She tried telling me that would be considered as 2 six inch subs. The store was starting to get very busy & me being hard of hearing, just thought: "well, it's still a footlong." I had no idea she would penalize my son-in-law & I for Subway not having other egg whites available, BUT SHE DID! When we were not allowed to use our coupon for 2 foot long subs. I went home & explained to my family how we were treated at Subway, & they all said that was so wrong! When I went back on the morning of October 11th to explain to the young female manager, I could not get her to understand how upset I was for being penalized for Subway being out of egg whites She offered to give me a free sub but by that time I had become inconsolable. I just didn't want to eat anything, free or not, at this Subway. Now, whenever I see a Subway, of course this incident will forever stand out in my mind & in the minds of many of my family members. I have a very big family. My email address is [protected]

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