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On 8/22/2019 at 7:45 PM I entered the subway store in Clyde, Texas a male staff came out from the back area to the front area where the food is prepared, he turned toward the sink and said how may I help you with his back to me I replied I would like a sandwich, I asked if there was white bread he still had his back to me I think he said no, as he turned toward me I asked him if there was any white bread he said No. I asked is there ANY bread he said NO the only bread I have is flat bread. I asked him what time they closed and yet again he turned his back to me and said "I don't know" I said you don't know what time you close? He turned toward me and said somewhere around 10, I asked again what time dose this place close, he then got belingerent and said "I SAID 10 OCLOCK.
He knew there was no bread so the first words out of his mouth should have been.
I m sorry.. but I do not have any bread all I have is the flat bread instead he asked me how can I help you as though he was fully stocked with bread.
make's no sence to me with another two hours to go befour the doors close and there is no BREAD, their busness is the BREAD.Without the BREAD a sandwich can not be made therefore no sales being made, he should have just closed the doors because at this point they are doing nothing but wasting electric and being paid to stand around with their thumbs up their Butts.

I would like something done about this it is not the first time this has happened this is about the fourth or fifth time. and he acted like it was no big deal.

If they don't know how to keep bread at least some bread up to closing time then someone needs to be alerted about this.

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  •   Aug 23, 2019

    I get the flatbread when I visit Subway. If no flatbread, I get everything else and use a fork and knife. I ask for a discount, too, if no flatbread is available. Only three times has this happened but only once did they refuse a discount. I asked for a medium drink instead and they were happy to help.

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  •   Aug 24, 2019

    You are upset because he washed his hands while asking you what you would like???

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  •   Aug 24, 2019

    “make's no sence to me with another two hours to go befour the doors close”


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