Subway / order problem/lack of change from transaction

Ma Apr 13, 2019 Review updated:

I went to this Subway with a friend-Presented my order and had to repeat it to the sandwich maker 3 times (Also did not ask if I wanted it heated or toasted-Unfortunately it was not toasted, very doughy crust. Also, the person I made the payment transaction gave me 6 cents too much (Her reasoning was that there was no pennies in the cash register). This is the second time that I went to the restaurant in question and had my order question or not done properly (And the sandwich person told me that Subway had also a 'Pizza Sub' that is not clearly posted on the menu board-Also the same sandwich person from a previous visit as mentioned in this complaint). No further re[ply necessary/Thank you.

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  •   Apr 13, 2019

    You got back six cents extra. What is the issue then?

    The pizza sub is not on the menu. It’s discontinued but you can order it b asking for it.

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  •   Apr 14, 2019

    You are complaining because you got TOO MUCH CHANGE back????

    Seriously, these places all have tip jars and whatever. Clink, clink!

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  •   Apr 14, 2019

    So the person making your sandwich doesn't deserve a right to make a living? How dare them make you repeat your order! How dare they want you to get the sandwich you want! How dare they want you to be happy!!!

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