SubwayA salad, with tuna and cheese. plus toppings, and dressing, and chicken in a to go container for my dog.

S Mar 01, 2020

I did not get the young man's name, but he was very soft spoken, left me standing while he did things without even acknowledging my presence when I stood in his line. There were no other customers in the store, and I am unsre if there were other employees, I did not see any. He cam up, put his gloves on and asked bruskly "What do you want?" No greeting of any kind after ignoring me for between 3 and 5 minutes! I should have left then, but I was, am tired and very disabled, so I just needed the food. I asked for a salad, not chopped, which actually requires less ingredients in the first place to fill a bowl!. He gave me lettuce, and spinache as asked for and the toppings. He did not ask what meat I wanted, and started to put the lid on, with no dressing and no meat. I asked for tuna, which he gave me, but it was two scoops and most of the Subways I've been to automatically give me three scoops. I questioned it, and he said that was all his store gave. He also gave me the cheese I requested. and dressing. then put the lid on the top. It was 1/2 full or less!!! I asked about it, and he answered "well you should have asked for more." Still not moving toward the salad bar fixings to fix my salad. I had to argue with him, and another customer walked in who was not aware of the totallity of insult this young man had inflicted from the moment I walked into the restaurant. It was very difficult for me to get him to fill my salad to close to full. He finally moved to the salad fixings, and said "well what do you want" Again rudely. I said just some lettuce will be fine. He put some letttuce in it, and began packaging it and getting the chicken I asked for for my dog in a to go container. THAT he filled! I told the lady that came in that I was sorry, I don't cope well with young people being argumentative to senior citizens and then expecting us to give them money. She then said she was his age and generation and saw no issue with her generation speeking as they would to seniors. I then said my children were their her age (not his, as she was mid to late 20's and he's probably under 20), and all of them are respectful to their elders. I don't understand the thinking. No longer talking about him, or really never talking about him, but about my problem with the disrespect. She said "Well you should stop talking about him as if he isn't there! That's no way to get your way." It wasn't about getting my way!!! It was about being cheated and being treated with disrespect, trying to apologize to her who was slowed down by his arguing, and getting the customer angry at me! I AM VERY DISABLED, VERY SMALL, VERY VULNERABLE! I will NEVER go to that store again! That means forever! I have multiple health issues that I don't want to elaborate, but both of them were young and healthy and he set up a situation that might have endangered me, if she had not been a rahter non-violent person. These young folks with parent issues still looming, and taking them out on customers are a problem I will not pay my limited funds to encourage! Thank you for your time. I will drive farther to a more familiar Subway, that respects a loyal subway customer who will not be committing a crime within their store! I am rally outdone with this! I am trying to eat this salad, but am almost too upset to do so! By the way, the salad I finally got home with was still too small. I did take a picture with my phone, but it is not connected to my computer, old lady technology!!! LOL My e-mail is [protected], and my phone is [protected]. leave a message as I usually do not answer unknown numbers. thank You for your time.

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