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I purchased the StoneDine cookware set from Magnet Mart – Canberra . First few days it was good, but after a about a week, it started sticking everything. Spoke to StoneDine on-line teams, really frustrating response. What they said was go shop where I purchased it and sorted out with them. It is really fake product and doesn’t look like as how they show in TV. I would say better to use $10 pan from Coles or Aldi, rather than going for a product like Stonedine. Please pass this message to every one … Pls don’t waste your money for this.


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    nick venter Feb 14, 2014

    egg sunny side up - bottom sticks like glue. presenters on australian tv infomercials show a fried egg skating around on the stonedine pan. my ###! after trying the same trick at home (at medium heat), had to scrape it off. if not for the dribbly, as yet uncooked yolk, could have held the pan upside down with the egg clinging to the surface.
    other foods behave better. but certainly not as well as on the infomercials that claim to show representations of consumer expectations, rather than idealised examples.

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