Steak 'n Shakesite, service

Te Sep 29, 2019

Site: floors sticky, tables around us not bussed, the entire time we were there.
Service was terrible, took 5-7 minutes to sit us in and almost empty store. Another 10 minutes at least to take our drink order, and a half an hour to get 3 shakes and a coke. Had to ask the server after 20 minutes if we could have our drinks while we waited on our food, and she said, "oh, I didn't bring your drinks?", after walking past us at least three times. We ordered three taco salads and it took at least another half hour to get those. Over an hour to get 3 shakes, a coke and three taco salads.
We had to go to the counter to get a bill, and did not get a receipt, said the machine couldn't print one. VERY dissatisfied, and this is the second time this has happened. Thought we would give it one more try...Won't happen again, won't go back to that store. Is there another Steak and Shake near enough to us to go for a good timely meal? Not sure if it's management, or staff, something needs to change, or it will go out of business.

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