Steak N Shakeownership

Br Oct 01, 2019

I have worked for this company for over a year now. I started when management switched from the store having no gm to getting a gm. I receive benefits from the company since I an full time and I am very well liked and my work ethic speaks for itself at my store. I have multiple employees tell our new owner about myself. Well now, my old gm is getting replaced and we have a new owner coming aboard. About 2 weeks ago, I had a poor decision effect me and I had to do a little jail time. While I was incsrceratef, my girl friend, who also worked at steak n shake explained the issue and t was reeolved, or so I thought. Well I do eleven days jail and the new owner decides to fire my girls friend due to bad communication (she was at another store to be transferred) but got no call no show instead. Well wen I was released from jail, I reached out to the new owner and he told me he'd like for me to come down the next day to talk about bringing me back on board. So the next day I went to the talk at 2 and we went back to a table. This is where I don't understand how he can do this. The owner immediately started off by wanting to know about me. I told him my age and a little back story about myself. The first question he asked me was if I steal adn if my girlfriend steals from this company? What??? I've been with this company for over a year and he doesn't even know me!! How dare someone ask me that... I let that go after a few deep breaths. He then continues to talk to me and he's asking about drug use now. And every single question is pertained to referring me and my girlfriend as drug addicts. I've never met this man in my life and he hadn't even met my girlfriend before he fired her. I tell him about my past problems honestly and I guess I shouldn't have told the truth. Because nj ow he's wanting to know if I got my girlfriend on drugs or if she got me on drugs. I explain to him that was my past, people can change and i'm very uncomfortable at this point. First off, I have a dui that does not give the right to assume drug use not lable me as such. Secondly, I was there solely to talk about my job not my past. Not one question did he ask pertain to working at the store. He was more worried about finding out about my personal info and my girlfriend. Which no longer works there and should not even be brought up. He then asks if I want to have kids with her and this just not the time and place. By this point I can kind of see what he's doing. He ends the conversation with he's heard nothing but great things about me and the employees love working with me but only being out of jail and sober 11 days was not enough time for him and to come back in three months he's full right now. So let me get this strait, he had me come down here to be humiliated and interrogated knowing he was never going to hire me back, knowing he had filled my position already, he knew I had been in jail and was even telling employees that he was bringing me back. I just want to know how this in any way is right for a manager, let alone the owner, to do such interviews. My work never was brought up and when I asked why he even told me to come up there his response was he wanted to put a face with the name he's heard so much sbout. Now this is wrong on so many levels. I feel like cuz I was the only third shift worker that had benefits he didn't want to have to pay. I loved my job and the company and you lost two good workers because of this dave guy clearing and unjustly letting employees go. I'm taking this the next step up if I have to. I was humiliated and degraded and he is not professional nor good for the mboro store. It's wrong to come into a store and totally take any moral out of it and replace it with intimation and reprimands. I'm sure this isn't going to be the first complaint from this store. Thank you for your time.

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