Steak 'n Shakewait time

C Dec 06, 2019

We waited for 25 minutes in the drive through tonight. Without moving. We wanted to leave. But there is a curb and flower bed blocking the way that I didn't want to have to ramp in my car. Had I known I would be waiting longer than I actually spent eating, we would have gone to one of the many other establishments right next door. We have stopped coming to this location because there are so many issues, something new each time. I would have expected after a 25 minute wait to get a large drink instead of a medium, or an additional fry, or at the very least AN APOLOGY or explanation for the wait, but was offered none. Upon getting home I found my sandwich, that was supposed to have 2 patties, only had one. Every visit is a reminder as to why steak n shake is not surviving in the stl area

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