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Cj Apr 07, 2019 Review updated:

Me and my family entered the business at 330pm sunday 4/7/19. The sign said please wait to be seated. The young lady Brianna went to seat us and and asked to sit somewhere else due to she was putting us at a table with a chair going to be sticking out. She got a attitude with me due to me asking to sit somewhere else. Ashley kept on staring at our table we were sitting at the table for 10 minutes. A table of 10 was sat after us then a young lady I didnt catch her name she went to go wait on them and we had to say something. She stated she was off at 4pm and said she will take our order either way and apologizes for the rudeness of her coworkers. I have never had a problem with this specific place. But being starred at, glared at with dirty looks is not professional. I would recommend someone training these young ladies to be more professional. Me and my family are reward members and come here alot.

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  •   Apr 07, 2019

    So who are Brianna and Ashley?

    I want to start a GoFundMe for your family.

    So they can pay for therapy and possibly life classes. It's not like you are teaching them how to behave like a human being.

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  •   Apr 07, 2019

    Me and my family. Me and my family.

    My family and I.

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  •   Apr 07, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! “But being starred at ...”


    This family isn’t made up of Harvard grads.

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  •   Apr 08, 2019

    @SubSquirrel They don't need to be. But they should not be embarrassing anyone in their family.

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