Steak 'n Shake Enterpriseslack of service

R Feb 17, 2019

My wife and actually did not even get to eat there! We arrived at 10:50 chose to sit at the counter where the manager looked at us along with other employees while never coming to see if we wanted drinks or anything. Finally at 11:00 a waiter came to us in which we already knew what we wanted as we were there for 10 minutes already looking at breakfast menus. He asked "Are you wanting breakfast? We responded "yes" He responded "Let me check if we are still serving breakfast" we watched him ask the manager whom ignored us for the whole ten minutes we were sitting in front of her and her respond "no!" He turned to us and informed us that "at 11:00 we stop serving breakfast" and said "I am sorry that I ruined your morning, is there something else I can get for you?" I said "No thank you" and we left feeling that obviously even though their parking lot was practically empty and only about 8 customers total in the restaurant that they do not need our money. We visit our daughter whom lives 1.5 miles from this location often and I can promise you that since they do not need or want our business that we will definitely make sure that no one in our family will spend money or waste time trying to get service there in the future.

My suggestion to the owner of this franchise is to make sure your management cares about you being profitable at least 10% of what you are as an owner. I actually feel sorry for the owner that they have such pis poor management running the location.

We are not looking for anything at all from this just feel the owner should be made aware of how poorly managed this location is.

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