StateRegistration.orgwebsite mimics state site for registration renewals and charges unnecessary fees

This site is a government impersonator - obviously its a money maker or they world stop!!

I searched google for my state registration website and this site came up, appearing to be the site for my state's dmv, but instead it was a 3rd party. I thought I was on my state's site, but according to the dmv, this site will take me to theirs, leading me to believe I am dealing directly with the dmv. However, when I saw my bank statement, I saw I was charged an additional $17+ for my state registration for my car.
This is ridiculous, and outrageous, and I only hope I save someone the additional expense for something that should be no additional costs! The state does not charge a processing fee, and I only hope they can shut this business down! This is a scam!

I copied another person's complaint. This is a recurring scam.
I fell into the same trap.
I hope others read this and don't get scammed like the rest of us!!!

  • Customer Care's Response, Oct 07, 2019

    Our site is not a scam, and we do not impersonate anyone. That is a demonstrably false allegation.

    As stated in bold, prominent places throughout our site, we are a privately owned, third-party agency. We explain that you may either renew directly through your state's DMV portal, or you may appoint us as your agent to renew your registration on your behalf for an additional fee that covers several benefits exclusive to our site, including Night/Weekend Support, Ticket Protection, enrollment in our One-Click Renewal Program, and more. Furthermore, before we accept any funds, we require that each person check a box consenting to our terms and the fact that we are a third-party agency that charges a fee. It is not possible to submit a transaction on our site without first checking that box and signing your full legal name, explicitly acknowledging our third-party status and authorizing us to process your renewal. These disclaimers and disclosures are in place to prevent confusion, not cause it.

    We have a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you completed a transaction with us, and would like a refund, simply reply with your plate number or email address so we can look you up in our system and credit you back. We're happy to resolve this for you, but first we must locate your transaction in our system.

    Thank you.

Oct 02, 2019

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