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I was told there would be no presentation, 90 minutes later I declined the offer and was given my "gifts" A gas voucher for 150.00 in free gas, a free paid trip for 2 and 2 airline tickets. I went to the site to register for the gas at scam) where I had to pick two promotional sale items in order to get the gas card and then pick two more after I had answered no to 4 or five surveys. I declined. The trip is unavailable and the airline tickets are unobtainable. I should have listened to my mother nothing in this life is for free


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    Sarah Oct 14, 2008

    Seriously people... As long as you read what your signing and then agree to it there wont be problems. Do you read a contract when you buy a car? Since your on this website check out Ford, check out walgreens, check out walmart... The internet is an easy place to complain about businesses or products but the you the consumer have a computer monitor to hide behind. im not a memebr nor ever attended a presentation just another boring day at work and finding easy entertainment.

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  • An
    Ann st. George Sep 17, 2009

    I was a victim of the hard sell marketing techniques utilized by TSN and now Star. I paid over $3, 000 for my membership. Booking travel was a nightmare. They promised to match lowest airfares, when I needed to book flights, they admitted they were unable to match other promotions or lowest cost airfares. When trying to book travel one agent did not handle all the details. You had to call one department for hotels, another for condos, another for airfare. It was impossible to just book a trip. They offered little detail about booking your own tour. You had to do it all yourself. I booked a trip to Italy, I never got my travel vouchers until the day before I left. And at that, I only got them because I called to ask where they were. I found cheaper car rental on my own. I got a better deal from the hotel in Florence on the price of a room for my son than I got from TSN for me. A long time ago, right after I purchased the membership I asked for my membership to be rescinded and my money returned because they failed to live up to their end of the contract on the matching airfares. They gave me the run around and said that I had to talk to the company that fronted the sales pitches for them. That company told me I had to deal with TSN. Long story short I didn't get my money back and that is why I at least booked the trip to Italy with them, I needed to get some value from the membership. I never got my 2 free vacations I was promised because they were time sensitive and expired before I could go. Here is my advice: don't even go to one of those meetings where they try to sell you the membership. You are just paying a hefty commission to some third party company to get you hooked. If they really want you to join, they will make membership affordable. By the way, after I paid the $3, 000 + dollars to join, I now have to pay $189 per year to keep my membership active. And that yearly fee has gone up. Don't join! You can book cheap travel yourself or buy a AAA membership for $90 a year!

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  • Ja
    jandar sarasota office Dec 18, 2009

    We take customer service seriously if you need are help with the gifts even though they are not
    star but from are marketing companies we are here to assist
    Darrell Carter 941-365-9025

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    Sr lee Jun 16, 2010

    I just called to to cancel my appointment due to such bad reviews. OMG!!! You'd have thought I just canceled an emergency surgical procedure and a patient was about to die! Customer service immediately started grilling me as to why and became aggressive in her demand that I explain myself. This is a vacation club and they want your money. Be aware of this before you go. I repeatedly asked, in my inquiry to the mailer, if there was any cost to this venture. At no time did they tell me it was a promotion to get you to join a vacation club that would indeed cost you money. And from what I have heard and read, a great deal of money for nothing. Don't respond to the mailer!! Throw it in the trash immediately. It is a trick to make you believe you are going to get a vacation cruise as a promotion to become known in the community. Carnival has very inexpensive short cruises. Go directly to them.

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  • Ka
    kakora Aug 04, 2010

    Thought I'd check out the mailer--from Jandar Corp in Sarasota FL: complimentary 5 day/4 night cruise (but have to pay 50.00 plus taxes) given away to help promote their services as a travel agency but I would have to schedule appt to see 90 minute presentation, but no obligation, would get my gifts and then be on my free vacation. Rep became very pushy when I was unable to give a time that we would show up for presentation. Told her never mind and hung up. Knew it had a catch but curiosity got the best of me.

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  • El
    e.latteri Sep 16, 2010

    received free 5day 4 night cruise for 2 adults with carnival logo.however because I was 71 yrs old was turned down, had to be 25 to 70 years old...age discrimination here??????? any way going on Cunard World Cruise next year and paying for it myself.

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  • Jt
    j tate Oct 03, 2010

    This is in response to Mr. Wasserman untruthful claims. To start off with, Mr. Wasserman has been a member for two years, not one. Lie #1. Secondly, we have never failed him in any of his requests, first he booked a promotional trip, which was free. He cancelled the trip one day before departure, in which I told him he had 12 months to rebook. In which he called 15 months later to rebook and played dumb, saying he never remembered me saying that. Mr. Wasserman is an airline pilot and knows cancellation policies, I would imagine after being a pilot for several years. But with no arguments, I rebooked the trip myself and PAID FOR IT OUT OF MY OWN POCKET. Well beyond any good business ethics. He even texted me to say that the Hotel that I booked was extremely nice. I still have the text on my phone. A few months ago he called me to book accommodations in the Isle of Capri, Italy. I gave him my recommendations and quotes that he could not come close to beating even with his employee airline discounts. It was always me waiting for his response, which he claims otherwise. When I did not hear from him, I called him and he said he already booked the hotel and it was the hotel that I suggested and he booked it at a higher price. He cannot claim that this is not true. We save our members money and pay commissions back to our members in cash. It is a simple case of buyers remorse for the lack of use. As seen in his complaint, he made another complaint to the Better Business Bureau, in which the BBB sided with me, saying I did everything I promised to do, and we still have an A rating. Since he cannot find any government agency to agree with him, he stated he will post scandalous comments about us everywhere he can. Even if he has to lie and cheat to accomplish his goal. I feel sorry for Mr. Wasserman, he is a businessman himself, and I hope he doesn’t treat others like that. My business will continue to thrive, as I have over 6, 500 happy clients and growing. My personal belief is that Mr. Wasserman is hurting for money and this is his way to seize some of his money back. Darrell Carter

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  • Re
    rebuttal Oct 09, 2010

    As you all can tell, this is an angry man, he owns Scenic Flights of St Pete's
    and is an airline pilot. I don't know if he's hurting for money, but the reason why
    he is so mad, is because I refuse to refund his membership fees after almost two years. Mike please respond to this statement I'll be waiting I have booked two trips
    for Mike, one trip, which he cancelled the day before his trip and the second one which
    he texted me "great hotel and great location thanks", and Mike didn't pay for either one
    trip. Mike, please have the courage to say this isn't so, I dare you to write back and say its not true, Because if you do I'll prove to the world what I believe you are OR you can repond by telling the truth and prove to me I'm wrong about you and so far the con job is you making statement that you never got what you wanted. Mike your acting
    like a juvenile.
    Darrell Carter

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  • Re
    rebuttal Oct 13, 2010

    After almost two years I would not refund him his money
    and the first trip which he cancelled the day before his departure
    except for the taxes " free". Second trip "free 'because it came out of
    my pocket. Please tell me what other company would do that? And that's
    why I have an A rating at the better business bureau so any one
    reading this rebuttal. How could you possibly be DISATISFIED?
    He will tell you He was disatisfied because I did not get
    back with him promptly on an Italy trip and any normal person would have called me if they were getting impatient . So in turn Mike's going try and ruin my business with these online complaints. Grow up Mike, People
    will see through you and we are sorry that you are unhappy, We see and service thousands of clients a year.
    Darrell Carter

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  • Re
    rebuttal Oct 13, 2010

    Mike you just babble and never talk about the issue
    Why don't you just make it clear how I failed you
    on your travel request and stop babbling

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  • Re
    rebuttal Oct 14, 2010

    Well now we are talking, its not my fault you have not used your
    membership benefits.

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  • Re
    rebuttal Oct 14, 2010

    10/16/2010, Crown Point Condominiums, Horseshoe Bend, AR, 2br/6 $399.00
    10/16/2010, Destinations at Panorama Resort, Panorama, Canada, 2br/6 $399.00
    10/16/2010, Greenlinks Resort, Naples, FL, 2br/4 $295.00
    10/16/2010, Greenlinks Resort, Naples, FL, 3br/6 $295.00
    10/16/2010, Island Beach and Tennis Resort, Hilton Head, SC, 2br/6 $295.00
    10/16/2010, Island House, Hilton Head, SC, 2br/6 $295.00
    10/16/2010, Island Seas Resort, Freeport, Bahamas, 2br/6 $399.00
    10/16/2010, Maui Banyon, Kihei, Maui, HI, 1br/4 $295.00

    this is for the public and you you think our members don't enjoy these prices
    these are weekly rates for the unit the dates listed are when the week starts
    sat to sat let the public compare I have thousands of examples

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  • Er
    Eric In Florida Oct 20, 2010

    I just received the same 'free cruise' mailer from Jandar that many received. Fortunately for us, we do take cruises on a regular basis and know how much they really cost if you shop around. When I called the 800 number, the representative was friendly, but did his best to set up an appointment at their office in Sarasota with my wife and I. To his credit, when I asked what they were promoting he was honest and told me that it was a vacation program, but when I tried to press him for how much the actual 'taxes and fees' would be for the 'free' cruise promised in the flier he told me that it depended on what cruise we chose and could not answer. He did say it was a 90 minute presentation in their office, but would not be specific on the phone about costs or obligations.

    What I do know is that a we won a different 'free cruise' at a PTA auction a few years ago (not through Jandar, but a group in Washington state as I recall). The local company that donated it to the PTA auction thought it was legit and actually paid the company that sold them the vouchers for them as a promotion for their business. They had no idea of the scam.

    When we called for the 'free cruise' they told us we needed to send them a deposit that would be refunded upon booking (kinda like Jandar). We sent them the deposit and they sent us a list of Carnival cruises we could take 'for free' by just paying taxes and fees. I checked Carnival's web site and we could actually book the exact same cruises for less with Carnival than with the 'free cruise' offer because of their mystery fees. For the cost, we ended up booking a cruise through Carnival's website and losing our depost. So the company that sold the 'free cruise' certificate to our local store that donated it for auction at the PTA charged the local store ~$70 for the certificate then got another $75 deposit from us - none of which is refundable and still tried to charge us more 'taxes and fees' than the whole cruise cost us directly through Carnival.

    Bottom line: Before going to see anyone or sending any deposit, ask to see exactly what cruises / vacations are available 'for free' and what their total costs are to you. If they're not willing to give out that simple information in advance of your visit and deposit you should get a little concerned.

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  • Sc
    ScottAB Oct 23, 2010

    I called this company after getting their brochure for a free cruise. Of course it's not "Here's your cruise, enjoy!" It's "When can we have you drive an hour to attend our 90 minute presentation, and do you have a credit card?" And, yes, they get pushy about appointment times (like you're putting them out!!) Here's what I want to know: Why would any legitimate company: 1) Not have a website to advertise their services? (They're willing to mail out thousands of "free cruise" brochures, but not enough money for a website?) 2) Not provide specifics on services provided, and costs, until you get in their door? (They're promising a free cruise, but they're concerned it's not enough to prevent scaring off the client?) And, 3) Not advertise a product in such a way that future clients know they have some recourse to resolve issues? (Where are the positive reviews? Clue: provide a good service, they will come). Bottom line: if you're not providing a good service/product, you advertise with non-descript mailers, require the recipients to personally show up for the sale but don't tell them why, and require them to provide proof of credit cards, income, etc. Hmmm...anyone detect the stench of scam? In the end, here's the THP: Why would a hotel want to provide a better deal to a company run like this? Go to the hotel's website, the airlines website, the cruiseline's website, and get a deal you can count on!

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  • Vm
    vmm Nov 17, 2010

    I'm looking into a class action, anyone interested in Justice?

    email [email protected]

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Fritz Feb 14, 2011

    My experience with this company was VERY similar, although when they realized that I work in the industry they became nervous and were going to just give me the "free" gift if I would leave without viewing the presentation. The offer after the presentation came back at $2, 000 since I worked in the industry. The "free gift" has numerous fees attached - Processing fee $5.95, Activation fee $50 per person, Reservation fee $59 per person. Shame on this company, the people I work for give out REAL free gifts, yes it does happen.

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  • Fo
    FortChicago Mar 02, 2011

    Is Star the same company as Tradewinds Vacation Rentals, both owned by JanDar (Janet and Darrell)??

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  • St
    stevevenice Jun 03, 2011

    My elderly parents recently attended one of these "appointments" at Jandar with the promise of free airline tickets. When they told me that they were required to give them both of their drivers licences so Jandar could make a copy of them I could not believe it. Jandar said it was so they could "prove" that they came in. That just smacks of a scam right there. Would not be surprising if they are also selling this personal information from the licenses which includes one's birth date to personal identity thieves so I told them to check their credit reports very carefully for the next several months. They did not sign up fortunately, and of course the promised free airline tickets for coming in were a sham as they would be required to pay $200 to just get the tickets.

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