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Man, do I feel dumb. I never thought I could fall for such misleading website.
I like many others wanted to purchase stamps from the ease of my computer. I also thought printing stamps at home was a nice alternative to driving to the post office. I typed in STAMPS as a search and I got It looks very official with the US Post Office LOGO. (I actually thought it was the US Post Office site) What doesen't tell you as you are entering your credit card number is that this is only a post office authorized service and you are signing up for a monthly, very invisible on the site service. You will begin being billed every month with a base rate (no clue how that is calculated) that includes every additional cost credited to that account. I luckily looked at my credit card statement and found what I thought was a $15.99 unauthorized charge. I had to search my memory as to what I might have done to get this charge and remembered the stamps. (They don't give you any hint that you have signed up for a service as reputable sites do). I went to the website and found their cancellation phone number. They were polite when I told them I guess I had signed up for this service in error. I got immediate cancellation and a confirmation number plus an e-mailed final statement. Be careful when you give out your credit card number. You may get more than you asked for. (From their website the following) To close your account, please contact Customer Support at [protected], Monday - Friday, 6 am - 6pm (PST). Thank you for your patience.


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    CO Business Jul 26, 2010

    We had for over 2 years with no problems. They only charged our credit card AFTER our 30 day free trial.

    If you don't want to be charged you have to let them know before the 30 days is up.

    Their website is very plain about what you're doing. It says you're getting a 4 week free trial of their services. I even went to the website to see if there were any major changes. Their site is almost identical to most of the other trial stamp services. They call you within a few days of signing up to tell you and if you're not there they leave a message.

    I hope everyone goes to their site and looks at it and decides on their own if deserves the complaint that you put here.

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  • Pa
    PaulTallPaul Jul 13, 2012

    I just noticed they've been charging me 15.99 a month for the last 6 months. For nothing! I never even heard of this place.

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  • Us
    user1960069 Dec 19, 2018

    You people are DUMB AS [censored] stamps website saves you like 1 bucks or 50 cents or ect depending on what service you s elect so if you SHIP 20 or more things you’ve saved you’d self 20 or more dollars BUT WITH THE MONTHLY FEE YOU STILL SAVED A FEW BUCKS OR IF YOUR LIKE MOST SMALL COMPANHS AND SHIP HUNDREDS OF ITEMS A MONTH OUR COMPANH ALONE HAS SAVED OF 11, 000 dollars in shipping in 3 yrs because it’s 2.66 for first class on stamps but 3.50 at the post office instead of paying the retail price at the actual post office you fools THIS IS THE REASON I HIRED A customer SERVICE REP BECAUE MOST CONSUMERS ARE IGNORANT And I can’t deal with a dumb [censored] who is supposed a company is charging him for using there [censored]IN service !!!’ You [censored]s NEVER READ TERMS OR DESCRIPTIONS THEN WHAT TO CRY ABOUT SOMETHING THAT WAS STATED PLAIN AS DAY ALL OVER THE SITE. HEY The STORE CALLED OLD NAVY DOES THAT MEAN THEY SELL OLD NAVY MEMORABILLIA ???? OR IS IT JUST A [censored]ING NAME LIKE STAMPS IS YOU STIUPID [censored]ING IDIOTS

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