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Sj angur consumer complaint reports
The cc report, authored by sj, aka, sj angur, aka, staci joy gunar, aka staci gunar [sg] , and many other aliases, is not a consumer, customer, or recipient of any service, product of any offering made by, peter copani, or brock mardis. the website is a free informational website and has no products, sales, customers, clients, or services of which sg may have subscribed to.

When sg uses the word “fraud” she must be referring to her own entire cc report. it an elaborate attempt to portray peter copani as “delusional” and discredit all parties named in the report for the purpose of covering up what amounts to a hate-crime perpetrated by the then 42 year old, staci gunar, (dob - , - , 1968) who presents herself as a representative and spokesperson for her then [2008] 20-year-old kentucky-born roommate in fl. (“tracy” dob - , - , 1988).

In these consumer complaint [cc] reports, staci gunar [sg] refers to herself as ‘tracy’s’ “future roommate”. sg is so cautious to protect her name from the sex, jealousy, betrayal, greed, revenge, extortion, and fraud but has no problem spreading her roommate “tracy's” name all through her hateful cc report and then placing it on the world-wide web!

Let’s begin with the statement which sg finds so incriminating and vehemently protests: 1: it “was never heard by the judge”.in fact it was heard in court by the honorable judge stephan a. rapp, palm beach county 4th dca no. : 4d11 – 338, circuit court no. : 2008cfo16329axxmb, and is a matter of public record: presenting the statement:
First i’d like to thank [your honor] for allowing me to speak. my name is peter copani. i’m a writer of two self-help books, a certified health educator, and teacher of a course in miracles, a social activist and street writer. I worked extensively with teens and twenties.
In 2001, I retired to delray beach and presented free lectures on self-healing at the public library.
I met brock mardis on august 19th in 2008 nearly three months before this ordeal began. he was a personal assistant job applicant, and honor student at everglades university. when brock saw a poster of make miracles happen, he said, “i read that book. I have type one diabetes mellitus. it’s an incurable disease …and I could use a miracle. ”
Brock mardis started work the next day. I was planning a 70th birthday dinner at my house on august 30th. there was an extra space for a setting at the table and brock asked if he could bring his girlfriend of four years, tracy mor-n. they were obviously infatuated with each other. brock cooked one of the several dishes made available. after dinner I stood up and announced that I had made a commitment to make every opportunity available for brock in his effort to heal himself.
I was impressed with brock’s intelligence, his joy for living, positive attitude, and how he courageously faces up to mellitus’ s potential for deterioration. among our daily problem solving activity, we researched possible cures including islet cell liver transplants, chinese medicine, and the creative power of prayer.
We unraveled some of brock’s past and explored the obstacles searching for the cause and the resolution to current health problems blocking brock’s progress to be healthy.
Brock became my protégé and I his mentor, at times, I his protégé and he my mentor, and with a common goal to be healthy we used exercise, wheat grass juice, and healing foods. brock monitored his blood sugar levels 10 to 15 times a day injecting insulin as needed with each snack and meal.
I had the opportunity to observe brock and tracy’s sensual relationship months before the reported incident. they called each other, what seemed to me, to be every thirty minutes. I was the objective observer privy to their personal phone conversations on hundreds of occasions. I went to brock and tracy’s apartment, had several lunches at whole foods, grocery shopped, and went to dinners with them. tracy visited and sometimes stayed with brock in the loft at my house. I was with brock and tracy at fau and on an emergency trip to the hospital for brock. brock was always considerate of tracy and on every occasion, they were passionate.
Although I thought theirs was not a good relationship, I didn’t interfere, it was not my place. I focused on health and healing. when on november 10th, 2008 tracy mor-n and her future room-mate, staci gunar, [just a couple hours after documenting her claim and leaving the hospital] called at 1:45 pm, to inform me that tracy, was going to press these charges against brock, I was shocked and couldn’t understand it. what I know of brock mardis, was not the same person he was being portrayed as. [when they asked for a “financial settlement” it became crystal clear to me.] brock had already moved into the loft over my garages and although seriously upset, he kept moving forward bravely dealing with his diabetes and the pending judicial issues surrounding these charges. he unselfishly continued to share his own personal growth experiences and researched knowledge through his gift of writing in magazines and on a free information website brock and I co-created.
Mr. mardis has proven to be humble, appreciative, trust worthy and in touch with his spiritual self. I made a decision to stand by brock and support him through these charges.
I observed, “know thyself, ” “love thy neighbor, ” “love your enemies, ” “love those who persecute you” put into practice. mocked and humiliated, accused and charged, brock’s forgiving nature in the face of duress goes far beyond what is asked of most of us.
Brock mardis is an inspiration and has earned not only my respect and admiration but that of my friends and relatives.
Without proper care, the diabetes will take its toll. its treatment does not fit into a formula but requires individual prescribed resolutions. normal sugar levels are about 90. mr. mardis’ sugar levels while incarcerated fluctuate from a dangerous low of 37 to an extreme high of just under 600. when not cared for properly, mellitus leads to, at best, comatose, and death, and at worst, blindness and a longer more horrible series of amputations.
Please intercede by granting mr. mardis probation, house arrest, ankle bracelet monitoring, or some reasonable bond that would allow for a balance of proper medical care and diet while relieving the over-burdened penal system from the responsibility, overcrowding, and the expense of caring for such a condition in a humane way.
On behalf of brock mardis, I implore you to be merciful. your generosity, i’m sure, will be greatly appreciated and impart respect for you and the judicial system. thank you for listening.

Sg explains in her cc report, “tracy” was “concerned” about peter’s well-being… a warning. “ after reviewing the conversation in that phone call, tracy’s ‘concern’ sounds like a hoax, a flimsy cover-up for extorting money from yours truly, peter copani, while holding brock mardis’ freedom as hostage. what sg isn't telling you is when she, staci gunar said, “tracy wants a ‘financial settlement’ or she’s going to press rape charges against brock!” I could hear “tracy” saying, “i might as well get something out of putting up with him all these years!” sg topped her with, “she wants to get something for putting up with brock for all these years. ” when I said, “i wouldn't give you an f— ing dime!” staci said, “why wouldn’t you want to settle it … right here and now? … you know how lawyers are…?”

If “tracy” was concerned about anything, other than establishing her case for blackmail, she may have had ‘concern’ for brock who is diagnosed as a hypoglemia unawareness type I mellitus diabetic, who foolishly drank wine, over what was for him a traumatic temporary separation from “tracy. " in her cc reports sg and “tracy” point out that brock “vomited. ” tracy lived with brock for nearly 4 years. they had developed a pattern for having sex which they both made separate sworn statements which confirms that their pattern for having sex was no different from this time in question. “tracy “ was also well aware of brock’s diabetes episodes. according to the american diabetes association literature for a type I diabetic to be ‘vomiting’ is considered a “medical emergency. "tracy" did nothing! this must be the “negligence” sg is referring to in her reports.
Further evidence of the diabetic episode was demonstrated in brock's interrogation which sg also refers to as being a confession. the american diabetic association literature reads and I quote ". “signs and symptoms of hypo - or hyperglycemia can be confused with intoxication or withdrawal. individuals with diabetes exhibiting signs and symptoms consistent with hypoglycemia particularly altered mental status, agitation, combativeness, and diaphoresis. all adjectives displayed in brock’s interrogation. involuntary intoxication is when a person has a condition that unbeknownst to them can affect them without their this case, involuntary intoxication affected brock during his interrogation. brock was diagnosed with hyperglycemia unawareness, which means, his blood sugar drops without his knowing depriving his brain of its only source of fuel to operate properly. sugar without insulin to process it is toxic and fits the definition of involuntary intoxication. symptoms ignored.
Tracy showed no compassion or ‘concern’ for brock who was threatening to commit suicide the morning in question. a person who is threatening suicide is a call for help. the law enforcement policy, to submit a person who is threatening suicide to a psychological examination was ignored. brock was put through an intense interrogation resulting in a statement filled with contradictions and extreme emotional swings. brock’s final question as the interrogator is leaving the room, “what am I being charged with?!” when dedacted and used as evidence the statement could be used to support whatever attitude the reader wishes to construe from it.

Is it becoming clear that sj and "tracy" convoluted their vindictive cc report-attack in an elaborate attempt to portray peter copani as “delusional” for the purpose of covering up the crime of extortion and revenge in retaliation for peter’s refusing to pay the demanded ransom for “a financial settlement”? there was a second phone call documented on november 18, 2008 requesting “$10, 000 cash”, and a third call documented november 21, 2008, “… $10, 000 and tracy also wants a monthly check …sort-a like an alimony check!” a total of 51 minutes soliciting money documented.

Sg has met peter copani on only one brief occasion in court on the morning of november 18th, 2008, when she, staci gunar, once again, stressed her and tracy's greed for money and declaring ‘that they did not want to cause brock any harm or see him go to jail over this. they just wanted him to get “help and…. ” sg and tracy followed up with a 34 minute phone call that november 18th evening affirming their demand for money in exchange for brock’s freedom, that is, “in exchange for dropping the charges against brock. ” “i responded by saying that in florida, even if you drop the charges the state picks them up. ” ms. gunar topped me by saying, "we know how to get around that…"

The actions conducted by sg and "tracy" amount to perjury, extortion and also several counts of attempted extortion, in violation of florida statute 836.05. I brought a full report with documentation to sgt. valenti at the sheriff's office. when I explained that the first request for money in exchange for dropping the charges, was made a mere three hours after tracy left the hospital and that I had the documentation from the telephone records that the call had come on tracy's girlfriend staci’s cell phone and that staci being a person I had never met. … sgt. valenti's gut reaction was, “it sounds like a setup to me!” he took the documentation and went off into his office. there is also a lawsuit against sg which is pending. I sincerely hope that my allegations will be noticed and investigated without prejudice.

Sg’s character speaks for itself. please read her other report as well as sj angur cc reports about her family, friends and employers. sg’s criminal record is also a matter of public record with a simple search on the computer. the following remark from a sg relative in response to one of staci gunar’s hateful complaints sums the author, sg, up perfectly: “my aunt staci who wrote this [‘sj angur’ complaint] … a low life drug addict who thrives for attention…”

Ponder this. if a staci and a “tracy” were to call you shortly after accusing anyone that you know of rape or any other serious crime for that matter, and demanded money from you in exchange for that person's freedom what would you think, feel, and do? would you do nothing? or would you attempt to bring the truth to light and pray to a higher power?

Please note: all of staci gunar comments in this cc reports about brock's family life in kentucky and what people did or didn't say along with her projections about the personal relationship and business arrangements between peter copani, and brock mardis, is all speculation and hearsay. staci gunar was not present and did not witness the times and events she describes in her so-called ‘consumer’ complaints.

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