St Francis Hospitalall events sold out, rides with 3 hour wait or longer, 1 hour wait for food after order placed


This past weekend I brought my family to Cedar Point for our yearly vacation, new to Cedar Point. We planned this after summer and school startings to have a decreased wait times in ride lines. Not only were the waits out of proportion for an amusement park even at peak season. We were sold tickets at the main entrance and ALL events had been sold out!!! We were not given the respect of allowing us to decide if we would like to come back another day. It was so frustrating for us. We waited at the shortest line for restaurant service, waited 45 minutes to be seated and then had to wait an hour and 5 minutes to get our food, and some of the food was missing. This whole vacation was so miserable that I actually just cried on the drive home. We have been looking forward to going on the roller coasters all year. We were so excited on the drive up from Memphis. We were able to go on two exciting rides, one of them being a roller coaster. I would also like to note that after entering the park and finding our that ALL events were sold out, we asked to have our money refunded or tickets for the next day. We would have went to the water park that day and came back the next. We were rudely refused. I do realize that this is not your fault personally, but I have planned this event and spent ALOT of money, got alot of hopes up only to be pie faced!!! I have heard alot of good things from other colleagues/Physicians and really want to chalk this up to a horrible day for you and a horrible experience for me.( I was so upset that we did not stay Sat night in our hotel and go to the water park the next day. Not caring about losing that money) Would just like some common courtesy.

Victoria L. Holmes
2940 Bartletts Heights 2 Dr
Bartlett, TN 38134


Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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