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Speed Queen review: Commercial coin operated dryer purchased in many and june 2010

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I purchased 6 Speed Queen appliances (3 washing machines, 3 dryers) in May and June of 2019 from ABT Electronics, 1200 Milwaukee, Glenview IL. My complaint is with Speed Queen, not with ABT. 4 of the appliances were delivered to 412 Pleasant Street in Beloit, WI and the remaining 2 appliances were delivered to 5056 W. Winnemac in Chicago IL. The appliances in WI serviced 6 apartments and the appliances in IL serviced 3 apartments.
In just a little over a year 2 of the 3 dryers lost their power knobs. The parts that fell off were under warranty, but the labor to reinstall replacements was not. I am very disappointed with the fact that 2 out of the 3 dryers needed to be repaired in such a short period of time.
I called the Customer Relations number listed for Speed Queen (Alliance) and was twice disconnected. I subsequently called Alliance directly and when I spoke to a gentleman in the department for "Dryer Maintenance" he told me that he had never received my complaint before, and my tenants must have been extremely hard on the new appliances. The appliances I provided were for two separate, smaller unit properties in two different states. My tenants were not the problem with the dryers, the problem was with the appliances.

I am extremely disappointed not only with the fact that I had to repair the appliances so quickly, but with the attitude and reaction of the gentleman to whom I reported my issue. His attitude in short was...the problem can't be here, it must be you.

I won't be recommending Speed Queen in the future to any of my friends, or colleagues.

Amy Arnold

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